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RPF A War of Kings

Discussion in 'Fan Activities' started by spycoder9, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    A few weeks ago. . .
    Valona, Capital of the Lands of Mirwyth

    The king’s court met on the cold winter morn. Knights and their squires shuffled into the room, guarding all the doors. The illustrious Queen Emilia Reynard entered the throne room with her personal bodyguard, who also happened to be her second born son Seymour. She took her place at the bejeweled seat beside the main throne. Her son stood at her side. The court grew quiet as the doors opened, and their middle-aged, but handsome King Fenton Reynard entered the room. Wispy hair trailed from beneath his golden crown, and he had not trimmed his beard in several weeks.


    Once the king had sat down on the massive throne, his aide began to speak.

    “My Grace, permission to speak?”

    The king nodded.

    “For those of you who haven’t heard, three men have declared themselves kings. The Lord of the Mountains, the Lord of the Deserts, and the Lord of the Isles have all been declared as kings. All of them agree that the King of Mirwyth and all the islands surrounding it should give up his throne or face persecution.”

    Silence followed. One man stopped mid-cough, afraid to disturb the stillness. Everyone waited on the king to say something.

    “Murder them.” The King’s voice boomed in the room. “Send all of our knights against them. Meet them in battlefield, send their heads flying from their necks, and stick them on the highest point of the castle so everyone may be able to see them in their glory.” His aide looked throughout the court. The King’s oldest brother, one of the court members, decided to speak.

    “Your Grace, if I may.” His brother stood. “Combined, they are too strong. All of their armies united against you would prove to be too much for the lords and the knights behind us-”

    “I do not care.” King Reynard cut off his brother. “I control all the lands. I am the rightful king of all of Mirwyth, not just mountains, or deserts, or isles. My father controlled this kingdom, as did his father before him.”

    “Brother, I know of the king’s line-”

    “Silence.” The King’s icy blue eyes glared at his brother. His voice was like thunder during a summer storm. His queen even looked frightened. “I will do as I please, brother. I am your king, and I command these traitors be murdered. I will lead the army if I must, with my sons by my side.”

    His brother nodded and sat back down. The King turned to the aide.

    “Prepare the knights for war. I shall have these false kings' heads, and show all those who dare have opposition who the rightful king is.”

    A War of Kings


    For many a century, Mirwyth has been controlled by a single king. All the mountains, all the rivers, all the islands, controlled by a lone man. The former king, a knight and descendant of the first king of Mirwyth, was adored by all. Several of his laws perfected the marketing and unified the kingdom as a whole. Then, one night, he was poisoned. A subtle droplet into his wine glass, and he was dead. In his death, his oldest child became king. Fenton Reynard, the son, was the opposite of his father. Cold and stern, he destroyed much of the progress his father had made.

    Three of the former kings oldest friends, lords of the lands, opposed the new king. Overnight, they decided to declare each of them kings of a different region, and they were to bring the new king down. Each of them earned a name for the land they controlled.

    The King of the Isles, the King of the Desert, and the King of the Mountains rose to popularity with many. But some were loyal to tradition. The new king, while cruel and hard, was the rightful king. He was the oldest son of his father.

    Sides were drawn, and the weapons were gathered. Because the one and only battle in the plains between the isles and the mountains and the deserts was coming soon.

    Very soon.



    You can be anyone. A knight, a princess, a lord or lady, a peasant, or even one of the kings. I have a special CS if you wish to be a king. The kings though are no more important than the smallest of stable boys. A single person can turn a war completely around. This game was only planned to last during the temporary boards time, so everyone may seem to be far apart at the beginning, but it all wraps together rather quickly. Make a character as unique as you’d like. An ugly princess. A crippled knight. Anything. My final note about characters is that characters WILL die. Maybe even a lot of them. This is a war.

    Just PM me a filled out character sheet below.

    Homeland (The Mountains, the Desert, the Isles, or the Capital City):
    King (King of the Mountains, King of the Desert, King of the Isles, the Rightful King, None):
    Family Banner (if applicable, just describe):
    House Words (A saying the family uses):

    If you wish to be one of our three available kings, use this character sheet:

    Title: (King of the Mountains, King of the Isles, King of the Desert)
    Family Banner (if applicable, just describe):
    House Words: (A saying the family uses)


    No Godmodding.
    PM CS to me for approval.
    Have fun!
  2. JediMasterAnne Jedi Master

    This CS has spycoder9's stamp of APPROVAL

    Name: Safia
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [IMG]
    Homeland: The Mountains
    King: The King of the Mountains
    Occupation: Princess
    Family Banner: Royal blue background with a crown above a shield. The shield depicts an armored knight on horseback standing at the top of a mountain. The knight holds his sword above his head, pointed to the sky, and there is a broken chain on his ankle. The family banner was re-designed after Safia’s father declared himself King of the mountain regions, to symbolize his breaking away from the Capital city.
    House Words: “Having Power is not as important as what you choose to do with it.”
    Biography: Safia is the youngest child of the King of the Mountains, and the only girl. Her mother died when she was born, and though her father appointed a governess to teach her proper etiquette for a young lady of high birth, Safia preferred to practice sword-fighting and archery with her brothers. She remains something of a tomboy—much to the exasperation of her governess—but will be ‘lady-like’ for official occasions.

    Prior to the splintering of the kingdoms, Safia was betrothed to Matheus, King Reynard’s eldest son and heir—though the match was arranged by their parents, Safia and her intended husband did develop feelings for each other over the span of their courtship. Unfortunately, their relationship ended when Safia’s father, dissatisfied with Reynard’s way of doing things, broke away from the Kingdom of Mirwyth and declared himself King of the Mountains. Usually a devoted and adoring daughter and a loving, playful sister, Safia has been distant and cold towards her father and brothers. Though she loves her father and understands his disdain for Reynard’s methods, she is torn between her loyalty to her father and her feelings for her former love, who, because of her father’s actions, is now her enemy.
  3. Trieste Jedi Grand Master

    This CS is...GM approved.

    Name: Sir Lawrence Kildare
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [IMG]
    Homeland: The Desert
    King: The King of the Desert
    Occupation: Knight Commander of the Fair Groves
    Family Banner: An orange fox on a lime field
    House Words: What Has Been Said in the Darkness Shall Be Heard in the Light
    Biography: No land of Mirwyth is more misunderstood than the Desert. It is not simply a vast expanse of dunes of sand, devoid of vegetation. There is great beauty there...and great wealth for those with patience and foresight. When House Kildare claimed what would become known as the Fair Groves, they exercised both. Then the bleak lands had yielded little. Given time the Fair Groves bore fruit—literally. Season by season, the citrus trees that House Kildare oversaw took root in the arid soil and bloomed. Seeds from these forebears were planted and tended with care. Now the oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and grapefruits of the Fair Groves are traded throughout Mirwyth. They are not a great house, but House Kildare has been schooled by the Desert to be well pleased with well enough.

    Why exactly House Kildare practices female primogeniture is disputed. Some say isolation forced on them by the Desert and the resulting infrequent contact with other noble houses meant that eventually there were only women left to lead. Others stories claim that Covina Kildare so captured the heart of her husband that he handed her his right as a wedding gift—but then again other accounts say that when he was in his dotage she stole it. Whatever the reason, today women lord over House Kildare.

    Though other firstborn sons would chafe at being passed over, Lawrence Kildare never expected to rule over the Fair Groves. Though he was the eldest child of Emilie Kildare, Lawrence knew that it would be his younger sister, Ginnifer, who would assume the mantle of leading House Kildare. Accordingly, Lawrence set himself to the study of warfare and tactics, a useful occupation at any time in Mirwyth. When the coastal cities of the Desert came under the attack from pirates, Lawrence reported for duty to defend the cities with Kildare troops called for by the Lord of the Desert. Lawrence was initially assigned to the defense of the prominent coastal city Caraba. However, the knight requested a more junior position at Aqarda—which he privately deemed more likely to be attacked than the well guarded Caraba. The request was granted.

    Lawrence's analysis was prescient. The pirates came en masse against Aqarda, and Lawrence, who assumed command mid-battle after the death of more senior knights, routed the pirates. This was in large part due to his relations with the local merchants, fishermen, and townspeople. Their rapport resulted in mobilizing and training a civil defense of the city. The Lord of the Desert praised his victory saying, "Truly this one is fitted to his sigil, for he is a desert fox." For his efforts, Lawrence Kildare was named Knight Commander of the Fair Groves by his mother Emilie. As such, he is one of the foremost advisers to the Lady of the Fair Groves, now his sister Ginnifer, and often leads patrols through the Kildare lands to only ensure the peace and provide protection to their vassals—and to project Kildare power.
  4. Jedi_Padawan_Leigh Jedi Knight

    OOC: Spycoder Approved :)

    Name: Gwenn Cliffe
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has a head of unruly dirty-blonde hair which is cropped short, and upon first glance she is nearly always taken for a boy. Her eyes as grey and stormy as the sea around the Isles. She has a boyish figure, strong and lean from a lot of lifting and carrying. The skin on her freckled face is starting to weather slightly due to the winds and sea-spray of the coast. She refuses to be seen in Skirts, and instead, dresses in worn jerkins and shirts, trousers and old but sturdy leather boots, sometimes a simple hooded cloak depending on the weather.
    Homeland The Isles
    King King of the Isles
    Occupation: Servant of House Moorecroft / Dock Worker
    Family Banner (if applicable, just describe): She has no banner of her own, but the sigil of house Moorecroft is a loop of mooring rope in grey on dark slate blue field.
    House Words: The words of House Moorecroft are: “Fierce seas and Howling winds can humble the hardiest of men”

    Gwenn’s life has been one of hard work and servitude for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in the wind beaten Isles, She is not of noble birth or wealthy house. A baseborn child, She was born to a woman named Harriet, a Scullery maid and a servant of a Wealthy house named house Moorecroft.

    The Moorecroft’s were a family of Ship-wrights, who loyally serve the King of the Isles, providing the King with strong sturdy ships as well as controlling one of the busiest ports in the Isles. Her mother had come into the Moorecroft’s service at a young age and served faithfully. A hard life she had, but despite this, she was content. One autumn evening, a large trading Vessel from the mainland docked in the port. It’s captain and his retinue had been invited to the Moorecroft’s large mansion in order to broker deals with the ship-wrights. Among them was a young sailor, dark of hair with piercing grey eyes and a charming smile. Despite her efforts to resist, He managed to steal her heart and they entered a secret whirlwind affair. It wasn’t until the ship and its crew left the isles a few weeks later that Harriet discovered she was with child.

    9 months later Gwenn came into the world, but without a father. After her birth, Her mother still served the Moorecroft’s but her reputation had been tarnished considerably. The other servants became a sort of extended family to Gwenn as she grew up. The chamber-maids her aunts, the stable hands her uncles. Sadly, her mother died of the flux when Gwenn was seven years old. The loss of her mother hit Gwenn hard, and she was raised by the other Servants of the house.
    She started to work on the docks when she was in her mid teens, preferring to be working out in the open air then scouring pots in the Kitchens or sweeping out Cellars. She shows the same dedication to the Moorecroft house as her mother did, and is often called upon to run messages and errands for the house

    Gwenn was given the surname Cliffe, the Surname given to Bastard children of the Isles, and as such she is often the subject of ridicule and judged for being born out of wedlock. Having grown up on the Isles, she is a strong swimmer and feels comfortable on on the water. She can’t read or write very well, but she has street smarts and quick wits and they have served her well so far. She may seem a bit hard faced and distant at times, a product of her up-bringing, but she can open up if someone tries enough
  5. trimaj Jedi Master

    *Spycoder Seal of Approval*

    Name: Desmond Rolmar
    Title: King of the Mountains
    Age: 48
    Appearance: [IMG]
    Family Banner: Royal blue background with a crown above a shield. The shield depicts an armored knight on horseback standing at the top of a mountain. The knight holds his sword above his head, pointed to the sky, and there is a broken chain on his ankle. The family banner was re-designed after Safia’s father declared himself King of the mountain regions, to symbolize his breaking away from the Capital city.
    House Words:“Having Power is not as important as what you choose to do with it.”
    House Sword: Valyrian Steel blade named Despair[IMG]
    Biography: Being born in the mountains has had something of an effect on him, making him cold and hard to all but his family. Since his wife’s death while giving birth to his daughter Salfia he has been seen to make an effort to be more... human, but inside things are not going quite so well. He has hidden this fact from all, even his sons and daughter.

    He took the family words to heart, possibly too far. He sees power as a means of how it will further him and his family, and as such he doesn’t care who he hurts or who he raises up. All that matters is that his family gain more power so they have more choice. As such the new king’s behavior has given him the perfect excuse to try to gain even more for himself. He is slightly sorry to have broken off the intended wedding between Mattheus, King Reynard’s eldest, and his daughter Safia, but given the way things have gone it simply can not be. He is sorry to have hurt his daughter, but in some ways he is glad that maybe Safia understands what she did by killing his wife. It has always bothered him how much Safia took after his now departed wife, and in a sense its almost as if Safia has replaced her, which is extremely disturbing for any number of reasons. Not the least which is his attraction towards her that he has done his damnedest to hide from the world.

    Overall he is viewed as a reasonably fair, if somewhat extreme, man.
  6. HanSolo29 Jedi Master

    spycoder Approved!

    Name: Beldak Darkeyes
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Homeland: His true homeland is unknown to him, but his earliest memory is of the Mountain
    Region, so he goes with that
    Occupation: Assassin, thief, mercenary
    Family Banner: He doesn't really have a family banner, but his horde carries around a banner featuring two horned demons formed together at the neck and snarling. They are pitch black except for their eyes, which are glowing red. Beldak carries around a staff with the same depiction.
    House Words: He doesn't really know where he came from or who his house is, but he has adopted the following for his horde: That which does not kill us makes us stronger
    Biography: Little is known of Beldak's early life. He is unaware of his heritage or who his parents really are. Darkeyes, he is well aware, is not even his real name. It is something he adopted on his own after a hard life of slavery and torment growing up.

    A life of slavery is not ideal for any young child, but Beldak endured and grew stronger. In fact, when he wasn't being tortured or worked to the point of exhaustion, he was taught tricks of the trade, such as pickpocketing, how to handle a knife and sword against an opponent, the use of simple tools and even how to ride a horse. Beldak was a good learner and soaked this all in while harboring a deep hatred for the leader of the band of fools that had enslaved him. And not just for that man in particular, but for his true parents as well, for selling him into such a life. His anger and bloodlust continued to kindle until he was 18 years old, when he finally snapped. He not only killed his master that day, but he took most of the organization with him.

    From that point on, Beldak lived a life of crime, forming his own horde and wreaking havoc across the kingdom. In fact, it was sometimes hard to tell whether Darkeyes actually existed or was only a myth. He became a legend to certain circles and continues to roam the land today, working for the highest bidder or pursuing his own ideals. One thing has not changed, however - he is still hellbent on finding his birth parents and enacting revenge for the life they gave him.
  7. trimaj Jedi Master

    you know... parts of that remind me of a character in the actual books steph. like a very twisted version of beric dondarion and gregor clegane (for those in the know)
  8. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    spycoder approved

    Name: Anyanka
    Age: 24
    Gender: female

    Homeland (The Mountains):
    King (None):
    Occupation: Farm hand
    Family Banner (none):
    House Words (stay hidden, stay alive):
    Biography: Just where the mountains and desert meet there's an arid stretch of land, filled with valleys and gorges, and in the shadows enough water can be gathered to sustain a few scattered settlements. Eventhough the area might seem desolated, throughout the centuries its unclear borders have made the area a battle ground for the mighty houses in the mountains and deserts. Centuries of a unified Mirwyth haven't made the smallfolk of this area forget what it's like when armies come raiding through their meagre harvest. They know that while the lords reap the glory of battle, they will only reap scorched crops.

    Anyanka comes from a small farm in the main valley of the area. Her family has lived there for as long as they can remember, but like many other families in the valleys it's impossible to support the whole family at once. From there comes the tradition that during periods when no harvesting can be done, the young people leave their valleys and walk down to the richer lands in search of work. They always return in time for harvest though. Anyanka is on her way home after having worked as a milk maid up in the green mountains. Being alone on a meadow with only cattle for company is something she really likes, but now she must return home to help her family with the harvest. She has heard rumours about new kings in the land, but kingship and thrones are not important, her allegiance is to her family is.
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  9. Trieste Jedi Grand Master

    OOC: That is a very astute observation, now that you mention it.
  10. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

    GM Spycoder9 Approved!!!

    Name: Abott Tuckman
    Age: Let’s say 25. . .ish
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [IMG]

    What? So I didn’t age well.

    Homeland the Isles: Particularly the easy one
    King : None
    Occupation: You need it, I got it, I get it, or I tell you it’s impossible. I move. (peddler)
    Family Banner: A field of white with a black hat in the middle with two curls coming down either side.
    House Words: Are you deaf? Are you blind? You need it, I got it, I get it, or it’s impossible. Understand?
    Biography: Born into a peddlers family he continues the practice that has been done by the family for seventeen generations, give or take a dozen, probably give. There is legend that one of the older generations members sold the tools for executions of important people and thus where cursed with the rest of those involved in the innocent execution to wander, each generation until they died and pass the curse onto those that follow after them.

    With that kind of wording even the employees that joined the business became cursed, part of the reason for the belly flop of negative 06’ as his uncle used to say. Many gave up just to end the curse their trade and business outright to save others. The Tuckman’s were made of sterner stuff. Thus the business continues as does the family to this day. So the legends that nobody cares about goes.

    His grandfather specialized in desert trade, his father in the mountains, and he has made his stake in the isles. Of course all Tuckman’s still gather at the capital four times a year in times of peace, and once sometimes in war, for a ‘fair trading meeting’. Alternating routes and generally rotations for the young to sink their teeth into commercially and trade route speaking wise are the main ‘family business’ draws. Glad for the isles route Abott learned to sail and keep the vagrant lifestyle going with a shanty on every other beach, and a tab at every beach.
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  11. afellowjedi Jedi Knight


    Name: Diana
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Appearance :
    Homeland :The Isles
    King :King of the Isles
    Occupation: Lady of the court; King’s personal assassin
    Family Banner : Rearing gryphon on yellow background, bordered by red roses and thorns.
    House Words :“Fallaces sunt rerum species” (The appearances of things are deceptive.)
    Biography: Diana was a daughter of a lord who was good friends with the King of the Isles. She was trained along with her brother in combat; even going to the desert regions for extra specialized training. It was there when she received the news that their father had passed. So her brother then inherited the title of lord and she, lady.

    While at court the King of the Isles asked for her for a private audience. He explained that he planned to take control of the Isles and need all the support he could get. He asked her to become his personal assassin; to become his secret eyes and ears in the court. She would kill enemies where his knights would be ineffective, too public, or inappropriate. She would pursue traitorous commanders, rebellious leaders, or other internal or external threats. In exchange he would provide for all her and her family’s needs and to also make sure she was in a very high position within his government when his conquest was complete and stable. She knew it was a high gamble; one that may very well result in her death, but the pay off was considerable and too good a chance to pass up.
  12. Chukles38 Jedi Master

    Name: Nathaniel Delmari
    Title:King of the Isles
    Age: 53
    Appearance: [IMG]

    Family Banner:


    House Words: “As the sea, loyalty is constantly ebbing and flowing. As a sailor, a leader must learn to ride the waves and harness their power.”


    As a young man, Nathaniel was a wild and rambunctious individual. Though he was nobility, he was the second son, and therefore would not inherit the title of Lord, but this didn't bother him. He loved the sea, as did his ancestors long past, and went off to become a sailor in his family's fleet.

    Times were as rough as the seas, and he soon became battle-hardened and a masterful sailor. He had a fierce temper, and refused to succumb to the sea. As he gained positions of responsibility aboard the ships of the fleet, he became known for daring to take on the sea in any condition, be it clear or stormy. He almost sunk many a ship, pushing on through storms that lesser men would have avoided or attempted to wait out. His crews, while at first hesitant or outright antagonistic towards him, soon grew to think of him as a force of nature himself, and would follow him wherever he commanded.

    It was also this fierce and daring approach to sailing that made him one of the best captains at seizing pirate vessels, which had plagued the shores of the Isles for years. He proved as daring with a sword as he did with a ship, and soon the pirates set sail to find safer waters to plunder. Nathaniel was heralded as a hero, known for his daring deeds.

    He was also, as it were, known for being a rather lustful young man. He bedded many women and left many bastard children in his wake.

    His sailing days came to an end when he was at his prime, however, as his elder brother passed away due to illness. Nathaniel, whose father was in failing health himself, was forced to retire from his oceanic lifestyle to return home and take over for his deceased brother.

    Nathaniel proved to be ferocious in his political dealings as well, though he settled much as he aged. His father passed shortly after, and he inherited the Lordship of his lands. Together, with the help of Alexander Rynquist—another prominent Lord-to-be that Nathaniel had met and befriended while serving with the fleet—Nathaniel made his lands prosperous, ruling with a fair hand.

    It was some time after he ascended to Lordship that a political alliance was made with a Lord of the mountains, Desmond Rolmar. Nathaniel took the mountain man's sister to wed, though the marriage turned out to be an unhappy one. She is still his wife, but the years have been stressful on them both. Neither grew to love the other.

    In time, his good friend Alexander passed away, passing the rule of the family to his son, Korianton, a skilled warrior and politician both. Word was sent to Alexander's daughter, Diana, who at the time was off in the Desert Kingdom. Nathaniel not only attended the funeral, but spoke fond words of his long-time friend. As things settled slightly, Korianton, now head of the Rynquist family, stepped fluidly into his father's role as adviser to the king, proving to be a valuable asset with a keen mind and fierce spirit, much like Nathaniel in his younger years.

    Several years after Alexander's passing, Fenton Reynard took the rule of Mirwyth over from his deceased father. Unimpressed with the new king, Nathaniel called in friends and allies—including Alexander's daughter Diana, who had her own skills to add to the cause—and together they declared the Isles an independent kingdom, with Nathaniel Delmari as King.
  13. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    OOC: We begin tomorrow for sure. I was waiting for the last few of you to get up character sheets. Looks like we have a wide variety of people, which I'm very pleased about. If anyone else wants to join, they have the chance now. Of course, anyone can join during the game. It's very easy to jump in. :)

    P.S. I have already started writing the first post.
  14. Teegirl00 Jedi Grand Master

    Name: Raven Delmari
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Homeland: The Isles
    King: (King of the Isles):
    Occupation: Princess
    Family Banner: Pale blue field with a black-trimmed white crest. An anchor with coiled rope is depicted in gold, topped with a crown.
    House Words: “As the sea, loyalty is constantly ebbing and flowing. As a sailor, a leader must learn to ride the waves and harness their power.”
    Biography: Raven was no ordinary princess. In fact the word princess makes her sick to her stomach. She was never really lady like to begin with. She was always swinging a sword or practicing archery skills. She loved the sea and sometimes was able to sail with her father whom she loved very much.

    Raven for the most part was left behind during her father’s adventures. Her father had been away from long periods of time. The separation was unbearable for Raven. Her mother was there but they weren’t that close. They were opposite as can be. She was always forced to do the princess thing like dress up, learn to sew, have tea with other nobles. It bored her to tears. If only her father had come back she would be happy again.

    Now that she has grown up she feels she no longer knows the father that she adored when she was younger. There were rumors that she was to be married off to another noble, but Raven threw a tantrum, as always when she didn’t get her way. The father of the groom to be had a change of heart after witnessing Raven’s tantrum.

    Raven admired Diana, who is a lady of the court. She knew her way with weapons, which always fascinated Raven. She knew that Diana was more than just a lady of the court, but her father’s personal assassin. Raven knew this because she had spies in special places in the castle. If she learned one thing from her mother it was how to manipulate the court to her own needs.
  15. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    ~ The Cast of A War of Kings ~

    Safia Rolmar - JediMasterAnne
    Desmond Rolmar - trimaj
    Gwenn Cliffe - Jedi_Padawan_Leigh
    Diana Cupiditas - afellowjedi
    Abott Tuckman - Mitth_Fisto
    Lawrence Kildare - Trieste
    Anyanka - Obi Anne
    Nathaniel Delmari - Chuckles38
    Raven Delmari - Teegirl00
    Beldak Darkeyes - HanSolo29
  16. trimaj Jedi Master

    ye seem to be missing someone on that list...
  17. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    Dang it, my copy and pasting skills stink. :p
  18. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    The Mountains of Mirwyth


    The Tower of Steel
    Safia Romar's Chambers

    The light skinned servant boy wove his way through the castle halls, searching ever-so-diligently for the room of Safia Rolmar. The beautiful daughter of the king of the mountains was still abed, even though the sun was creeping towards the center of the sky. A light snowfall had started in the last hour, blanketing the whole city of Shodaire. It had covered the stone crosswalks that connected each tower of the castle, and several times the servant boy had slipped and careened towards the edge. And yet, he was still roaming the halls. After rounding two more corners and walking down a wide hallway, the servant boy noticed a set of knights lined against the door. Ser Karridan Rolmar stood on one side of the door, his sword drawn against his chest. On the other side stood Ser Emory Cupiditas, a handsome young boy who had abandoned his family to join the King of the Mountain’s fight. These two men had been entrusted with guarding the girl inside the room. In these times, with three kings controlling the kingdom at one time, the only princess of a king was always on the verge of danger.

    “The King requests the princess’s presence at his supper.” The meek boy called up to the knights.

    “I’ll deliver the message.” Karridan Rolmar, with his dark brown hair and golden eyes, stared at the boy with a hint of a smile. Even though his knighting had brought an air of seriousness to the oldest son of the king, nothing could contain all of his mirth. The servant boy, too fearful to take a joke, retreated back down the halls.

    Karridan turned to his sister’s stone door and knocked several times.

    “Father requests you at dinner!” He called. “Must be important - he sent a clumsy boy to deliver the message.”

    The Tower of Stone
    The Dining Hall

    “She will not agree to it, Father.”

    The second born son of Desmond Rolmar, Ectarion Rolmar, took a sip of his citrus wine. Shipped directly from the Fair Groves as an added bonus to the upcoming proposal, its flavor seemed to tingle the tongue. The father and son sat in the dining hall, which was wide and spacious and empty. Along with them was the young messenger, a mediocre woman with her face locked in a scowl.

    “She will if she has any sense,” the woman replied to the boy. She received a despising stare from Ectarion. He had the cold gaze of his father, along with a personality to match.

    “My sister has thrice the sense of you, wench.” Ectarion’s voice was calm and cool. “Your only purpose here is to deliver the message to my sister. Once you are finished, I shall send you back on the road.” He sipped his wine once again. “Speak out against the royal family of the King and you shall leave without a tongue.”

    The woman lowered her head, unable to meet the man’s gaze.

    “Exactly what I thought.” Ectarion turned back to his father. “Do you see what Reynard’s reign has done to the people of the kingdom? They think they can speak freely and without any restraint.”

    Ectarion looked directly into his father’s eyes.

    “Father, you do know Safia, don’t you? She is not at the right point in her life for marriage. She may never be. Especially to a desert man.” Ectarion straightened his back as he took another sip. “This is a ploy by the False King of the Desert. It puts Safia’s life in danger.”

    “And even though she endlessly irks me, she is my sister, and I care for her.”

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  19. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    The Isles of Mirwyth


    The Castle of the King
    Raven Delmari's bedchambers

    The soldiers fenced in the courtyard beneath Raven Delmari’s bedchambers. All she could do is watch from her balcony as her mother stood behind her, combing out her hair. Yet again, Raven was being denied the chance to spar with the others. Cursed from birth with the lack of something the other soldiers possessed, all Raven was allowed to do was watch the knights. The man she was betrothed to marry, Korianton Rynquist, was off with her father. Was there any love between the two? Only Raven would be the one to know.

    “Why did you torture yourself, Raven?” Her mother, Kalera Delmari, had one of the hardest voices. Almost like a man's. Unlike Raven’s silky hair, Kalera’s had gone brittle. She had lived a long, hard life. Seven stillborn boys had came from Kalera’s womb. The only girl she had ever had grew up to be Raven. “You are betrothed. No longer may you prance around the yard with sword in hand. You must be strong, and birth your husband’s children. Be grateful for this, if you can. The pain of losing children before they are born. . .is one no woman should ever have to face.”

    She peered around Raven’s shoulder, looking at her daughter’s face.

    “My daughter all grown up.” Kalera stopped combing her hair and checked everything. “Now. . .you may leave. But be sure you do not dirty your dress. You look like a jewel, Raven. My sparkling jewel.”

    The Harbor

    The harbors were filled with ships of many different sizes. Each had a flag waving high above it, the flags showing a different family banner. Supporters of the new King of the Isles had flocked the to the capital when they first learned of the news. Now the walled city of Delmaristead was flooded with not water but people.

    But one ship seemed out of place. A banner flew high, but it was one that Diana Cupiditas, who was shuffling through the harbor, wouldn’t recognize. Troubling reports had been coming in that a ship sent by the False King Reynard was to arrive at the capital city. Disguised knights were to slaughter several officials in the harbor who were assets to the King of the Isles.

    But Diana had been told about this ahead of time. And her duty was to protect the king.
    The unidentified ship that docked had not let the men unload yet. A skinny man with long brown hair that trailed down his back looked around as he exited the boat. The normal person would’ve paid him no attention, considering how crowded the harbors were, but Diana was looking for him. This skinny man was the nephew of the False King Reynard.

    And he was the one who had come to crush the harbor and strike a blow to the King of the Isles.

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  20. JediMasterAnne Jedi Master

    IC: Safia Rolmar

    Safia Rolmar’s Chambers

    She had awoken earlier in the day, but upon seeing the snow falling outside, Safia pulled the covers back up to her chin and dozed off again—only to be jolted awake by someone knocking loudly on her door. Her eldest brother’s voice drifted through the stone. “Father requests you at dinner!” He called. “Must be important - he sent a clumsy boy to deliver the message.”

    Safia scowled, reluctantly throwing off the blankets and finally getting out of bed. Normally she would have risen hours ago, but lately she had been having difficulty motivating herself to start the days. Especially if it meant dealing with her father. A few months ago she wouldn’t have objected, but ever since her father had adopted his new title—ever since her dreams of marrying Matheus had flown out the window, likely forever—things between Safia and her father had been a bit…strained. Her relationships with her brothers fared little better—particularly with Karridan following her around everywhere. He was her favorite brother and she loved him dearly, but she was already tired of his protection detail. Other ‘proper’ women might disapprove of the fact, but Safia was perfectly capable of defending herself.

    She dressed quickly in a presentable-but-not-too-dressy dress and fixed her hair before heading to the dining hall, Karridan and Emory in tow. Aside from her father, her brother Ectarion was there, along with a sour-faced woman Safia did not know.

    She bowed to the king before speaking. “You wanted to see me, Father?”

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