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Lit Diversity in SW Lit - Coop's Temporary Whining Thread

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by CooperTFN, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Jeff_Ferguson Jedi Master

    Ah. My mistake, then. I must now curse that last name for misleading me.


  2. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    And black English people were very much a part of the social strata by the 16th Century, too, despite Queen Elizabeth I's Open Letter of 1596... shrug.
  3. QuentinGeorge Jedi Knight

    "African origin" does not necessarily mean "black", as in "African American". Most of the Africans in pre-modern Europe would have been from North Africa, and hence not exactly particularly "black".
  4. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    Which is why a label based on colour is simply not good enough at putting across my point. Moors and Berbers (Barbars?) were the target of her Open Letter, but being as the original comments were about 'Black British' officers in the Imperial Navy, I assume we meant Moors and Berbers... not African-Amercians... are Americans even in Star Wars, by a world/geopolitical locale (insofar as much as Core accents are British, Twi'lek is French(?), Mandalorian is Maori etc)?

    This conversation befuddles me, and I feel, as a British White person of Celtic descent, I feel liable to walk into some kind social faux pas [face_worried] Consider this my (probable) last post in this thread :p
  5. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    I think the Core=British thing is inconsistent enough that we can assume huge swaths of it likely sound American. Even the Jedi don't have one consistent accent and we know for a fact they all grew up on Coruscant. That said, if we had to establish something as being the birthplace of the "American" accent, I'd say Corellia is as good a bet as any.

    PS - I'm a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white guy my own self, and I've been pretty much running this conversation for a couple years now, so I don't think you have much to worry about. :p
  6. Havac Moderator of Your Temporary Lit Substitute

    Alderaanians appear to be American-accented, too. Leia is, Rieekan is, and Bail is.
  7. FiveThreeOhNine Jedi Grand Master

    In interviews, Carrie Fisher said she was doing a British accent and I think it's obvious in ANH when she's the most aristocratic. I forget the exact details, but she said she went to some school in the UK to learn a British accent and she repeated certain phrases as exercises so many times she still remembers them to this day.

    The accent appears less and less as the OT goes on.

    Is Jimmy Smits' accent American?

    Didn't know Rieekan was Alderaanian...
  8. Havac Moderator of Your Temporary Lit Substitute

    She affects an accent briefly when she's bantering with Tarkin; I think it's most noticeable there. It might be noticeable when she's dealing with Vader aboard the Tantive IV. I think she used the accent during the scenes shot early in filming, and they decided to drop it later. In-universe, it fits with the idea that she's affecting the cultured Coruscanti/Core accent in diplomatic contexts, and not using it when she's just talking to Luke and Han. You'll note the same thing in TPM -- Queen Amidala speaks with a Coruscanti accent when she's conducting formal diplomacy with the Neimoidians at the beginning of the movie, but Padme herself obviously doesn't have a Coruscanti accent.
  9. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    You could argue that it's largely a dead accent, and most of what we're seeing is affectation. Even Palpatine might have had an American accent at first, and only sounds like he does in the films because he's been in the senate for decades.
  10. FiveThreeOhNine Jedi Grand Master

    Am I the only one who liked Padme's voice over from TPM?

    (Sorry I know it's way off topic, but nobody ever talks about it)
  11. Jeff_Ferguson Jedi Master

    But then there's Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. And most of the Imperial officers from the OT. I guess the officers could have been playing it up in formal settings Leia/Padme style, but not the Jedi guys.

    What I'm really trying to say is, don't take away from me the fact that Ben Skywalker is British! :cool:
  12. QuentinGeorge Jedi Knight

    It's entirely possible the Coruscanti accent is specifically the upper-layer accent - which would explain why it is affected by politicians, Jedi, and military officers - they all live and work up the top. Down below they may sound different....perhaps even Australian, South African, that sort of thing.
  13. jedifreac Jedi Master

    I was thinking of the fear-motivated excuse that if Del Rey includes non-majority characters (women characters, characters of color, gay characters, gay women of color, etc.) there are fans who will react negatively, therefore, DelRey can't do it.

    I think that's a cop out. True, a small contingent of fans complained when Karen Traviss added a happily married Mando couple (they were gay, but really minor characters, and shown serving coffee and parenting...somehow this was sexually explicit and worth protecting children from?) Since then have any other gay characters emerged in Star Wars EU? In FOTJ? Because it is kind of hard to believe that out of all of the Jedi Luke has recruited for the new order, none have been gay.

    Anyhow, yes, the mere option of downloading a separate add on for same sex relationships is enough to send some people into conniptions. EA, of course, forges bravely on with this statement:

    "As in all media, there remains work to do in order for more people to feel represented and included. This is true for video games and for LGBT people. EA's step in this instance is indicative of a continuing cultural shift toward greater inclusion."


    I would hazard to argue that there are fewer vocal campaigns actively organizing against women characters or characters of color than campaigns organized against characters that are gay. Either way, EA seems to understand that a vocal, exclusionary few, should not be able to dictate the content of their game.

    As for people who don't want "teh gay" in their Star Wars, it is not like there is a dearth of Star Wars movies or EU featuring straight characters.
  14. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    Well, it could be intentional on his part...
  15. Havac Moderator of Your Temporary Lit Substitute

    It's not like we see the love lives of most of the Jedi anyway.
  16. Jenna Noi Jedi Youngling

    We had a lesbian Juhani.
  17. ESg Jedi Grand Master

    SW also has an amount of Hermaphroditic species
  18. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    ...and it's perhaps telling that hermaphrodites were deemed acceptable for the franchise sooner than gay people were.
  19. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    Aren't most of them aliens, though? Considering the kind of treatment Hutts are given...
  20. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    Well, "hermaphrodite" is a biological classification, not an orientation, so they're by definition all aliens - humans can be born with both sets of organs, but they can't actually impregnate themselves. That said, it definitely strikes me as a taboo subject for sentient species given that it does evoke some awkward questions about orientation. That someone looked at a race of giant slugs and thought to make them hermaphroditic is actually one of the EU's strongest moments of logic and diversity, IMO.

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