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EUC Do you think we should have more sci-fi stories ?

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by AngeDéchu, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. AngeDéchu Jedi Master

    What I mean here is stuff like lost planets, AI gone rogues, new technologies that could change the meaning of ''sentient''...stuff like Asimov or Arthur C. Clark stories.

    I'm often surprised about how few the stories of Star Wars are, well, about Star. (I mean, about the space and what lurks in it) This especially struck me with the (otherwise excellent) ''Lost Tribe of the Sith'' short stories, that were intentionnally of a much more fantasy style-and perfectly in phase with usual Star Wars stories.
  2. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    We've moved back to the permanent boards.
  3. AngeDéchu Jedi Master

    And...? (I'm excusing myself if I'm off topic, but I do wonder how asking people if they think there is enough science fiction in SW is ''off topic''
  4. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    1. I didn't say "off topic"

    2. No one else is going to reply to you, in any forum here. Go to the permanent boards

    See you on the other side!

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