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How did Anakin get the name "Darth Vader"?

Discussion in 'The Movies' started by JediJoey, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. JediJoey Jedi Youngling

    Hello everyone! :D

    This is my first post on this site, and I was really wondering how Anakin got the name "Darth Vader", so if anyone knows I would really appreciate it if you could share the back story on that.

    May the force be with you.
  2. FiveThreeOhNine Jedi Grand Master

    Darth Sidious gave it to him in ROTS.
  3. JediJoey Jedi Youngling

    I know that :p But it is it just a random name? Or does it have a back-story?
  4. anakinfansince1983 Shelf of Shame "Winner"

    In the film or novelization? No.

    Vader is the Dutch word for "father" which may be where Lucas got it from, but nothing in canon gives any indication that it had meaning to Sidious or any of the other Sith.
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  5. Darth_Nub Jedi Grand Master

    That's most likely a coincidence, particularly considering that in Dutch it's not pronounced 'Vay-der', it's pronounced 'Vah-der'.

    GL came up with the names based on how they sounded, 'Vader' is almost definitely meant to sound like 'invader'. 'Darth' just sounds like 'dark'. Darth Vader = Dark Invader
    A few years ago, however, a yearbook from his school turned up - there was a student by the name of Gary Vader.
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  6. Sistros SWC Chancellor

    a theory that went around is that like Sidious was a word for insidious due to his character

    vaders was invader

    (Invading the temple)

    not that I believe that
  7. Sith Star Slayer LACWAC Mod of Peace, Justice & War

    "You're heartless, ambitious, arrogant, insidious and without shame or empathy. More, you're a murderer."

    "...then it is done. From this day forward, the truth of you now, and forever more, will be Sidious." Darth Plagueis pg 145.

    "I want you to go to the Jedi Temple, we will catch them off-balance."

    Sometimes, simple is better.
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  8. Lady_Misty Jedi Master

    It seems to me the Dark Side of the Force names them.

    Note how Sidious's voice changed slightly when he said 'Vader'.

    As for the name being Dutch for 'father' I think in a early draft for the script Vader was part of some religious order. If it wasn't Vader than it was Tarkin.

    And while I am at it. At one point in ANH's development there was a cyborg general that served the Empire known simply as General Skywalker. ;)
  9. Darth_Nub Jedi Grand Master

    The cyborg general was Kane Starkiller, father of the hero, Annikin Starkiller. He wasn't a villain, though, he had once served the Empire before it became corrupt (there was no 'Republic' in this draft). General Skywalker wasn't a cyborg, and was roughly the character equivalent of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Incidentally, 'Darth Vader' in the rough (first) draft was the name given to an Imperial general, a character similar to Tarkin or Jerjerrod. The Sith Knight was called Prince Valorum.


    (This is effectively the first draft - the actual 'Revised First Draft' is basically the same, except it uses completely different names which are never used again in later drafts)
  10. Lady_Misty Jedi Master

    Ah, I understand.
  11. eht13 Jedi Grand Master

    Yes, I love the delivery of the line in ROTS... "henceforth, you shall be known as Darth... Vader." That pause is long, and it's as if Sidious is waiting for the dark side itself to provide him with the name. I believe the ROTS novel may confirm this interpretation, but I don't recall for sure.
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  12. Darth_Nub Jedi Grand Master

    Yeah, I've always liked that, it's quite subtle, but there's this sense that Palps isn't just making it up himself, there's other powers at work. You can picture Sidious conferring briefly with previous Sith Lords on another plane of existence.

    Or, in another way, the title finds its owner when one is deemed worthy. Reminds me of something else, can't quite remember what. There's that hat in Harry Potter, but I think that was inspired by something in another franchise.
  13. Lars_Muul Jedi Master

    Palpatine asked the dark side, the dark side said "Later" and Palps thought it said "Vader".

    Palpatine - he doesn't hear well
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  14. Darth_Invidious Jedi Grand Master

    And maybe that Vader kid was the school bully and perhaps a particular source of daily anguish for nerdy GL. Of course you'd want to name your primary antagonist after a RL foe. Mistery solved. :p
  15. Sistros SWC Chancellor

    so if someone said I was cutie in a sentence then I'd be called darth cutie?

    curious :p
  16. HevyDevy Jedi Master

    I also like the implication of the pause before "Vader". Of course we know he has to name him Vader for the OT to work, but it still seems strongly implied that he is calling on something bigger to find Vader's title.

    That stuff is interesting to me. Star Wars could have turned out very differently than it did. It would be interesting to see, even though I was quite happy with how the movies turned out.
  17. Dark Lady Mara Jedi Master

    I like the idea that Sids is calling on the dark side to come up with Vader's name. I never thought of it that way before.

    You can't "invade" a place that you were welcomed into as recently as a couple of hours ago. That's just distorting the English language.
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  18. Sistros SWC Chancellor

    Enter (a place, situation, or sphere of activity) in large numbers, esp. with intrusive effect.

    so don't know what the above point was. It's not distorting anything
  19. Sith Star Slayer LACWAC Mod of Peace, Justice & War

    Is it?

    Then, why did Darth Vader pretend to still be Anakin Skywalker?

    The 501st followed the suit-less-wonder up the steps & whether they entered by force, by guile or even with a front-door-key it doesn't really matter because they were not welcome in there. The CIS made the same mistake of assuming that Lord Vader was still Anakin Skywalker, and he mocked them for it as he killed them one at a time.

    Darth Vader had to sneak the Clones past security to invade the Temple, how is that distorting English?
  20. Lady_Misty Jedi Master

    If you put an 'E' in front of 'Vader' and remove the 'R' what do you have?

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