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MOD ANNOUNCEMENT FOR EUC AND LIT -- EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS: Thread prefixes, mergers, and the new boards

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Havac, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    Whilst we're talking the future - does this board or will the future board permit threads to be merged? It's a function I've seen used effectively elsewhere.
  2. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    I should hope so.
  3. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    It does. It's already been put into practice here on at least one occasion.
  4. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    Good, that'll prove to be quite, quite useful to you all.
  5. ChildofWinds Jedi Master

    Lord_Hydronium : It's funny to see EUC people having the opposite worry. I get the impression from some of the posts that traffic in EUC has been flagging. The thing is, it has in Lit too. There are days when about five topics seem to have been posted in,

    If this is so, why are the mods so eager to throw the SOS thread out of the LIT forum that it's been a part of for ten years? The SOS thread is one of the most consistently busy threads in LIT!

    Grand Admiral Jello : . If anything, Lit is laxer these days than it used to be too.

    And if this is so, again why are the mods so eager to get rid of the SOS thread? And we're more often than not a more serious discussion thread, though we generally post in a friendly manner.
  6. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    You see a lot more light fun there then than I do Coop. I think I(Robimus) can safely speak as someone who ventures on both sides of the track. I find the snarky one liners often aimed at those in Lit who may not share your opinions, not always - and not your own posts Coop, just in general.

    Now I would say that the tone in Lit is not unfriendly, though it is far more prone to heated exchanges than the EUC is. For instance you just brought up snarky one liners as being "light".

    Everyone who has been trying to make their case to keep the SOS in Lit just recently was hit by one of those ever so funny snarky one liners- I believe the very funny quote in question was saying that those who want to keep the SOS in Lit - "I could put SOS in Lit, purely to satisfy a fetish to have that all-important Lit label"

    Thats the type of mean spirited humor that I most commonly associate with Lit. It doesn't make me laugh, it doesn't make me happy and I will admit I've been prone to make similar snarky statements. I think there is a possibility that we get so used to making comments of the like that we don't even realize how off putting it is for a lot of people.

    Just look at the whole SOS situation. Does that really seem fun to you?
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  7. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    So you're saying Lit posters are more mean, just fundamentally. Good to have that settled.
  8. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    Exactly the type of snark I'm talking about.
  9. FiveThreeOhNine Jedi Grand Master

    As a person who makes an ass out of himself on a regular basis throughout the boards, I have found Lit to be quite tolerant.
  10. lexu Jedi Grand Master

    If that's what counts as snark in the EUC these days, then it could benefit from more of it.

    I think they should be permanently merged. Both forums have become so slow, it just makes sense. If we had had the tag feature before, it would have made sense a long time ago. There will always be some threads that are more active and that's fine. Everyone will adapt just fine.
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  11. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    I just don't see a reason why users should be making jokes at the expense of other users ever. I guess I'm just weird like that.
  12. FiveThreeOhNine Jedi Grand Master

  13. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    Your behind the times ;)
  14. FiveThreeOhNine Jedi Grand Master

    lol yeah I saw that

    But I really don't see how Coop's comment is at the expense of anyone except the people you labeled as mean spirited, the Lit forum.
  15. FireJade Jedi Knight

    I think it's clear that those who are only interested in Lit threads will leave the Lit filter on, and those who are only interested in EUC will leave the EUC tag on. But I believe the whole reason why the merge was first proposed was to encourage discussion between "Lit people" and "EUC people."

    Why not allow cross-tagging? Why not allow posts to be tagged both EUC and Lit?

    This is doubly true for threads of questionable categorization, like SOS. Back on the old boards, where EUC and Lit were completely separate, there was no choice but to create two SOS threads: one in EUC and one in Lit. (Now imagine a merged board with two SOS threads, one tagged EUC and one tagged Lit!) To be fair, I rarely frequented EUC, and that includes the EUC SOS thread. But from what I saw, the EUC SOS thread was far less active, because it's not a fan thread, or a game thread, or a social thread, or any of the types people use to describe EUC threads. On the other hand, the Lit SOS thread was distinguished from many other Lit threads because it was a long-running thread with a core group of posters -- not unlike the "community" feel I'd imagine belongs more in EUC.

    In short, threads like SOS are the epitome of the kind of cross-traffic you're encouraging; some people think it strongly belongs in EUC, while others think it strongly belongs in Lit. I'd expect that it would interest both people from Lit and people from EUC. So why not give it both tags? Then people filtering by either EUC or Lit will see it. SOS frequenters have certainly been the most vocal about the EUC/Lit tags, but I suspect that while SOS is probably the largest thread with this issue, it's not the only one.
  16. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    There's a difference between snarky and mean-spirited, and certainly between snarky and making jokes at others' expense. I would very much like to see an example or two of Lit posters making mean jokes about each other in the last month. You're welcome to start with my own posting history. You seem to have my last post, for example, confused with a joke, when in fact I was taking actual offense to the suggestion that Lit is a mean-spirited place. Jello's comment regarding SOS, likewise, strikes me as genuine criticism, not a joke; colorfully expressed or otherwise.
  17. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    I think the cross-tagging is beyond board capabilities at the moment.
  18. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

    I'll point out that the raison d'etre of the entire EUC used to be in mocking me and poking fun at me, so... yeah, snark is hardly new to EUC.

    FireJade: We currently don't have the ability to double-tag threads.
  19. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    The entire EUC?

    More importantly, I think we're straying into personal commentary, as opposed to discussion about the merge. Let's try and keep it there. Naming personal instances of snark/mean-spiritness is not going to help. That a user or users has/have this impression is not a point in favour of a merge, in the short term. In the long term, maybe, but definitely not the short, if there will be issues.
  20. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

    Oh yes, you should have been there. You'd have liked it. :p

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