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Lit 138 ABY and Beyond: The Essential Post-Legacy Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by AdmiralNick22, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Crimson Zephyr Jedi Master

    Firstly, there's no guarantee Sia would reclaim all those planets. The war with the Galactic Alliance happened eleven years before and opinions have changed.

    As for new threats, balkanize the galaxy. Make every planet a potential threat.
  2. Havac Moderator of Your Temporary Lit Substitute

    Humans have a plurality of the galactic population, not a supermajority. Nowhere near a supermajority.

    But I do agree that a more thoroughly Balkanized galaxy is the key to future storytelling potential. It gives the Jedi a great opportunity to act as neutral peacekeepers and intermediaries throughout a galaxy rife with flashpoints, as well as a lot of diplomatic and military opportunities for non-Jedi heroes. You can't lose the Hutts from the equation as major players, though. They've been major players throughout all of galactic history for a reason -- they have a huge power base, tremendous resources, and a long history as influential players. They would have to lose a lot to not be important, unlike jumped-up local powers like the Mandalorians and Hapans or historically isolationist peoples like the Chiss, who have more room to play flavor-of-the-day and then move on from the scene.
  3. Skaddix Jedi Knight

    Hmm, Jedi are not really neutral. They are Pro GA. Although, really not like they can support the Hutts and their record on slavery.
  4. Ausstig Jedi Knight

    What bugs me about the Hapes is that, in terms of racism and democratic rule, it is worse then Palpatienes Empire. It is racist sexist and if you aren't pretty enough you get shafted any way, power is held by a very small group and the jedi think they are great, there is no calling them out, no attempts at reform, nothing.

    So yeah.

    Have the GA keep just the core the Felpire, most of the outer rim, equal in power but no size. And everything else is independent.
  5. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    The Hutts, of all other galactic powers, have the best potential for a future storyline. Given the state of the galaxy in 138 ABY, it will take time for the Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire to get their respective houses in order and settle on boundries and the like. Both entities have fought an exhaustive, costly campaign against Krayt, so militarily they need time to rest and rebuild. Stazi would probably focus on getting a new Senate elected, reactivating the Mon Cal shipyards for starship production, begin rebuilding/cleanup efforts on Dac, and in general look for worlds to rejoin a restored Galactic Alliance. Marasiah, on the other hand, has to reclaim large swaths of Imperial Space in the New Territories and reinforce the region around Bastion, to say nothing of whatever agreement the allies come to over Coruscant's place in the galaxy.

    Into this vaccum I can see the Hutts attempting to reclaim some of the territories in the Outer Rim, Mid Rim, and Expansion Region that they historically held some power over in the pre-Clone Wars galaxy. From what we know, Krayt essentially left the Hutts alone, save wiping out Da Soocha, which was psychological rather than military loss. If the Hutts suddenly decided to gather a warfleet together, I can see the GA and Fel Empire being hardpressed to stop it initially.

    --Adm. Nick
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  6. GenAntilles Jedi Master

    Well not liking the Hapans won't change the fact they've been established as a powerful state. And sitting out the last decade of war they've gotten pretty strong. Same with the Mandalorians, ever since the Sith-Imperial War they've been building up strength and waiting. I'd really like to get back to the Mandalorians being a powerful state rather than the galaxies mary sue black ops team for hire. Let them carve out their new Mandalorian Empire, it'd be something new at least.

    And I just can't see a lot of Sith Imperial governors just surrendering to the GA or Felpire. Most of them have done A LOT of war crimes, same with the soldiers under them. If they surrender they are dead. Not to mention if the fleet in the final issue was the full strength of the GA and Felpire then they don't have the fleet necessary to police the whole galaxy, they barely have enough to maintain control of the territories they do have. So I'm hoping for and expecting a long campaign of reconquest against the Sith Imperial warlords an holdouts, along with a race against the other factions for the territories.
  7. Skaddix Jedi Knight

    Actually the Mandalorians were having a bit of internal power struggle.

    U make an interesting point outside powers come in over some amnesty and get the Sith Governors to join them. The Hutts certainly don't give a frak about war crimes.
  8. Pelranius Jedi Knight

    And by that extension there's no guarantee that all those pre Krayt Alliance planets would go back to the Alliance, by the same logic.
  9. Crimson Zephyr Jedi Master

    There's a better chance than them staying Imperial. The genocide on Dac, according to the comic itself, outraged a lot of planets. Whatever problems those planets had with the Alliance in 127 ABY are kind of irrelevant when that government is under new leadership, has won a decisive victory claiming the galactic capital (basically an "I win" card in the long run), and the Sith have butchered billions. The same Sith the Fels allied with. Yeah, in comparison, the Alliance looks pretty saintly.
  10. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    I agree that the Hutts have the best storytelling potential for a "third" power.

    The Hapans are too small and insulated, the Mandalorians are also too small and severely weakened. The Chiss have some potential, but not as much as the Hutts. I don't think there are any other existing powers outside of those 4 which could become as equally powerful as the Galactic Alliance or Fel Empire (assuming the Galactic Federation isn't a new, unified government).

    For the first time since the Hutts came in contact with the Tionese and early Republic, there is not a strong and unified galactic power. The Hutts had adopted their kajidic philosophy to manipulate their enemies from within, ending their initial expansionism, outright rule and military conquests.

    Maybe the post-Legacy Hutts, seeing weakness in the GA/Empire and insulted by the way the larger galaxy dismissed them to the point they thought they could poison an entire Hutt world without consequence, will decide to abandon their kajidic philosophy and take up outright conquest and governance again. They already control a good chunk of the galaxy, and many outsiders don't even know that much about Hutt Space.

    Perhaps we'll get a new story that's 10,000 years after Legacy. The Hutts have ruled the entire galaxy for a few thousand years They have sough to wipe out every trace of non-Hutt powers, from the Republic and Empire to the Jedi and the Sith. The Hutts are speciest, and all other species are regarded as their slaves. Force-sensitives are either killed at birth, or grow up never knowing or being trained in their power. But eventually some who are vaguely aware of their power begin to gather in secret, teaching each other about the Force and plotting to overthrow the Hutts. They ally with the Pius Dea terrorist group, the "freedom fighters" and rebel alliance of the age, with most not consciously aware that the Pius Dea are just as speciest as the Hutts. But the Force-sensitives split and take sides, after eventually seeing the Pius Dea being just as bad. The ones who reject their Pius Dea allies eventually rediscover the legacy of the Jedi, and the ones who stay alied with the Pius Dea eventually rediscover the legacy of the Sith.

    Random idea that just popped into my head :p
  11. Skaddix Jedi Knight

    your acting like they won alone, GA allied with the Fel Imperials won the war not the GA alone.
  12. Pelranius Jedi Knight

    I'm sure that the average joe in the GFFA can tell the difference between Fel and Krayt easily enough.

    And I'm sure that they noticed the Fel-Stazi-Jedi alliance too (unless you've been reading a different comic). Roan's funeral would be pretty good propaganada.
  13. KansasNavy Jedi Padawan

    Why not have many of the worlds that seceded from the GA at the start of the SI War not come back into the fold. We never found out whether Corellia ever actually joined the GA post-LotF. Maybe a bloc of worlds just decides to form a confederation (but isn't called a confederation, been done... lets call it the Union or something). They don't necessarily need to be belligerents, but with an agenda that doesn't match that of the GA's or Empire's, and actually has stature and clout that can rival both. Maybe what the CIS was envisioned/sold as during the CW (without the Sith/megacorporations). Or a CSA-lite. I dunno, but it would be what we're looking for.

    And I know it doesn't necessarily fit in the one-generation-removed view, but open up the Unknown Regions and have land grabs by the major factions. Its something.
  14. Skaddix Jedi Knight

    Who is going to lead them? Might be a way to bulk up the Mandalorians though. Everyone else has their own territory.

    Your not going to start land grabs into the unknown regions until everything clears up in known space so yeah not one generation out. at least a 100 years out.
  15. blackmyron Jedi Master

    I'm guessing that Corellia probably returned - with concessions of some kind - not that you'd know anything from FOTJ about how the Confederation integrated back into the GFFA considering that it's barely mentioned.

    The EGTW has Corellia as one of the major powers of the Republic in ancient times (as in having a vast territory of influence); I'd like to see Corellia return to being a world of significant prominence again.
  16. Philthy Jedi Master

    I like the idea of there being many small factions instead of one or two galaxy spanning ones. Maybe the New New Jedi Order wouldn't be affiliated with any of them and would actually be "Defenders of peace and guardians of justice" for everyone. Like the US Marshalls in any western.
  17. Skaddix Jedi Knight

    Not sure that works, I don't think they have enough jedi or resources to fly totally solo. Plus already signed a treaty with the GA and the Fel Empire.
  18. Philthy Jedi Master

    Oh well, at least I can dream....
  19. GenAntilles Jedi Master

    Personally I wonder how the galaxy will feel when two members of the triumvirate are Jedi(the commoners think anyone with force powers is a jedi anyway). I mean they can understand Sia is Empress, but the Jedi now having governmental power? They might as well bring back the Jedi Lord title.
  20. Skaddix Jedi Knight

    Might as well. I mean the Jedi do get screwed alot maybe they be better off if they took a more active role in government. Although I think Kol was on some sort of GA governing council before but that may just be for times of war. Still I think the jedi might want do it during times besides war time.

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