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Lit Fleet Junkie Flagship- Enjoying time in dry dock!

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by AdmiralNick22, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. MercenaryAce Jedi Master

    Must be the same guys who produce those wacky looking star destroyers.

    Every spaceport has them, like those cheerio knock offs you see at every supermarket.
  2. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    It's the world's lumpiest space blimp.
  3. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    Every ship in that image isn't draw exactly like the actual vessels. HomeOne, the escort frigates, the corvettes, and the other vessels are, shall we say, artistically done. :p

    --Adm. Nick
  4. Skywalker_T-67 Jedi Grand Master

    Hey, got room for a new guy? To anyone in the EUC you should know why I ask. After all I am the resident fanboy of this beauty:


    Though why oh why is Empire at War still the best source for VSD images?! Where's the Vic-star love in Warfare?!:_|
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  5. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    We always welcome new members into our ranks! Welcome, Skywalker_T-67!

    --Adm. Nick
  6. Skywalker_T-67 Jedi Grand Master

    Glad to know I'm welcome:)

    Question...is anyone else a fan of the VSD? Its been my favorite ship ever since I first saw/read about it, since I've always liked the smaller capital ships (Excelsior is my favorite ST ship for example). And did the Guide to Warfare really not have any VSD pics? I would find that odd since it is the most common Imp ship (even more so than the ISD if I'm remembering my fluff right).[face_thinking]
  7. blackmyron Jedi Master

    While they didn't appear as a main illustration, IIRC you can see Walex Blissex working on the VicStar design...

    Going through some old sources, it looks like Sluis Sector is actually home to a number of significant shipyards besides the Sluis Van yards - in "The Road to Coruscant" they got 1-2 ISDs protecting them each (while the Sluis Van yards got 4 ISDs)...
  8. Tzizvvt78 Jedi Master

    How do we know they're any of those things? The movie shot I posted would leave enough room for all kinds of designs.

    The Victory image is a cross-section, even. One of the few seen outside the ICS.
  9. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    Of course :)

    From SOTG ;)

    And I always also liked the Victory (not as much as the good old Dread though ;) ) as it is clearly the a lot better looking designs the Venator and just has the more interesting lore and history behind it. Plus I had always hoped that we would get a few VicStar with alternate paint schemes that local forces, that had bought them from the Empire, would use.
  10. Skywalker_T-67 Jedi Grand Master

    Thanks for the pics guys. Makes one wonder why so many people only use Empire at War for the Vic-Star.
  11. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    I was referring to this image, not the one you posted:


    The ships in this image are very clearly artistic interpetations of Home One, Neb-B escort frigates, CR90 corvettes, DP20 gunships, and GR75 medium transports.

    --Adm. Nick
  12. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    Another image request. Does anyone have the full version of the following image?


    The version I am looking for is wide screen and shows alot more ships on each edge.

    --Adm. Nick
  13. MercenaryAce Jedi Master

    Ok, this has probably been discussed before and I missed it, but just in case it hasn't been:
    There is another sister ship of the Malevolence in Star Wars Kinect, named the Subjugator. Interestingly, it never uses its ion cannons, and your jedi master refers to it having a trihexalon deployment system so it seems they turned it into a missile ship. It had some other, minor differences on its hull as well, looked more like the concept art.

    Also, I must say I am shocked that this game actually had some very cool space battles and even more shocked at all the obscure continuity it features: trihexalon, Sun Guard identified as such, Shu Mai's Felucia base, jungle Felucians and the Ancient Abyss, flutterpacks, Trandoshen dropships from Republic commando, the devastation of the Gossam economy, and possibly some Antarian Rangers.

    And the let's play I watched was pretty funny as well:
    Red 1: Whoa! We lost one of our capital ships.
    Player: Its ok, those are a dime a dozen. Like Lawyers.
  14. Skywalker_T-67 Jedi Grand Master


    Is that a Consular class cruiser in the upper left corner of that pic? It certainly looks like one...at least its the closest thing I can think of that looks like that.

    And Mercenary...the class name is apparently Subjugator, so that explains that ship. Though it is interesting to see it doesn't have the main guns.
  15. darthscott3457 Jedi Knight

    Anyone know where this picture comes from? I saw it at celebration and I was hoping I could get a print of it. It reminds of the Coruscant Habitation spheres, so I assume its some form of McQuarrie art. It would be a maximalists dream if those where all Death Stars, especially considering you could get 2 million Death Stars out of Earth alone, but thats another story.:)

  16. darthscott3457 Jedi Knight

    It would be nice if we got to see a few more Subugators in the Clone Wars cartoon, especially since they are apparently phasing out Trade Federation battleships, at least according to another thread I was reading.
  17. blackmyron Jedi Master

    Well, phasing out as in Lucas has mandated for them not to show up anymore - which is why the new "Separatist supply ship" was created, to take its place (as far as cargo transport goes).
  18. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    Except for the part where you can’t because they use different metals and resources, as the Death Star is not build out of iron. ;) Afaik the pic is from Ep 3 concept art.

    That version is the only one I have ever seen of it (and the one printed in the NJO sourcebook), though you could try and write Jeff Carlisle and ask him if there is a different version as well. :)
  19. Tzizvvt78 Jedi Master

    So was I. Some of them look similar, but they could easily be retconned into something else, especially the segmented Corellian-style ships. We already know Corellia had more in the fleet beyond corvettes.
  20. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    I suppose it greatly depends on you point of view. :p

    In some cases, I agree with you. But making every artists interpetation of a common vessel into an entirely new craft is a slippery slope, IMO. One some of those Corellian ships, I can see you point. But the poorly drawn Neb-B's and Home One are artistic impressions, IMO.

    --Adm. Nick

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