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Lit Fleet Junkie Flagship- Enjoying time in dry dock!

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by AdmiralNick22, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. blackmyron Jedi Master

    Which, I think goes back to the discussions about Home One being a title rather than a specific ship. I don't have a source for the Home One being around in 21 AE, but the Independence made it to the YV invasion... [face_thinking]

    With the MC40s in the X-Wing games, I'm wondering if they were distributed to the local Alliance forces as the MC80s were too rare to do so.

    I am disappointed that between the RE and the YV invasion, the Mon Cal output hasn't really shown variation - we need some NR material to showcase other ships that they were probably making then.
  2. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master


    I agree that the various Rebel sector fleets @ Dac & Chandrilla are good ways to account for the "off screen" ships of the Rebel Fleet. The few Bulwark battlecruisers, Dauntless-class cruisers, Dreadnaughts, MC30c's, MC40's, etc all actually make sense for serving in these capacities as well. I have actually been meaning to ask Jason & Thrawn about Chandrilla. I am not sure if they meant to imply that Chandrilla was being targeted because it was under Rebel control or whether it was a symbolic attack due to the world being the home of Mon Mothma and a hotbed of Rebel sympathy in the Core. I really don't see the Rebels maintaining a fleet in the Core, but we do know that Chandrilla had a defense fleet, so maybe it was suspected of having Rebel sympathies?

    There is a source that states Home One served as Ackbar's flagship until 25 ABY. I cannot remember the name, but it was the same source that had this image:


    I used to have a scan of this source (which has alot of good Mon Cal cruiser info), but I cannot find it anymore.

    Does anyone remember what this came from?

    --Adm. Nick
  3. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

  4. blackmyron Jedi Master

    I checked the entry for Admiral Ackbar and the Home One, and couldn't find it. Maybe another book that recycled that artwork?
  5. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    Fact File 12, maybe?
  6. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    Hmm. That isn't it then either. It want to say it was a 2-3 page thing. From a Fact File or something. God help me, I have scans of the freaking thing on my old computer. Dare I dig it out of storage to find it? I know I will think of the source!

    EDIT: @The Loyal Imperial

    I think it might from from the Fact File. Anyone have it?

    --Adm. Nick
  7. The Loyal Imperial Census & Games General Manager

    Unfortunately, not me. I've never had much luck with those.
  8. GrandAdmiral Paxis Jedi Master

    As much as I love Bulwark's being in the Rebel fleet as heavy hitters, EGTW mentions the Bulwark III-class being created alongside the New Class vessels and based on the old Techno Union designs. It's possible that Bulwark I and II models served in Rebel fleets but since they were made as far back as the Clone Wars, apparently only at Foerest, and they're only 1,000 m (at least the I class. I'm not sure how big the second model is) it would surprise me if any survived as far as Endor. As for the McQuarrie concept art that showed up in Marvel comics, I would just love for the vessel to be heavy cruiser sized. After all, we have a big number gap between the MC40 and MC80 class. Maybe we could retcon them to MC60 or MC70 class Mon Calamari heavy cruisers.

    I think Chandrila was just symbolically Rebel, as opposed to actually held by them. Rogue Squadron 64 shows the planet being blockaded by Grand Moff Kohl Seerdon, with no defence in orbit. The Chandrilan Defence Fleet was also placed under Seerdon's command during the Clone Wars, with former fleet leader, Hiram Drayson, joining the Alliance at the insistence of Mon Mothma. While EGTW mentions Chandrila as being blockaded by the Empire in preparation for the Death Star's arrival, earlier sourcebooks mention Pestage leaving two Star Destroyers in orbit to hold the world hostage, with Chandrilan diplomats not joining the New Republic until they managed to sneak away after Endor. If Chandrila was openly rebellious, I doubt it was for long until their forces were utterly smashed by the Empire and the planet being interdicted.

    EDIT: (Stocky Mon Calamarim Cruisers) Given the fact that all Mon Calamari cruisers are unique, those vessels could just be chubby MC80's. Although I love more diversity in vessel classes, I'd be very happy to see them labelled as differently constructed MC80 or MC80a's given how homogenous they seen to be across various sources.
  9. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    I thought it was 7 Star Destroyers?
  10. GrandAdmiral Paxis Jedi Master

    Sorry, for some bizarre reason I was thinking of Salliche and its supplicant worlds. I believe you're correct.
  11. blackmyron Jedi Master

    The Bulwark IIs were also classified as Star Destroyers in the Anaxes scale, so they would still be in the same range as the Is. I agree that any Alliance Bulwarks would have to be Is or IIs - the EGTW makes it pretty clear that the IIIs weren't made until the NR era.

    While the Empire did have 7 ISDs blockading the planet, they also pulled all Imperial forces off the world and the provisional government declared for the NR. (Guess it helped that it was still a major agricultural producer and had a low population).
  12. Tzizvvt78 Jedi Master

    Don't get why the original depiction of this ship isn't followed by LFL. It was the strongest naval unit in the Rebel fleet in Rebellion, that should have been the basis. I don't buy the argument that "the Rebels never had ships that large" when they are now retconned into having several re-refitted Lucrehulk battleships. There was also the 2,5 km Pelagia Star being restored to active duty by a Tapani rebel group back in the WEG days.

    With two canonical examples of them having relatively large ship models, it's easy to just accept the original Rebellion Bulwark profile as applying to the Bulwark Mk.III. The profile just said they led a few fleets and had plenty of technical issues. The full-production model with the kinks worked out could be the one that the New Republic builds to fill out their fleets. Or the Rebels were using Bulwark Mk.I or IIs that were enlarged, we can use that as a convenient excuse from now on. ;)

    The New Republic uses several as invasion craft at the Battle of Mindor, half a year after Endor. Those were pre-Clone Wars.

    Fitting with the EGTW, where there were 8 heavy cruisers built after the Kuari Princess.
  13. darthscott3457 Jedi Knight

    I have never heard of that ship before, pretty cool. Always nice to see some big ships in the local planetary navies.

    Since its a big galaxy, I also think the Rebels would get their hands on some big ships either by stealing some derelict older warships, maybe from the Alsakan Conflicts, or by possibly getting a few from defections. Though I did find it a little unbelievable that EGTW said the Rebels spacegoing forces were 7% of the Imperial Navy. Since I picture the Imperial Navy, with the inherited local planetary forces included, to be much much much larger than is being reported, I think the Rebellion would then be a major military force if it was at 7%, instead of the very tiny mobile force I see them as. Unless that 7% was all in fighters and not capital ships :)
  14. Tzizvvt78 Jedi Master

    The Pelagia is described as "ancient" by the time of the Rebellion. I assume that means "thousands" and not "hundreds" of years. The Lucrehulks are centuries old and not called "ancient". I assume there could be a lot of large ships left over from countless conflicts in the past.
    For instance, I wouldn't mind seeing the sole Alsakan Mandator dreadnought being complemented by ancient cruisers etc. Alsakan used in their Conflicts.

    As for fleet sizes, we have to remember, the EGTW now gave a lot of local defense forces a bit of leeway in terms of their devotion to the Empire itself. Many defected or stayed neutral when Mothma promised they could keep their own assets and let them stay in their home sectors rather than be appropriated at random. We have shades of this in the very first film, where Tagge is concerned the Rebellion will continue to gain support as far up as the Imperial Senate.

    So with defections and neutrality (the latter in secret during the Rebellion), a number of Separatist forces left over from the Clone Wars, various pirate, slaver and mercenary bands, warlords (like that guy Thrawn was chasing in the Unknown Regions) and things out of left field (like Yuuzhan Vong raiders or the criminally overlooked Silentium) there's a lot on the Empire's schedule.

    I assume they were sending Executors into the Unknown Regions for that exact purpose, checking the advances of unknown enemies. The Unknown Regions Campaign Guide even has an adventure module where randomly generated enemy fleets from the UR arrive in the known galaxy and the players have to defeat them, culminating with their motherships being destroyed.
  15. blackmyron Jedi Master

    The Pelagia Star isn't an Alliance vessel. It was the flagship of House Pelagia of the Tapani Sector which was sympathetic to Alliance, wrecked by Imperial assault, and Pelagia spent millions in credits salvaging it and attempting to revamp it into a working ship again to be the flagship of their own fleet - which, at the time of the source material (the Lords of the Expanse set) hasn't been completed.

    As far as Executors being sent into the Unknown Regions, the EGTW suggested that was a possibility, or that Palpatine might have falsified construction to hide or divert funds to other projects. In any case, they didn't play any roles in recent galactic history - which would mean that they probably faced the same end as the Intimidator did.
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  16. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    Its wrecked remains recovered by enemies of the Empire so they could display it as museum? :D
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  17. darthboba Only a Prime can defeat Vader and his Emperor.

    That, or they went as 'emergency' trips, blew the stuffing out of the enemy, and came back. :p
  18. blackmyron Jedi Master

    Even better! [face_laugh]
  19. Tzizvvt78 Jedi Master

    Given they were sent on missions to a place called the Unknown Regions, I'm not surprised their stories aren't known. See what I did there? :p

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