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FF-UK Fuel 'crisis'

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by halibut, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. halibut Administrator

    So, what do you think? Yet another example of media scare-mongering? They haven't even announced a strike and everyone is filling up. By the time any strike does come around, they'll only need to fill up again.

    Anyone worried about not having use of their cars for a bit?
  2. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin

    Not really. Right now I'm not working and I only use mine for local trips (mostly the weekly grocery shop at the local Sainsburys) so it goes a long time between fillings. And I live close enough to town to walk for the other stores or the train. I think this has been a lot of media (and government) hot air so far. (Yesterday's 'fill a jerrycan and keep it in the garage' soundbite being a good example).
    I think some people should have legitimate concerns. Those whose jobs involve driving and access to fuel or those in areas with poor or no public transport. On BBC London this morning there was a call from a listener who is a carer and has other people dependent on her for necessary services. She said she was in an area of Surrey poorly served by public transport and her clients would lose out if she had no car.

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