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Lit Diversity in SW Lit - Coop's Temporary Whining Thread

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by CooperTFN, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. imiller Jedi Master

    Ah. Just read the thread backwards. Very nice conversation about exactly that!
  2. ceiranharmony Jedi Master

    so who is to blame more, authors or artists interpreting them? I'd say hire more asian artists then and problem is solved!

    but sidenote like in other topic with Star Wars seen as history books with conflicting accounts and different levels scaled up or down depending on readership... maybe this applies here too. white readers see characters as white, black as black... asian as asian and so on. like one Tales comic once had C3PO tell the SW story to aliens and they saw members of their species in the roles of Luke, Leia etc.
    I guess the art we have is just interpretation not real look that may be all we wish it to be. same for authorial descriptions.
  3. ceiranharmony Jedi Master

    PS: Imagine how the Ewok kids in ROTJ imagined the heroes in C3POs Ewok hut retelling of the Saga :p
  4. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    I'll say this - I do prefer to think of Basic as not "really" being identical to English.
  5. imiller Jedi Master

    Well, they have Darren Tan doing a lot of great stuff...
  6. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    What we really need is Tsuyoshi Nagano back.
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  7. instantdeath Jedi Grand Master

    I had to look him up, but after I did, my answer is a resounding "hell yes".
  8. Todd the Jedi Jedi Grand Master

    I'm guessing he did the Japanese versions of book covers, such as the NJO. If so I agree.
  9. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

  10. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    I know that in general the diversity scores here make Voort count - but to me its really a seperate discussion. I mean if Zahn came out and announced tomorrow a series called 'The Adventures of Thrawn' that wouldn't mean anything to me on a diversity front just because Thrawn is an alien.

    It's Sue Rostoni styled diversity that does nothing to forward human diversity amongst the prominate characters in the Star Wars galaxy.

    Can you show me art he's done of some non white human characters?

    Its great to suggest that hiring more asian artists would solve the problem but the example you have given is art that excludes the most prominate black characters in the history of Star Wars, them being Lando and Mace.

    He did get all the white folks in there though :p
  11. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    Here's something new and unusual.
  12. Quinnocent-Till-Sith Jedi Padawan


    Nagano seems to draw from existing images though.
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  13. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

  14. jedifreac Jedi Master

    Yeah, I was lowballing it there in hopes that people from DelRey actually read this thread. Is it sad that a Gamorrean got to be the main character of a novel when "real world minorities" (don't know how to say this in a way that isn't awkward) are still so underrepresented? I don't know how I feel...it achieves some of this thread's goals for diversity but doesn't meet the need in real world application.

    Tons of Asian and Asian American (US and Canadian) artists draw in comics and have drawn for Star Wars, but we haven't seen much of an impact. Yes, adding diverse creators definitely helps (eg. Geoff Johns introducing the newest Green Lantern, Baz) But authors and artists who are white also have the power to add more diversity (Eg. John and Jan)

    I do think that if Allston were Asian American or if one of the editors were Asian American the odds of catching the problematic use of "yellow" would have been a little higher. Or if one of the people involved in the editing/writing process of Mercy Kill we're people of color they might have known that putting Myri in brown makeup was an awkward/offensive idea.

    On the other hand, if say, one of the editors was simply really well versed in ethnic studies, or more in touch with communities of color or people of color in fandom, or like, regularly had conversations like the ones we have on this thread...same thing.
  15. jedifreac Jedi Master

    Oh hey, Martha Wells wrote on her livejournal in response to my comment about her upcoming Leia project:

  16. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

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