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EUC Expanded Universe Community Blue Moon Cantina - The Forgotten Moon

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Sinrebirth, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    The Blue Moon Cantina has a long and often confusing history.

    But, this is the forgotten chapter of this noble establishment.

    And, as such, the madness will know no end.

    Come join us! A moon-wide bar, above a little planet called New Coruscant, way out in the Outer Rim. Us EUCers are harmless!

    Ish. :D
  2. Havac Moderator of Your Temporary Lit Substitute

    Hello, EUCers!

    . . . Oh, wait. None of you are here yet.
  3. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    This can mean only one thing.

  4. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Well, Security is here, so you can all relax.......
  5. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    Even Sith?
  6. Dawud786 Jedi Master

    I feel so lost.... this place is weird.
  7. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    I was going to use the hugs smilie, but there isn't one. :(

    *gulps down a whiskey*

    LI - I've got my eye on you.
  8. Havac Moderator of Your Temporary Lit Substitute

    Hugs and whiskey? Everything you need, in one post.
  9. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    I think you forgot about the beer.
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  10. Teegirl00 Jedi Grand Master

    Ok I am here please sit down no need to stand up on my account.
  11. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

  12. Jedi_Allegra Jedi Master

    Well if the boards had switched over for me yesterday I would have gotten this up and running! Darn you Sinre, you ruin all my fun. ;)
  13. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    Ok I got the mods to put EUC tags for us so it is easier to find our threads. If you make new ones try to tag it EUC!
  14. Teegirl00 Jedi Grand Master

    Yeah that could be confusing if we didn't.
  15. Darth Gangrenous Jedi Grand Master

    Well I made it in one piece.
  16. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master



    Also - Imperial Hammer is running a fun RPG in Fan Activities called Summer Camp. It looks cute so if you want to play please do!
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  17. Jedi_Allegra Jedi Master

    Awww Father/Daughter ecamp. How cute.
  18. Teegirl00 Jedi Grand Master

    Allegra sis, DG Bro *hugs*
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  19. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Sith are never safe even around themselves.....betrayers! Looks like we are waiting for our Chancellor to bound in and look important.......
  20. Teegirl00 Jedi Grand Master

    I am dangerous but not too myself. ;)

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