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FanForce Chapter Reps Check In

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Jedi Dajuan, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. rhonderoo Memphis CR

    Memphis, represent! ;)
  2. cyodarun RMFF CR

    RMFF Denver ...here.
  3. vesper2112 Chattooine CR

    Chapter Rep from Chattooine (Chattanooga's FanForce) checking in, er standing by (or whatever).
  4. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    Everyone is in up to here.
  5. Domnuskywalker Tidewater Alliance Chapter Rep

    Ok finnaly got on this thing. I hope this is not going to take long to get fixed
    I needed access to my old posts and cant see anything My group is putting on a con and all my information was posted on here. '
  6. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    We've got at least another week, possibly several. To be fair we'd been warning people for months about the possibility of a move and we had a firm date several weeks ago, that we announced several weeks ago.
  7. marcolas Jedi Knight

    I report for France. Thanks.
  8. Pac-El Jedi Padawan

    Oahu FanForce is here.
  9. mackpol Jedi Knight

    I also report for France if needed.
  10. Allie Fox Jedi Padawan

    Macon (Georgia) Clones reporting in.
  11. Jaden Jedi Knight

    I am not an official chapter rep, but my chapter does not have a rep. I am in the Nashville (Tennessee) fanforce and the few members we have said it would be okay for me to be the rep. But we never got around to a vote. But I can be the unofficial rep for now. I do not get online much right now but I soon will be able to.

    Just tell me what I need to do when I can do it. I can get the first part from the previous posts, but I would be thrilled if I could be the rep for right now and then get a vote from my FF. :)
  12. Domnuskywalker Tidewater Alliance Chapter Rep

    Tidewater Alliance here, sort of. I appologise I haven't been on in while. Getting ready for C 6 is time comnsuming, and coordinating peeps is like hearding cats. lol'
  13. EmpressMarasiahFel Jedi Youngling

    Fan Force Rep reporting for Knoxville TN.
  14. Mario-Duke Jedi Knight

    I can help if you need me to, for French Canadians.
  15. Mario-Duke Jedi Knight

    Okay, looked around in Canada's FF... i don't see anything indicating we have a CR.
  16. garbagge59 Jedi Padawan

    South Bend Fan Force reporting in!
  17. StarWarsLady Jedi Padawan

    I help too as well, Florida Represent here....
  18. Mario-Duke Jedi Knight

    I think it's all done...
  19. Domnuskywalker Tidewater Alliance Chapter Rep

    Im still hear. Is there any word on when the boards will be coming available? This was suppose to be temporary for a few weeks. My peeps wanted me to ask.
  20. RockSoldier Jedi Padawan

    I am the CR for R2-Detroit
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