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NorthEast 2012 Costuming Thread

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by RingoStarrkiller, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Just wanted to put out there that I plan to somehow over the next couple years, do an Iron Man Stormtrooper/Clonetrooper. Cause it'd be freakin' sick.
  2. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master

    Just a public thank you to Janice for all her hard work on many of our costumes and accessories.
  3. MusicalNeko Jedi Knight

    If anyone needs to block out/mask their eyebrows for their costume, I found a cool video that apparently uses glue sticks to great effect.

  4. quigonschuel Jedi Master

    I am planning on (FINALLY) putting together a Qui-Gon Jinn costume this year.
  5. MusicalNeko Jedi Knight

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  6. JediProf Jedi Padawan

    Let me know how it works, Jess. Something I might need to consider...
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  7. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    For some folks considering Jedi/Sith costumes and don't want to overtax the sewing team in the group, I came across a seller on Etsy. She was recommended by some Rebel Legion folks. I've never met her but her works seems like it'd do the trick.
  8. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    Look what Museum Replicas is rolling out now...

    Become Your Own Jedi

    My assessment: Interesting idea for folks that are willing to pay. Most of these items can be made by members of the group or RL folks for cheaper, but it could serve as an alternative to folks who can't sew/can't line someone up to sew. The nice thing is you can just order a few parts instead of a full costume, so if you just wanted an inner shirt and a set of boot toppers, you could do that. Still a bit on the pricey side, though.
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  9. Mario-Duke Jedi Knight

    The only thing I could make on my own is the robe, and Outer Tunic/Tabbards.
    I suppose I would order my Under-Tunic, Boot items, and belt from there...
  10. JDuffPhoto Jedi Knight

    Wow. I could almost build a droid for the same cost. $616.00 for the mock up that I just put together, not including boots or a saber. I think I paid $40 in material, another $40 for a belt and $120 for leather boots. Add a basic UltraSaber for $75 and you're set to go for under $300.00
  11. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    Yeah, I couldn't see myself going for a full costume on here but I'm intrigued to see some of the parts in person.

    The boot toppers are a cool idea, but for $160 you just may as well eBay some boots.
  12. WookieeJedi Jedi Knight

    Just finished cutting out holes in mouth and nose of my bossk mask so i can actually breath in it....now to cover said holes up so mask will be ready for sat
  13. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    BUMP for the newbs to express their own costume ideas/questions.
  14. Otto_den_Ktulu Jedi Knight

    One of my fellow Guard's posted this on ForcePike.net. I figure our armored and furry friends would like to look into one of these to keep themselves cool during an appearance. I haven't gotten one myself, but the guy that posted this seemed pretty satisfied. Runs on AA batteries and allows for some modification to run tubing through the costume.

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  15. MrLevitan Jedi Knight

    Thanks for the link Chris!

    I'm sure both Chewy and Tarfull would love one of these!
  16. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Sort of debating to either try and perfect (kind of) my current Starkiller battle arena costume (cover-art costume), or go for the in-game Force Unleashed 2 costume.
  17. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    which other costume/costumes did you have in mind?

    You know, i would love get aboard the rogue shadow and see starkillers closet! I mean he changes and wears something completely different and new anytime he goes anywhere!

    he is his own ultimate cosplayer heh :p
  18. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

  19. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    that would be a fun one to do and all in all a pretty easy one. the starkiller pauldrons i have can easily be altered into those. a long closed tabard. and some other not too intricate pieces.
  20. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Yeah all of the cloth pieces are pretty much cake. The tough part is the leather goods.

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