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RPF A War of Kings

Discussion in 'Fan Activities' started by spycoder9, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    15 days before the Wedding

    The Mountains of Mirwyth

    Dining Hall

    Many of the seats in the hall had been filled. Soldiers sat side by side, all sneaking glances at the princess as she entered the room with her brother. Synthia Rolmar sat beside her father and mother, her cousins perched by her. Synthia eyed Safia, and her smile disappeared. For several long seconds she held her cousin’s eyes, and then a false smile lit her face once more. King Desmond Rolmar rose from his seat to greet his son and daughter. Ectarion sat to his right, and he seemed to be watching the soon-to-be bride along with the rest of the people seated. Karridan glared at his brother, and as he walked by him to sit on the other side of Desmond, murmured something in his ear. Ectarion smirked.

    “Nice to have you finally arrive,” Desmond noted to Safia as she sat down. “We prepared fox, as I’m sure Karridan told you. Caught it on the outskirts of Shodaire early this morning.” Then he gestured to the man sitting a few seats away, that Safia hadn’t noticed yet.

    Handsome, not very old, the Baron Hlaine Gideon was sitting there with a plate of fox in front of him. The men that had rode with him on the long trek were seated beside him with their own bit of food placed there.

    “Say hello to our guest, Safia, the Baron Hlaine Gideon. He rode long and hard to speak to me about matters I’ll tell you of later.” Then he gestured to Synthia and her parents, Marcus and Leenah. "Also, have you made acquaintance with your cousins? They came early to the wedding in order to help prepare." A cook laid down Safia's plate in front of her. Fresh fox, along with some other herbs and fruits.

    "Safia." Leenah turned to her, offering a kind smile, "You have no idea how happy we are to see you get married! And to a knight of House Kildare, at that! You know, I met Ginnifer Kildare when we were both about your age. You are marrying into a strong family." Leenah had always been sweet to Safia. Perhaps she saw some of herself in Safia, or maybe it was the pity that Corrine had died and left Safia without a maternal role.

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  2. JediMasterAnne Jedi Master

    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Dining Hall—15 days before her wedding

    Trying to ignore the many eyes staring at her, Safia kept her expression indifferent to Synthia’s glaring, noting with some satisfaction that Karridan did not appear to even notice that Synthia was there. She would have liked to know what Karridan had said to their brother, but she did not like the smirk that came over Ectarion’s face, and decided to let it go. Besides, if Karridan had intended for her to hear, he would have simply said it out loud.

    She gave a polite, respectful nod of acknowledgement to Baron Gideon as she took her seat next to Karridan, though she suspected that she already knew what news he had brought with him. She would not ask for confirmation here, though. To bring up the tragedy of Harrowmont would certainly cast a pall over everyone’s spirits.

    She also passed a friendly dip of her head and a smile to Marcus and Leenah, Synthia’s parents. Though she did not meet them often, she had taken a liking to Leenah years ago, as a young child, and Leenah had always been kind to her—perhaps a little surprising, considering her daughter’s dislike of Safia, but it was not unwelcome. With her birth mother gone, Safia had never had the constant presence of a strong female role model while she was growing up, but Leenah, along with her father’s sister, her Aunt Kalera, were the ones she usually turned to when she needed a woman’s advice. And Leenah’s presence now might lessen Safia’s anxiety. Too bad she had to bring Synthia with her.

    “Thank you, Leenah,” she said with a smile. “And I can certainly say that I appreciate your coming early to help.

    “…And I hear that my marriage is not the only one we may be celebrating before long, if what Synthia told me of Samule is true…?” She briefly glanced towards the other girl before returning her attention to Leenah. “Do you know when he might arrive here?”

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  3. HanSolo29 Jedi Master

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    IC: Beldak Darkeyes
    The Camp

    Darkeyes narrowed his eyes as he peered through the flames at her, a cunning smile twisting the corner of his mouth slightly upward. "We shall see," he spoke briefly as he rose casually to his feet. What did she know of ready? She had probably been a poor milk maid all her life, running back and forth barefooted in the mud day in and day out without seeing a glimpse of battle. That had all changed, of course, with the raid on her farm and cottage, but still...she had not fought in that battle. She had not fought in any battle. What Darkeyes was about to do was for her own good. If she insisted on fighting, he would do his best to ensure that she was prepared. Not because he cared, but because she still owed him.

    Stepping ominously in her direction, he unsheathed his own sword and held it at the ready as his shadow fell upon her. The crackle of the flames and the low din of conversation from the other men were the only sounds for several minutes until the others realized what was happening and soon, even the conversation stopped. Darkeyes breathed in deeply, ignoring the others, and gestured with his left hand for Anyanka to join him. "Come. If you insist on fighting alongside my men, I need to make sure that you are worthy of holding that honor."

    The blade glinted in the firelight, catching the slightest shift in his posture, before he lunged at her with a war cry that echoed through the hollow.

    The duel was on.

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  4. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

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    IC: Anyanka
    The Camp

    Anyanka held up her sword and tried to block Darkeyes attack. The sound of metal clashing against metal proved that she had managed to deflect the first hit.
    The force in his attack was enough to push her to the ground though. She managed to get up on her feet again, and she still held her sword. Darkeyes was clearly a lot stronger than her, but she wouldn’t give up that easy. This was her chance of proving that she could take part in the battle.

    She gripped her swords with both hands and held it up towards her head. She dug her feet down in the soft dirt, and when his next attack came she was more prepared to stand against the attack. It was a strange feeling when the next attack came. It was as if the world turned slower than usual, because she could see the other sword coming in toward her. She slashed down and met the sword, exactly where she had thought they would meet. There was another harsh clang, but this time she didn’t fall down. She backed away though, so that the fire would be between her and Darkeyes. Her heart was pumping fast. She was afraid; at the same time she was sure that he wouldn’t hurt her, at least not more than giving her a lesson, and that made her more confident. He would have to decide which way to pass around the fire, but that time of deciding would give her a moment to decide on what to do next.

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  5. Rilwen_Shadowflame Jedi Master

    IC: Ser Andras Maegorion and Keine Stone

    Keine tried not to roll his eyes too openly at Malik's surly demeanour. He'd met people with worse tempers, and being roused by the presence of armed, hostile men in one's burning home likely didn't improve a person's mood very much.

    Instead, he and Ser Andras concerned themselves with getting hold of ravens of their own, to send out further warnings.

    Ser Andras almost smiled as he loosed his raven; about its leg he had twined strands of blue thread. Blue, and bound for Swordstone. Blue, for House Maegorion. Blue, to confirm the truth of the message, in memory of their ancestral tale, and to call for vengeance if he fell in giving this warning. His family was not fond of him, he knew, but liked or not, he was a Maegorion, and their pride would demand an answer. He owed them this warning, in any case. His grudge was not against all of them, and a band of Capitalmen would not discriminate between those he liked and those he didn't.

    "Did they know you, then?" Keine asked Malik curiously, watching the ravens fly. "We heard them call to 'get the bastard.' Were they after you in particular for some reason? Or just using the word for anger's sake?" Any man might be called a bastard in anger, after all, but if used in anger on someone who actually was one... that was a surprising coincidence.

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  6. Livi-Wan Jedi Knight

    Malik Stone

    Malik looked at Keine and tried, unsuccessfully, to disguise his panic at the squire's revelation. If these capitalmen were after him specifically, then they had to know. About his godsdamned accursed royal blood.

    "I do not know, ser. Mayhap they just called me bastard in anger, and unknowingly touched on the truth."

    It made a strange kind of sense, Malik supposed, that this attack was because of his presence in the castle. A curl of something rather like guilt gnawed at his belly at the thought.

    "I have led an unremarkable life." he said quickly, shooing the last of the ravens out. "Certainly not one that allows for bands of armed men tracking me down to kill me."

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  7. Trieste Jedi Grand Master

    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    The Prairies of Mirwyth
    15 days before his wedding

    Lawrence was growing frustrated. This threat that Rickard had divined had yet to show itself. The Knight Commander did not like to think less of people in general (mainly because underestimating people was a good way to get killed), but he was beginning to wonder if Rickard had not jumped to conclusions in his inexperience. It had happened. And if they were losing time waiting for something that wasn’t coming Lawrence would not be happy. Truth be told, things had been so frosty with Illiza since…they were last alone in each other’s presence that he just wanted to get to the Tower of Stone. Once they were there things would certainly be better with the Mountainmen around. Illiza would not give offense there, not in a strange land, a representative of her religion among strangers. And once he was married to Safia, things would be better. Much better.

    But the waiting. It was interminable. Lawrence was working hard not to display his own frustration. That would infect the men and once their composure was lost it would be hard for them to regain it again. And if there was a threat…well, it was all too possible they would be set upon in that moment.

    Lawrence walked over to where Rickard was scanning the plains, his armor lightly clinking as he moved. “I would have thought from your estimates we would have seen the enemy by now,” Lawrence said softly and casually. It was all the rebuke he wished to put into his voice right now. After Rickard’s last reaction to battle it wouldn’t do to unhinge him again. But Lawrence felt he had to confide in his fellow knight that he had some concerns over the continued quiet.

    Rickard could make of it what he would.

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  8. Rilwen_Shadowflame Jedi Master

    IC: Ser Andras Maegorion, Keine Stone

    Keine shrugged. "Maybe something to do with your father," he suggested. "Even bastards can be legitimised if there's no other heirs left, I think; if somebody was trying to wipe out a family they'd want all its bastards dead too." The armed men roaming Harrowmont suggested a very concerted attempt to wipe out every living soul there, after all, he thought.

    "But you're probably right." The squire gazed out at the twisting pillars of smoke still being carried aloft by the breeze. "Either way though, they're surely going to want us all dead specifically, soon enough."

    Ser Andras had been listening for noises beyond the door; now, he opened it, beckoning for the others to come along swiftly. A tower was a bad place to get trapped, unless one could fly away as the ravens did.

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  9. Livi-Wan Jedi Knight

    Malik Stone

    "Maybe." Malik looked away. "They probably knew Harrowmont had a bastard, then."

    Casting another look around the now-empty room, Malik took Rosa's hand again and dragged her towards the open door, nodding somewhat awkwardly at Ser Andras as he passed. Time to leave Harrowmont.

    "I'll be glad to get shot of this smoke." he said absently, keeping an eye out for Capitalmen and letting his mouth run on autopilot. "This whole castle, really."

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