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Lit Clone Wars Era novels to skip?

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Greenblade, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Greenblade Jedi Youngling

    I'm currently doing a read through of the EU novels and I am approaching the Clone Wars era. I haven't read much from this era, but from what I understand, there are a few novels that just don't fit in the continuity anymore. Anyone have a good list of the books I should skip? This can apply to the rest of the EU as well, but I think CW era is the only one with major issues.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

  3. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    Ha, no, sorry...we have fun.

    But seriously - the majority of the pre-2008 Clone Wars books have continuity issues due to the animated series. A good rule of thumb is, if it's got Obi-Wan or Anakin on the cover, there's likely a problem. Shatterpoint and Medstar, on the other hand, are both great books and largely off the beaten path of the TV continuity. A lot of the problematic books are still awesome, though - my advice is, if they sound interesting, read 'em anyway. The canon will sort itself out eventually.
  4. ESg Jedi Grand Master

    More like read the books and ignore TCW
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  5. Malachi Jedi Master

    Leave continuity issues aside - even TCW novels don't match with TCW series at some point. What really matters is the quality:


    Yoda: Dark Rendezvous
    Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

    Most people found it quite good, you should like it too:

    The Clone Wars (3D movie novelization)
    No Prisoners
    Republic Commando: Hard Contact (this one is a solid stanalone, sequels are recommended if you like it)
    Medstar 1 (Battle Surgeons) + Medstar 2 (Jedi Healer)
    Labyrinth of Evil

    You would lose nothing by skipping that:
    Wild Space
    The Cestus Deception
    Jedi Trial

    Do NOT touch this. At all. Like ever. Seriously, it's just that bad:
    Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth
    Clone Wars Gambit: Siege
  6. ESg Jedi Grand Master

    I resent this placement
  7. GoodValors Jedi Master

    By and large, I'd agree with what @Malachi recommended. :)

    There may be no Ahsoka, but most of the novels are still very enjoyable reads for their own merits.
    You can say that again. I have never before not finished a Star Wars novel. Never. (I even got through Crystal Star and found I actually enjoyed some parts of it!)

    But Gambit...? I. Just. Could not. Finish. It. [face_sigh]
  8. blackmyron Jedi Master

    Personally? I enjoyed Gambit. And Labyrinth of Evil is LUCENO. Default masterpiece. (In fact, I'd recommend, reading that, the ROTS novelization and then Dark Lord in a row).

    But the absolute "May Cause Blindness And/Or Death" novel goes to Jedi Trial.

    (Okay, it's not that bad, but it's certainly not good).
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  9. Mia Mesharad Jedi Grand Master

    When it comes to continuity and the Clone Wars, I would honestly recommend that you not worry about it. The largest actual issue remains timeline placement, and that will be easy enough for you figure out based upon context, such as whether Anakin is portrayed as a Padawan or not. Almost everything else has already been attended to by guides and other reference books so you don't really need to worry about wasting your time reading something that has been relegated to non-canon status.

    I personally recommend:
    *Shatterpoint, an intense Mace Windu-centric standalone novel in the jungles of Haruun Kal
    *The Republic Commando novels, a gritty, grounded series dealing with clone commandos and a soldier's perspective
    *Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, a great story of Yoda's journey to redeem Dooku, and possibly the defining Yoda novel
    *The Clone Wars movie novelization, which takes the primarily kid-aimed movie, and adds several layers of maturity
    *Clone Wars: No Prisoners, the series tie-in that takes a page from Republic Commando in its gritty war portrayal
    *The Medstar duology, affectionately known by many as "MASH in Space", and is all the better for it
    *Labyrinth of Evil, the intensely gripping lead-in to Revenge of the Sith that shows the hunt for Sidious and the battle of Coruscant
    *The Revenge of the Sith novelization, the book of the movie, just written with more depth and complexity
    *Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader, though it actually takes place after the end of the Clone Wars, it completes an unofficial trilogy with Labyrinth of Evil and Revenge of the Sith, and I recommend reading them one after the other.

    In addition to the novels, I also highly recommend giving the Star Wars: Republic comics set during the Clone Wars era a look. They're extremely good, and you lose a great deal of the war without them. Having been published several years ago, you can now find them collected in nine trade paperback volumes.
  10. RC-1991 Jedi Master

    I guess I'm the only one (well, maybe @Lord Grey One and a few others from that 181st thread) who didn't enjoy Medstar?
  11. Mia Mesharad Jedi Grand Master

    Well I don't think they're the greatest novels to ever come out of Star Wars, but I did find them enjoyable. For me, it was all about that MASH-like atmosphere in the Rimsoos, and getting to see Barriss Offee in a prominent role. While there are a few hit-or-miss elements, they certainly weren't enough to ruin the two novels for me.
  12. Darth_SHOT Jedi Master

    Pretty much what Mia said above. I was very surprised by those two TCW tie novels from Traviss. The novelization especially. It gets Anakin and Dooku pretty well, and the clones are of course expertly handled.
  13. Zeta1127 Jedi Grand Master

    I have only read derivatives of the Clone Wars multimedia project, like the Republic Commando series and the Dark Lord Trilogy. However, I plan on reading the Clone Wars multimedia project soon, but won't touch TCW tie-ins out of respect for the real Clone Wars, the Clone Wars multimedia project and its derivatives.
  14. Lord Grey One Jedi Knight

    Medstar was okay when I read it for the first time, but the second time around I didn't connect with it anymore. All made up out of little plots that felt disconnected and didn't really go to interesting places. And since I'm a bit burned on "up yours"-robots, I-5 isn't such an ultimate highlight for me - been there, done that.

    But it might just be that I've become a picky bugger when it comes to SW novels. Medstar isn't nearly as bad as Jedi Trial, for example. My favourite of the bunch was Dark Rendezvous, but since I haven't read that in 8 years, I might have changed my opinion on that, too. Well, and LoE was pretty exciting back then, with no cartoons and no Ep3 out.
  15. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    Her Pellaeon is Bantha poodoo on a stick though.

    I also highly recommend Shatterpoint, Dark Rendezvous and Labyrinth of Evil. MedStar is decent, nothing special, same goes for Cestus Deception.

    Hard Contact is a fun read, just beware that the follow ups go out of their way to turn into anything but military fiction about Clone Commandos.
  16. Mia Mesharad Jedi Grand Master

    No, they expand into different mission types and cultivate several intellectual themes including cultural identity, military fraternity, family bonds, and human rights, while still remaining centered on the view of the Clone Wars through the eyes of a soldier.
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  17. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    As does Cestus Deception and is actually better in it because it doesn’t drift off into one sided culture worship and rather ill thought out characters. YMMV but it just becomes annoying when more than half of a Commandos book is about Jedi philosophy, warrior culture and relationship problems, it becomes even more jarring when you read the X-Wing novels, that are basically about the same thing and also cover these aspects, but keep a wealthier balance. As did Hard Contact actually.
  18. Mia Mesharad Jedi Grand Master

    I'm not going to have another page-long debate with you. You saw in them what you wanted to see, and it certainly wasn't the same thing that I did.
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  19. Shaaky Jedi Padawan

    i've read both medstars, the clone wars movie novelization, wild space, and no prisoners; which were all relatively good (no prisoners being my favorite). i started reading clone wars: gambit, but i didn't even make it half way through the book, it was that bad. i agree with pretty much everyone else: don't read it.
  20. JackG Jedi Grand Master

    No, you're not the only one. Reaves seems to really love his pet characters and it shows, and not in a good way.

    I would also be inclined to add Labyrinth of Evil to MUST READ, DANG IT! IT'S A KRIFFING MASTERPIECE category. And add Dark Lord to the Most people found it quite good, you should like it too category.
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