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RPF A War of Kings

Discussion in 'Fan Activities' started by spycoder9, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. HanSolo29 Jedi Master

    IC: Beldak Darkeyes
    The Farms

    The countryside was a complete waste. Ruugar and his thugs apparently had a field day before meeting their untimely demise. And to think...all that plunder would have gone to nothing if Darkeyes had not ordered his men to ride through here. They would dine on a feast tonight! That was for sure! There was enough cattle and other livestock to last for weeks! Nevermind about searching for surviors...that was the least of his worries right now and it would only slow them down.

    But of course, there was always one in every crowd...

    “Darkeyes. . .” the call came from one of the younger boys of the group. A ruddy man with a light scruff of beard on his chin. “Someone lived. . .”

    Of course someone probably lived! They weren't here to pick up unwanted passengers - especially wounded passengers. "And what do you propose we do about it?" he growled out in a hurried tone. "I'm not here to offer charity..."

    Nevertheless, Darkeyes ushered his horse forward and came up alongside the young man, his expression like stone. He impatiently tapped the head of his staff, creating a short, klinking noise as he studied the scene before him.

    The rubble was beyond recognition - perhaps it had been a barn or a small cottage at one point, but now it was nothing but burning embers. How anyone could have survived this massacre was beyond him. Sure enough, there was life. The ruddy man had been correct in his assessment and part of a hand was now sticking out from beneath the wreckage. And it appeared that hand was attached to quite a slender arm...too slender to be a man.

    Darkeyes narrowed his eyes and leaned closer to get a better look. Was that a woman? If so, that changed..things. "Move that off of there!" he demanded in a gruff voice, pointing to the wreckage.

    "If it's a man, he stays...but a woman, she rides with me," he rumbled under his breath.

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    The Capital of Mirwyth



    Things had gone very awry, and Edward Plaga had been jailed.

    A simple raid on a small coastal town near the capital city had led to something else. Edward and a few of his trusted men left their ship in charge of his second hand while they scouted the town. One of his men, Tuck, ended up drunk in a brovel with several knights. These knights happened to be serving bannermen to King Reynard, and after learning of Edward’s plans to invade the town, took all of them into custody. From there they were transported to the capital city of Valona, and to the castle. Two of them were murdered on the spot for speaking against the queen. Edward, Tuck, and two others were tossed into cells, where they would await the king’s appearance.

    “I dident mean ta tell ‘em. I dident-” Tuck had been moaning for hours. One of the other men leaned over, and with his chains, he smashed Tuck in the face. The sorrowful man fell sideways and buried his face in the cold stone floor. It was dark, but it was obvious his face was bleeding.

    “Shad-up, idiot. Ya meant ta do it, or ya wouldn’t ta done it in ta first place.” Tuck’s muffled moans seemed to drag on for even longer still.

    Then light flooded those in the dark cell.

    “The King requests your presence.” The same young knight who had imprisoned them stood in front of the bars with a torch. He was flanked by three other knights and the prison watchman. The knight leaned forward to the bars and grinned. “He shall deliberate on what he’ll do with you traitors, but if I was you, I’d be enjoying my tongue. He has a collection of traitor tongues in his dresser.” He leaned back and laughed, the others joining in.

    “Tongues?” The prison watchman shouted. “I heard it was heads he kept in there!” They all laughed even harder.

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    The Mountains of Mirwyth

    Caethrene's Bedchambers

    The girl was feverish as she looked into his eyes.

    “The blood knights.”

    The words came out in a second. Then she began to scream again.

    “They’re riding hell hounds. . .and their swords. . .burn. . .” Tears ran down her cheeks. “Father! No. . .don’t touch father, please. . .please. . .Father!” She began to shake in her bed. “Please. . .Lord Gideon. . .Hlaine. . .please don’t. . .I love him. . .” Then she stopped everything, eyes wide open.

    Then she was shrieked.

    “Run. . .they’re coming. . .oh gods be good. . .no . . .father! They’re coming. . .go away. . .please. . .Lord Gideon. . .run. . .no. . .NO! Malik. . .run. . .please. . .run. . .run. . .I can’t leave you. . .no. . .oh gods it hurts. . .please. . .gods. . .” The maester poured some sleeping drink, as he did almost every night. He gently touched the cup to her lips, and stopped howling and sipped. “No. . .please don’t hurt Malik. . .he’s my stone. . .no. . .” Her eyes closed and her muttering ended.

    “They’ve gotten worse, Lord Gideon.” The maester finally spoke after her body stopped trembling. “Her dreams. And she tells more in her screams. Blood knights? Hell hounds? And something coming for her and her father, and for you, Lord Gideon.” He paused. “Perhaps. . .perhaps these are visions. Or at least pieces of them.”

    He stood from her bedside.

    “And do you know of anyone named Malik Stone? Because she continues to include his name, almost persistently.” Hlaine would know the boy. He was supposedly the bastard born son of Jowan Harrowmont.

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  5. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    IC: Anyanka

    The Farms

    It hurt. Anyanka couldn’t really pinpoint exactly where it hurt, because to be honest most of her body hurt. She was trapped under a lot of rubble, the remains of the barn had simply collapsed over her at some point. She tried to move, but the only thing she could manage was to wiggle her hand a bit. There were voices out there, but no voice that she could recognize. Not her father, not her mother, not anyone. Someone must have noticed her though.
    I'm not here to offer charity...", a man growled. He sounded impatient, and Anyanka hoped that they were going to leave. As soon as she had thought that she panicked though. She would never be able move everything that was covering her by herself, she would die trapped under the collapsed barn.

    Her whole body screamed in agony when she tried to push the rubble away. One log shifted a bit and she managed to reach out with her hand, she needed to get their attention.

    "Move that off of there!" she heard the growling voice saying. "If it's a man, he stays...but a woman, she rides with me,".

    The men started to lift the logs and burnt timber that were holding her down. A wave of relief came over her, but when a coarse hand took her arm and dragged her up she started to tremble. She didn’t know any of these men, for all she knew they could be the same people who had burnt the farm, or friends of them. She didn’t dare looking at them as she was pushed toward a man on a horse. She could feel the rest of the men’s eyes staring at her, like a lamb being led to slaughter. On the other hand they could just have left her under the rubble if they wanted her to die, what did they want from her? She had heard many stories about women being carried off, never to be seen again. She had brushed those stories off as being made up to freighten girls, but this was no story. Things that she had never even imagined were happening around her.

    Please”, her voice was weak when she addressed the rider “please, have mercy…” and then she felt her knees buckle under her and she fell to the ground.

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    The Deserts of Mirwyth
    Outer Harbor

    Tytos stood on the harbor, watching the men tie up the captured. He had sent Eirik with a small force to raid the magistrate's home and take whatever gold they could grab, before reinforcements arrived. He wanted to kick himself for not making sure the harbor bells were secured. He would have gone with them, but his place was here, most unfortunately, to supervise the loading of the newest Silver Swords "recruits"

    A loud rasp of metal sounded close by. Tytos whirled around to see a man leap out from behind a ship. His silver amor glinted in the sunlight. He motioned towards Tytos

    “You pirates shall stop this conquest on the innocent men of Caraba or face certain death by my hand. Especially you.”

    The fool looks like one of those storytale knights of old, was Tytos's fleeting thought as he brought up his sword in a defensive position. Probably breaking out that sword and armor for the first time.

    The man and his armor looked pristine and handsome. He was clearly not a warrior. No scratch was visible on him, no speck of dirt, no evidence of the hard life of a warrior.

    The man charged, head on, as Tytos expected. There was no subtlety in his attack, no nuance, just strength and steel.

    Tytos caught the first slash on the flat of his sword, sending the foolish knight's arm backwards. He countered with a quick strike, but the man twisted aside, Tytos's blade leaving a gouge on the armor's right shoulder. The knight aimed a strike at his knees, nearly causing the Captain-General to fall, but he was able to evade it.

    The man glinted in the sunlight as he raised his sword for an overhand attack, but it was clumsy and slow. Seizing his chance. Tytos reversed his sword and smashed him in the face with the hilt.

    A shout of fury erupted from the man as he staggered backwards, spitting blood and pieces of broken teeth.

    "Dat was not hunnurubul!' he roared through his broken mouth.

    Tytos shrugged but said nothing. Growling in fury, the knight rushed forward in an all out charge, blood spraying in his wake. Tytos easily slipped to his side and kicked out; his armored foot smashing into the back of the simple knight's leg. The armor caved in as the man fell.

    "Show armor!" Tytos called mockingly as he stood over the gasping man, his sword held high. "Did you take it from a trophy room? It looks pretty, but it didn't help you at all!"

    He leaned closer to the man. "Do you want to be an actual warrior, or do you want to play as one? Think carefully, before you speak."

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    The Mountains of Mirwyth

    Dining Hall

    “Ah, his family. Of course.” She cleared her throat.

    Emilie Kildare was his mother. She was very strong, and made her presence known in the room. Lovely woman, though. Blonde hair, beautiful eyes. Her death was a blow to the Fair Groves, but Lady Ginnifer Kildare has filled her mother’s shoes quite nicely.” The woman reached over and sipped a little more on her citrus wine.

    “Lady Ginnifer is much different than her mother. I don’t want to say kinder, because Lady Emilie was a kind woman, but Lady Ginnfier has a certain. . .quality to her. She respects her people, and treats them with a steady hand. Everything she does it with her people in mind. This very marriage was done to Lady Ginnifer’s people.”

    “How?” Ectarion asked. The woman glared at him for the umpteenth time.

    “That was discussed between Lady Ginnifer and King Santagar. I wouldn’t know of the exact details.” She turned back to Safia. “A nice family, really, to be in.”

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    Abott Tuckman
    The Bloody Breeze

    What was he to say? The woman brought his food, looked delectable to sea eyes as she did so, and then she spoke. Will, that shattered any illusions as he hung his head and muttered a few choice words in the Tuckman trade tongue. Did he have a son her age? No, not that he knew of. If the king had started sowing at a young age he would have had to severly beaten the king's might after learning how to crawl he felt to accomodate the maiden's request. Raising his head he muttered "Amenase." before looking back at her as the King spoke, "Drink five tankards in half an hour and you might see him sitting right here within the hour after." Emphasizing the here with both fingers pointing to his chair under his lap.

    Huffing slightly with a shake of his head he looked down at his meager meal and listened with half an ear to the Kings boasting, the loud traps yammering, and finally his kinglyness rose to leave. After of course making sure his tale got a rise of hair out of the steel spreader. Then finally a rise of words and then, only then after all of that did the king finally rise from his seat. The other patrons had a lot more indifference to their king he had to admit then he might of expected, but he wasn't here to see about such things. No, he was here to sell. And if the King left he might have a better chance at it all then with someone that might take of his head on a whim without reproach.

    Of course all haste is for naught, and the King quickly halted his steel escort by proving the point. The old sea-dog had to find out the half-maidens name before he left. The fact that the king had recognized her at all out of all this mess of self-boasting was a testament to his office. That and his leaving of the slower maidens alone.

    The rail of a thing gave her name and he committed it to memory, if one can show familiarity at a later date, even fake familiarity, business tends to go smoother. Of course if the King was truly interested perhaps he could hedge in on the potential profits here afterall. "If your worshipfulness wants I could see she makes it safely." With a laying of a finger on the side of his nose and a slight rub he followed it with a subtle swiping of a napkin into his pocket. Trying to intimate just how quietly he could probably bring the girl to the king, of course he could be misreading the situation but to each their own tastes.

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    Several Years Prior. . .

    The Isles of Mirwyth


    The Throne Room

    Alexander Rynquist treasured his throne almost as much as he treasured his children.

    Being lord of Moonshade had its perks. At Alexander’s birth, he hadn’t expected to become king. The firstborn child, whether male or female, always inherited the seat of Moonshade. He had three older sisters when he turned fifteen, and was too busy chasing young maidens to worry about being a lord.

    Then his sister Asuna died. Now, after so many years, he could only vaguely recall her face. Beautiful, that he knew for sure. White blonde hair the color of the moon shade itself. She was the purest Rynquist of all the siblings. Her death came at the hands of a Gideon boy who mistook her for a pleasure girl. The boy was put to death as well. Then Kasi died. She was a weak girl, and not fit to rule as Lady of Moonshade. Luckily, she never had the chance. She wed a Harrowmont and became impregnated with his child. Both she and her child died in childbirth, and her husband killed himself from the grief. Elli was the last to die. A horsing accident, in which she was bucked off and landed on her head. The maesters did as much as they could, but she was unable to be saved. Alexander remembered her the most, and he had actually liked her. She was sweet and bookish, with a girlish beauty. Not beautiful, but cute.

    Three sisters dead in a matter of years, with Alexander being the only remaining heir. His father wasn’t too distraught with the idea that his son would take his place, but his mother was very displeased. Her grief was insurmountable, and she died several years later.

    The House Laurel proposal had been the start of good things for Alexander. Izabel Laurel wasn’t the prettiest of the Laurel family, wasn’t even a direct heir, but she was good enough for Alexander. They married, and she gave birth to a boy and then a girl. Within a matter of a few years, they were a pleasant little family. Then Alexander went off to serve the fleet. And when he returned, after several years, his ailing father died and his wife was in bed with one of his good friends.

    Alexander became a lord, and his wife became a pleasure woman in one of the worst brothels in town. Word was she died, but she lived several more years before she was brutally assaulted by a man to her breaking point, and died.

    “Lord Rynquist, your daughter has arrived.” The guardsman interrupted Alexander’s memories.

    “Let her in.” He nodded, and the guardsman opened the tall doors. He allowed for Diana to pass, and closed the doors behind her.

    “Diana, please tell me why you refuse to accept your house name?” Alexander’s voice was stern, but his cold shell faltered some as he sipped his wine. “Do you not treasure the fact that you are of Rynquist blood? Instead you prance around announcing your name to those you murder as Diana Cupiditas. I understand you aren’t going to inherit the throne or Moonshade, but you could at least make an effort to respect me and your brother.”

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    The Isles of Mirwyth

    The Princess's Chambers

    Bed was a soft retreat. . .for the dreams to come were horrible.

    A griffon was chasing her down a hall, slashing its claws at her. The hall seemed to get smaller and smaller as she ran, squeezing in around her. And right when she could barely go any farther, and the griffon’s talon was caught around the back of her collar, a light shone in the darkness. She fell out the hole and down to a waterfall below.

    From there an aged knight with snapped handcuffs around his foot pulled her from the water. He helped her into the grass, and handed her an apple. As she took a bite, she felt her throat close. She couldn’t breathe any longer.

    As she fell back on the grass, hands at her throat, the knight looked down at her.

    And he laughed.

    She woke up in her bed, the moon shining outside. The castle was fairly quiet. Her handmaiden, a petite girl who slept in the same room as Raven, was looked at her.

    "Is something amatter, princess?"

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    GM Announcement:

    I’ll be taking an extended break stretching from Friday to Tuesday. I doubt I will have internet, and if I do, it’ll be little to none. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I will have ample amount of time to update everyone at least once more before I go on my vacation. So anyone who has yet to reply to their update, do so now. Also, I know several people have been getting behind in the storylines. I’m wondering if a summary for each individual storyline and character would help?
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    Lorain Ashkey
    The Deserts of Mirwyrth, Caraba
    The Outer Harbor

    Lorain stayed silent, as her would be attackers moved in on her.Then, they attacked. One moved in, to try to grab her from behind, as another moved in from the front, trying to catch her unawares. She had been ready. She kicked one in the back away from her, as she spun, her twin hammers whirling out from underneath her cloak. The muscles in her arms flexed heavily, and as she moved, and her scarf shifted slightly.

    "Look, ou..!" one attacker tried to call to his companions, as her hammer cracked him across the temple, and he dropped immediately. The one that caught a look at her face froze for a moment - just before the other hammer felled him as well, her other hammer ringing the back of his head. They would not be rising again. Small comfort at the moment, but at least some were made to pay for their unwarranted attack. Immediately, the other two swordsmen dropped back a step. Lorain finished her spin, and sized up the last two of her attackers, as they immediately moved to flank her on each side. She had caught the first two by surprise..she would not get that chance again.

    "Lor....needs to teach 'em a lesson...." one growled at her, as he moved his sword in a whirling motion. The second one grinned, and made a rude noise. Lorain knew she had to get rid of these thugs quickly, before she was overtaken. Suddenly, one of the ruffians roars, and moves as if to charge her. She tried to back peddle to give herself space, but she was quickly running out of room. The other fellow, who was much closer moved, as if to attack her. Lorain swung her hammers wide, to buy herself some space, but it left her back open for a moment...

    She heard the sound of sliding metal, and Lorain was sure that she would be feeling the bite of steel, but no attack came. She moved, to see her father, drawing his weapon from the back of one of her attackers. He give a nod, as he says, in that steady voice of his... “Lori, I can’t leave ya for a second with out ya getting in ta trouble.” She spared the briefest of moments for a nod towards him, her smile hidden.

    Suddenly, Lorain is knocked back, as the second one she had pushed back, suddenly rushes her. She swings at him, but misses. The brute is small, but quick! She hears a grunt, and then the clatter of steel. She turns and then gasps. Lorain sees the other remaining swordsman standing above her father with his sword raised high, prepared to bring it down on him.

    Lorain dosent even hesitate. She knows that the madman will kill him if she does nothing. She hurls her hammer at the man, as she charges, still welding the other hammer. If she is lucky, it will buy her father some time to react. If not... the man will not live to regret his mistake. THAT...she swore. She launched at him, snarling.

    "Ya Kriff'in DOG!"

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  12. Teegirl00 Jedi Grand Master

    Raven Delmari
    Bed Chambers

    Raven left her mother’s chambers confused at watch she saw. Her mother the Queen was drunk, but the words she spoke was haunting Raven’s thoughts. What did she mean by not hurting her baby? Was she the baby she had spoken of? Thoughts were racing in Raven’s mind like wild horses.

    She finally made it to her own chambers where her handmaiden, who slept in the room with her was there.

    “I prepared a bath for you your grace and your bed is ready for you to lay.”

    “Is there anything else you need before you retire for the night.” The petite girl asked Raven.

    “No thank you, Sara that will be all.”

    The handmaiden helped Raven undress for her bath. The water was just right. The steam could be seen as Raven plopped down into the large bath tub. She gave a sigh and laid there in the water for a good ten minutes before washing up. Sara washed her back and hair for her.

    Finally finished with her bath Raven dried off and put her night clothes on. She was exhausted and needed to sleep. Sara went to her small bed in the corner while Raven went to her queen size bed. She plopped down on the bed it felt like heaven. She put the covers over her and fell right to sleep.

    She was being chased by a griffin slashing its claws at her as she ran down the hall. The walls were getting smaller and smaller. There was no place to go and the griffin was getting closer. Then it finally caught up and got a hold of her collar. Raven started choking.

    She found herself falling through a hole into a waterfall. She was pulled out of the water by what appeared to be some sort of aged knight with handcuffs around his feet. He helped her on to the grass and handed her an apple.

    “Thank you sir.” she said in a polite voice. She took a bite of the apple and felt her throat constricting. She immediately grabbed her throat and was unable to breathe. She fell back on to the grass. The knight just looked at her and started laughing.
    She woke up startled in her room. The moon was shining bright through her window. Raven grabbed her throat and rubbed it gently. She was sweating profusely as she gave out a deep breathe. Sara looked over to her.

    "Is something a matter, princess?"

    “No everything is fine, just had a bad dream.” she said as she laid her head back down on to the pillow. She wouldn’t fall back asleep for a good while. Raven believed that the gods sent messages in people’s dreams. She tried to work out the meaning of her dream but it was useless. Who was that knight that laughed at her? It didn’t make sense for him to save her only to not help her as she lay choking on the grass. That night Raven didn’t get much sleep after that.

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    IC: Beldak Darkeyes
    The Farms

    The men worked quickly once the command had been given and Darkeyes simply settled back on his saddle and watched. They were a loyal crew, he had to give them that, but in this day and age, it would be best to watch one's back. Whispers of deceit and betrayal were rife throughout the land and he would not doubt that it could reach his men. They had a good teacher, after all. And what was the old saying? That the student eventually overtook the teacher? Darkeyes grimaced at the thought and clenched his fist tight about the reigns. Any who attempted such a thing would die...

    The sound of shuffling feet against rubble and stone drew his attention back to the task at hand. When he looked down, he found himself staring into the face of a beautiful maiden. Despite the dirt and blood that caked her face, she was still quite pleasing to the eyes. The men would like such a catch...it had been far too long since they had been in the presence of a woman. While this one stood before them in a state of fear, Darkeyes hoped that they could soon rectify that problem.

    “Please," she croaked in barely a whisper. “Please, have mercy…”

    That's when her legs failed to support her and she collapsed to the ground in a cloud of dust and soot. The spectacle caused the men to break out into a collective fit of laughter. Darkeyes sneered at their childish behavior and swiped his hand through the air to silence them. "ENOUGH!" he shouted and then waited a moment longer for the men to quiet down before continuing. "Show the lady some respect..."

    Returning his gaze to the woman, he lowered the hand that had been raised in the air and in a surprising turn, extended it to her. "Tell me, what is your name?"

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    Several Years Prior. . .
    Diana Cupiditas
    The Isles of Mirwyth
    The Throne room

    Diana Cupiditas made her way through her old home, memories playing in her mind, some sweet, some not. She listened as her skirts of her deep red gown gently brush the smooth hallway floor as she walked, much as her mother’s once did, before she ran out on her and her brother while her father was away. She had been too young to understand the. It wasn’t until she had seen one of her father’s friends kissing her mother passionately in a dark corner one evening that she truly understood. Those not so nice memories were what had spurred her to the desert.

    The desert, where she had trained to become an accomplished assassin. It was hard, hidden beneath her gown were pale scars along her arms and legs, her hands had, what some considered, unladylike calluses, but her body was toned and her mind sharp. It hadn’t surprised her when the king of the isles had asked for her services.

    She was pulled out of her musings when the guardsman escorting her stopped at the throne room and announced her.

    “Lord Rynquist, your daughter has arrived.”

    “Let her in.” He responded in his deep and almost gruff voice. The guardsman opened the tall doors, allowed for Diana to pass, and closed the doors behind her.

    “Diana, please tell me why you refuse to accept your house name?”

    Diana blinked in slight surprise; she had forgotten her father’s directness. “Hello to you as well daddy.” she said sweetly, mocking him.

    Diana noticed his cold shell faltered some as he sipped his wine. She relaxed and sat across from him as he continued. “Do you not treasure the fact that you are of Rynquist blood? Instead you prance around announcing your name to those you murder as Diana Cupiditas. I understand you aren’t going to inherit the throne or Moonshade, but you could at least make an effort to respect me and your brother.”

    Diana sighed, “Father. This isn’t about respecting your name. But I want people to know what I am doing I am doing on my own. Besides I’m sure you know that I am compensated by the king. Is it so horrible to want to keep that fortune for my own lineage? As you said, I’m not going to inherit much of this place” Diana softened her tone and gazed down. “If I were to every fail at my job it would be the name of Cupiditas that suffered not Rynquist.” She looked at her father, “ I thought would you be thankful for that.”

    Diana paused and starred off at the drapes behind her father. Diana clenched her fists and stood up suddenly, walking over to her father. Kneeling, she rested her head on the arm rest, as she did as a child on his rare visits home. She said in a hushed tone, “Another strong reason was my mother.” She looked up at him, now resting her elbows on the armrest of his chair. “The court used to talk of her, in hushed tones when they thought I wasn’t listening. I’ve stopped mentioning her father, the moment I do they advert their eyes. I’m not her.”, she hissed. “But my name made them judge me, so I changed it. It not against you father, or my brother, please don’t take it that way.” She said almost pleadingly.

    She reached for her father’s hand, she would squeeze it if he allowed. “If this matter is such a source of distress for you father, then I will sacrifice my new found freedom and use your name in what I do. In everything I do.” She said convicting. She held her breath waiting for his reply.

    He would of course let her keep her new name.

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  15. JediMasterAnne Jedi Master

    IC: Safia Rolmar
    Dining Hall

    The princess couldn’t help being a little relieved knowing that she wouldn’t be expected to impress any parents; only a sister, who was half-responsible for setting up the marriage in the first place. Besides, Safia had a feeling that even if Lady Ginnifer didn’t like her, she was not likely to have as much trouble with her as Ser Lawrence was bound to have with Ectarion.

    But she did wonder how exactly her marriage to Ser Lawrence was intended to benefit Lady Ginnifer’s subjects in particular. If the messenger did not know, then it was unlikely that Safia’s father knew those details either, so there was no point asking him, or her brothers.

    “…A nice family, really, to be in.”

    I can only hope, Safia thought to herself. Finishing off her soup, she looked again to their guest. “My father told me that Ser Lawrence should soon be arriving here—would you happen to know exactly when that should be?”

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    OOC: Most sorry for the delay. Been out of town, and such. Also, bleh. So much reading to catch up on. :p

    IC: Nathaniel Delmari, King of the Isles
    Various Locals

    Gwenn Cliffe. Intriguing name, truth to tell, though Nathaniel doubted she thought as much. Still, it was all Nathaniel needed. He nodded his thanks to the young girl, and made to turn when the older gentleman spoke. An eyebrow shot up in response to the offer to discretely... escort the girl to him. Nathaniel had to admit he was taken aback, especially as the gentleman had seemed slightly unenthusiastic about Nathaniel's presence. He almost denied the stranger--whose name he didn't seem to know--but then thought better of it. Perhaps he could benefit if the young Gwenn were to be escorted to his room tomorrow.

    A smile creased Nathaniel's face, and when he spoke his voice was almost conspiratorial. "Young man, I'd be most grateful, should you both be willing. Tomorrow though. No sense in disrupting your evening's revelry further." Nathaniel dug into a second, albeit smaller, purse and tossed a few gold coins to the gentleman. "With that, I must be going. Thank you all for letting me join with you. It was a pleasure."

    As the two nobles turned from the table, they drew their hoods up. Korianton, for his part, seemed relieved, though not enough that anyone seemed inclined to mess with the duo as they departed. They exited into the streets, and it only took them a few moments to blend into the crowd and make their way to Lord Tymothi's home.

    The two walked in silence for some time until they found themselves in a relatively deserted street. Korianton took that opportunity to speak, his voice perhaps more harsh than he intended. "That was risky, and reckless. How can you be so irresponsible?" This caused Nathaniel no small measure of mirth, and his laughter showed it. Lord Rynquist looked at him, brows furrowed. "This isn't a laughing matter. Such a childish action--" Korianton cut himself off, obviously realizing how far his anger had taken him.

    Nathaniel responded with a smile. "You know, Kori, that something is wrong with your life when you are the one acting like my father. Lighten up, boy. Enjoy yourself more. Besides, I had my reasons. You should trust me by now, I would think."

    "Reasons? To pick up some young work-girl? A little tryst? Some reason."

    "You know, Kori, I think that's what's wrong with you. You could do with a little of that in your life. I'm not entirely sure I've ever even seen you with a woman."

    They were now in a nicer merchant district of the city. Korianton had been examining some of the booths along the street when Nathaniel's last comment clicked in his head. The young lord whipped his head towards Nathaniel, eyes wide with shock. This caused him to trip on a cobblestone and go staggering into a display table manned by a burly blacksmith. Knives and daggers went scattering across the street, the table almost tipped, and Korianton hit the ground. Nathaniel burst into laughter as he watched the younger man stagger to his feet, apologizing to the blacksmith as he did so. He helped to pick up the fallen weapons, then beat a hasty retreat. As he approached, Korianton glared balefully as Nathaniel.

    "I am marrying your daughter, as you're well aware. Perhaps you don't mean what you say. I doubt she would appreciate today's events as much as you do."

    Nathaniel waved that off. "Raven would more than likely be here, laughing beside me. Let it go, though. We're almost here." It was true, the palace of Lord Tymothi was quickly approaching, and Korianton fell into silence, his hurt pride perhaps more the cause now than his anger.

    As the pair moved up to the gates, the guards moved to challenge them. Nathaniel threw back his hood before they could say anything. "Now, now, let's speed things up. I'm sure there are many looking for me, so we might as well let them know I'm home safe as soon as possible. Who knows, you might even get medals." His voice was light and filled with mirth as he closed the distance to the guards.

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  17. Jedi_Padawan_Leigh Jedi Knight

    IC: Gwenn Cliffe
    The Bloody Breeze

    The king simply nodded his head in thanks and turned to leave but was stopped as the bearded man spoke up, addressing the king. "If your worshipfulness wants I could see she makes it safely." Gwenn’s head snapped up "Young man, I'd be most grateful, should you both be willing. Tomorrow though. No sense in disrupting your evening's revelry further." The king replied after a moments consideration. Gwenn noticed he had retrieved some coins from a small purse and tossed a few coins to the bearded man. "With that, I must be going. Thank you all for letting me join with you. It was a pleasure."Gwenn bristled a little a she watched the exchange. Did the king and the newcomer just exchange coin over her? What in the gods names was going on here? all of this sudden attention was strange to say the least, and un-nerving. As a lowborn common woman, very few people paid any attention to her, except out of necessity. That, Coupled with the stigma of being born a bastard, she was just used to being overlooked and ignored. And now the king of the isles had requested this man escort her to him the next day? Why? What did the king even see in a bastard dock-worker? Then she remembered that look in his eye…

    She stood there, feeling confused as the king and his companion finally took their leave, pulling their hoods over their heads as they made for the door. She found herself watching their backs as they finally disappeared out of the door. She knew that The king and his retinue were to be the honoured guests of Lord Tymothi during their visit, Staying in the families large elegant palace. She and a number of others in the service of house Moorecroft had been warned to stay away from the main house unless called upon specifically by the family. Slade had looked almost giddy at the prospect of punishing those that defied that rule, “He beats me on the docks for no reason, if he see’s me roaming his fathers halls…” Finally finding her voice she took a step closer to the table and leant against it. She looked down at the bearded man with her gray eyes narrowed. Her back had started throbbing again but she did her best to ignore it

    “s’cuse me, ser! But what makes you think you’ll be escorting me anywhere? An besides, I don‘t even know who ya are!” She said to him, an edge of aggravation in her voice. After that she wasn’t in the mood for ale and revelry. She just wanted to get back, sleep, and hope for a less queer day on the morrow. Her face was stormy as she pushed herself away from the table. She glanced at cold-eyes and her fellow dock workers “’I’ll see you in the morning…” she muttered before turning on her heel and starting for the door.

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  18. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    The Mountains of Mirwyth

    The Lord's Chambers


    Jowan chuckled.

    “You never forget something like this. I tried, many times actually, but it always comes back in some way shape or form.” Jowan stood up, wandering around as he rubbed his head. “I should’ve told you sooner. I could’ve told you sooner. But. . .I was scared of how you’d react. Foolish.”


    Jowan sighed. He didn't say anymore, and instead looked out. The sun had began to set on the horizon, and the snow wasn’t falling as rapidly as before. It would prove to be a cold night, that much was obvious. In the mountains it was always cold.

    “Listen. I need to go and sup with Evony and Sylvar. Think over everything I have spoken to you about, and tomorrow will shall resume our talk.” Jowan stood, and escorted his son to the hallway. “Remember everything I told you. Your blood.” He knew the guards were listening, so he resisted from saying anything too revealing just in case.

    After Jowan had said his good-bye and left to head to dining hall, Malik was left alone in the hall. He may go wherever he pleased.

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  19. Livi-Wan Jedi Knight

    Malik Stone

    Malik watched his father leave, his gut churning with feelings he could barely suppress. If only Jowan had kept this to himself. Malik would have happily lived and died a bastard- especially if kingship was the alternative.

    He scrubbed his face with his hands and groaned.

    "What now?"

    Maybe it would be best just to go to bed. His chambers in the Scriptorum were small, dusty and crowded, but they were his and his alone. Unless Rosa had crept in there again, which she did when she was afraid. malik didn't feel quite up to facing her this evening- but then meeting any of the Harrowmont family would probably be worse.

    So that is where Mailk headed, shuffling out of the room and nodding nervously to the guards. Shoulders hunched, he prayed that nobody would talk to him.

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  20. spycoder9 Jedi Master

    The Prairies of Mirwyth

    Near a Brook

    The handsome young knight with dried blood still on his face sat with his feet dangling in a stream. His hair was pulled back behind his head, and his hands were busy scrubbing at his dirty armor. As Ser Lawrence approached, his scrubbing grew more and more vigorous until he roared in anger and threw his helmet at a tree.

    “I tried, ser.” Rickard murmured as Lawrence approached him. “I tried to save them. . .if I would’ve gotten there a few seconds before. . .if I could’ve done something more. . .”

    In fury he stood up and reared back, slamming his fist into a tree. Bark went flying off in chips and bits. Rickard began to shake, and steadied himself on the tree.

    “My mother. . .” He glanced at Lawrence. “Reynard killed her too, did ya know? Him and his men rode into the castle a year ago today. . .wanted to talk to my father. One of the knights had black throat. . .and he hugged my mother. They knew each other as children. . .the black throat. . .I stood by her side, watching her wither away. Her throat turned black, her melodic voice grew scratchy. . .her hair fell off. . .I was there when she died. I watched my MOTHER die!”

    He kicked the tree with his armored foot.

    Lawrence might see then the wet streaks running down his face was not from the stream. . .they came from the sorrow and anger in his heart.

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