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FanForce Community - Social Thread

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Morgaine, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Morgaine GSFF CR

    So we've got a bunch of FanForce Chapters assembling here already, but no real place for everyone to come together. I was hoping to actually get to know some new people now that we've all been thrown together in one forum.

    Anyone up for some world-wide chatting? :)

    Stupid thread title is stupid. If anyone wants to change that, be my guest.
  2. Greetings from the green & pleasant land that is England.
  3. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

    Yeah, I'm actually rather bummed that everyone was so quick to start their own pages for their groups. The fun part of this temp board is that we're supposed to just be one giant melting pot for a few weeks.
  4. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    Yeah, we failed at that didn't we.

    Hi from Des Moines. It's incredibly pleasant here for March.
  5. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Well, maybe it's not too late yet. Worth a try, at least?

    Maybe we should play some silly getting-to-know-you games or something? :p

    Hi, I'm from Germany. *waves* It's been pretty nice here these last few days over here, too. So much sunshine! :) Just all at the wrong time... we switched to daylight savings time last weekend, and now my sleeping schedule seems to be all messed up, even though it's just one hour difference. But it's so weird, having to get up in the dark again. Makes it so much harder to wake up properly!
  6. DarthXan318 VIP Tech Person

    Hi, I'm from Australia! And ... I'm not really a FanForcer, to tell the truth, I just hang out online and come by to poke Addie when the mood strikes. [face_shhh]
  7. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    Hello! [face_party]I'm posting from Sweden, where he weather right now is awful. I hate spring, it's just brown and wet.
  8. Join the Schwarz Community Manager

    Hi from Spain.
  9. Corellian Outrider Outrider of the 'Corellian Order' and Art Curator

    Hi from Australia :) . It's going on midnight and it is a warm night, it was nice weather earlier today and we had a brief moment of rain too.
  10. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    That's ok, we welcome you anyway :)

    Anyone have an fun projects they are working on? I just finished a Queen Breha costume (or almost finished) that turned out pretty well. Current crazy project is I'm attempting to make a cake that looks like a Lego brick for Doodle's first birthday. First attempt wasn't bad though the icing failed.
  11. DarkSapiens Jedi Knight

    Hello from Spain!
    Ditto on the time changing issue. I've been blaming the crappy zombie monday I had this week on that :p

    About projects… can't say much, except that I have two shots remaining to animate and render for the fan film Star Wars: Threads of Destiny, if that counts: https://www.facebook.com/threadsofdestiny
  12. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

    Hi from San Diego. The weather's been changing every day. Today's chilly but mostly sunny.
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  13. Morgaine GSFF CR

    You hate spring? [face_hypnotized]I'm quite the opposite, I love this time of the year when the days finally get longer again and all the plants have fresh green leaves. :) (Of course, it helps that it is not wet where I am. ;))

    A LEGO cake? That is such a cute idea. :D I'd love to see how that turns out!

    I did some classes on computergraphics and animation in university, so I know how much work it is... kudos to you for actually doing that in your free time! Was really not my thing, I found it so frustrating most of the time. Although it really is fascinating what you can do with it, once you figured out the basics. :) What software are you using?
  14. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    I think my dislike of spring come from the fact that I'm far enough north that we don't get all the nice spring flowers and green leaves. Basically spring is the brown period when the snow has melted away, but the green doesn't really come until it's really summer.

    The light is nice though, even if I still haven't adjusted for the time switch last weekend.
  15. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    I'll try to post a picture later this afternoon. Silly story: I used pink icing on it because that's what we had here. As of last night we'd eaten about half the cake. Two pegs were left. My husband grabbed two chocolate chips and turned the pegs into boobies. It's actually quite funny looking.
  16. DarkSapiens Jedi Knight

    I'm using Cinema 4D, I learned to use it on my own. But luckily I'm only one of the many people working on this Fan Film, and some of them are dedicated to special effects entirely :)

    About the weather in Sweden, wow, I hear spring in Norway (at least in Bergen) is very beautiful, is your latitude that high, Obi Anne? Maybe the weather patterns are different in Sweden, also…
  17. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Yeah, Cinema 4D is what I was using, too. Even had to work with it for my master's thesis (plug-in programming), but... yeah, not the best choice. :p Good to hear you're not the only one doing the special effects for the whole movie, that would be madness!

    Swedish Spring really does not sound all that exciting... Well, here's hoping the weather will pass the brown stage and get to the good stuff quickly! ;)

    lol, very mature. :p But isn't that kind of... cannibalistic when you eat it now? :eek:8-}
  18. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    I blame my latitude. Swedish spring just a bit further south can be beautiful, but not here. And Bergen has quite a different climate a lot wetter and further south.
  19. emilsson Jedi Knight

    Hello from a very sunny London! Spring is very much on it's way here and the parks are beginning to be filled with all kinds of flowers. I love this time of year even if it means I get hay fever.
  20. DarkSapiens Jedi Knight

    Well I think winter lasted for about a month this year, in this part of Spain…

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