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Europe German Speaking FanForce Home Base

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Morgaine, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Morgaine GSFF CR

    ... because we can't have a JC without the GSFF, not even a temporary one.

    Hallo, ist schon irgendwer hier, der deutsch spricht? :)

    // edit:
    Die alten Smilies waren schöner!
  2. Maulfly CR Test Mod

    *hops in and waves before hopping back out again* :p
  3. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Hey, long time no see! *waves back*

    I might actually like this place if it means I get to see people again that I haven't seen in ages. :) Think we need a Social Party type of thread where all the FanForces meet in here.
  4. Maulfly CR Test Mod

    Yeah, couldn't help crawling out of the woodwork. :p

    Kinda nice playing with some of the new tools, even if a few of them are going to end up locked up for the final version.
  5. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Yeah, like different fonts and colours. :p

    (God, that was ugly.)

    GSFF's been pretty dead lately, I'm hoping some more people will be coming back now, even if just to test all the new stuff.

    So, anyway, how have you been? :D

    wow, we have a tag now. Thanks to whoever did that! :)

    I'm having some rather ridiculous problems starting a new line here, is that just me?

    //edit: NOW I'm seeing the line breaks! Stupid. Now I need to edit again.
  6. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    I edited the tag to be regionwise instead of chapterwise, so I hope Europe is ok instead of GSFF.
  7. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Yeah, sure, that's fine. :)

    I love your title! :D
  8. Maulfly CR Test Mod

    I've been doing alright. Nothing too exciting on my end.
  9. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Well, "not exciting" can be good. I like routine. My days are pretty much all the same, but they're good. ;)

    I need to get myself an icon.

    Also, I didn't mean to use bold text up there. I just happened upon a weird keyboard shortcut I think? Need to test that some more later!
  10. Maulfly CR Test Mod

    Heh... Your profile is still running around here naked, huh? :p

    Course, I can't laugh much. Gotta find "clothing" for the hubby since he's still running around here pantless. *shakes head*
  11. Morgaine GSFF CR

    lol - if you put it like that, excuse me while I run off to find an icon very, very quickly now. :p

    .... oh seriously, I usually spend hours trying to choose an icon from our gallery, now how am I supposed to pick just one icon from all the pictures of the internet?? 8-}
  12. DarthXan318 VIP Tech Person

    /crashes your party O:)
  13. Maulfly CR Test Mod

    That or you can do what I did and make your own from scratch. :p

    And I finally got the hubby into something. Sure, the M&M is "naked" and all, but it seemed fitting. ;)
    Hey Xan. You following me? :p
  14. DarthXan318 VIP Tech Person

    Nah, just preemptively stalking the Germans I know. Are you following me? :p

    (Although now that you've given me the idea ... O:))
  15. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Maybe I should do that, yeah. I've settled on one for now, but it's not exactly perfect just yet. But at least it matches my username. :D

    I feel I should really know this, but what's your hubby's username again? I'm curious about the M&M now. ;)

    Hi Xan, nice seeing you here! *waves* :) *still wants a waving smiley* :p
  16. DarthXan318 VIP Tech Person

    Why hello there. :D

    Yeah, we're missing a few smileys, aren't we? No [face_mischief], [face_whistling] ...
  17. Morgaine GSFF CR

    And no [face_dancing] either. :( I actually wanted to use that the other day, even though I really don't know why. :p

    So where do I apply for one of those "Manager Emeritus" titles? I feel so ridiculous being a Jedi Youngling again.
  18. Ceillean Jedi Master

    Good Morning everyone.

    It is going to take forever for me to get used to...this. :p
  19. Morgaine GSFF CR

    It's gonna take me forever to get used to all these new icons. I don't recognize anyone anymore! :p

    And do I actually spot a German in here? [face_party] Good to see you! :)
  20. Merlyn Jedi Knight

    moin moin!

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