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Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Morgaine, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Lordban Jedi Knight

    I'm ill-placed to judge, having seen exactly zero of the songs performed :p
  2. I think the UK should drop out, we always seem to lurk near the bottom. Seems pointless to waste funding on such an event we never really take seriously, plus largely political block-voting means we never get anywhere :p
  3. Lordban Jedi Knight

    A reasonable cause for Franco-British alliance there? How unnatural :p
  4. Morgaine GSFF CR


    I wasn't planning on watching it either, but somehow ended up seeing the whole thing with my family and making fun of all the contestants - it was an amusing evening. ;)

    I agree on the voting - especially the countries in Eastern Europe mostly seem to vote for their neighbours, and not really the best song.
  5. Which is why I was suprised the Russian act didn't win, I expected all the former Soviet states to give them maximum points (along with everyone else, given that they were so outrageously awesome).
  6. Morgaine GSFF CR

    True, I kinda expected them to win as well. They were rather cute. :D And it certainly wouldn't have been the first time for an "unusual" performance to win... remember those Finnish guys a few years ago, Lordi?

    To be honest, I don't really understand why the Swedish song got so many points. I mean, the song itself was okay, the type that would not stand out in the radio at all - very mainstream really, but the dancing? If you can call it that? That was so weird.

    And let's not even talk about that screaming woman from Serbia who somehow ended up in the top 5... :p
  7. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    The screaming woman was from Albania, not Serbia.

    I love the ESC in all it's silliness. And for those of you who complain about neighbour voting, you can't win just because you have many neighbours, it's been counted on several times that the end result would have been the same even without the neighbour votes.
  8. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Whoops, my bad. [face_blush] It's hard to keep them all straight when you see 26 performances in a row.

    Obviously, otherwise we'd get the same winners year after year, and that's clearly not the case. I just wonder if they really have such specific tastes in that region that they only enjoy the songs of their neighbours?
    And in some countries it's not actually the viewers voting, right?
  9. It's more a max points thing, like Cyprus giving Greece 12 points every year and vice versa. The points in other areas are more likely to go to those the people genuinely liked.
  10. Skiara Sports loving Mod dressed in yellow/green

    I missed the whole contest, sadly. I thought about watching it, but at that day I simply forgot it. :8}

    Does anybody know how well Malta got voted and whom they voted the best?
  11. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    I think that this year all countries had a mix of televotes and jury votes. The juries have been added in the last years, after all the complaints about neighbours just voting for each other.

    I don't know how Malta voted.
  12. Twinnie Jedi Knight

    I don't know either, I didn't watch this year. Only the best moments in the internet, and that was enough :D

    I suspect many of the neighbour votes come from the neighbour immigrants: I live close to the Spanish border and there are lots of Spanish living here.... Or people of Spanish descent. They probably vote for Spain in this kind of contest, thus favouring the neighbour country ;)

    Juries may be a good idea... or not; it doesn't seem fair for those who bother to vote to know their vote doesn't really matter. And juries are not necessarily impartial either...

    There's a persisting rumour in France that we always send someone who loses on purpose, because we don't want to organise the next ESC either ;) I've heard it forever (last time France won was in 1977).
  13. We don't even get eliminated for getting 0 points, because as a one of the funders we get an automatic entry into the final. Given the economic problems right now and he fact we always seem to do badly, I don't see why we even bother anymore.
  14. Twinnie Jedi Knight

    So, today is la fĂȘte de la musique, World Music Day! My city and many cities in France have celebrations: official concerts organised by the Mayor's office, but also amateur bands just playing in the streets tonight. It gets most interesting around 9pm to 12pm, but a few concerts started around 5pm. Many streets are closed to traffic, so everybody can party safely.

    Is anything going on where you live tonight?
  15. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

    How's everyone doing?
  16. Skiara Sports loving Mod dressed in yellow/green

    There's no music day where I live... or at least there are no big events. Sadly, I enjoy music.

    I'm fine, just a bit tired because of a bad night, but that's all. And you?
  17. Lordban Jedi Knight

    Doing pretty good. July means a shift in work hours, we're taking it slower (many lawyers and a large part of court personnel are on holidays).

    How's everyone? :)
  18. emilsson Jedi Knight

    Things are settling down here as well. I'm doing my last day at work tomorrow before the summer holiday begins. Overall, things are going well and I am looking forward to enjoying the summer.
  19. Lordban Jedi Knight

    I officially hate you :D
  20. emilsson Jedi Knight

    I am officially honoured to be hated by such an illustrious Sith lord such as you:D.

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