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Lit How much are Nerfs worth?

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Gorefiend, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    I know it’s a strange question :) just wondering if any Source Book ever mentioned the Credit value of Nerfs, otherwise I will just have to go with 1500 Credits per Metric ton for generic livestock that Wizard mentioned.
  2. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

    Are you thinking of herding them?
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  3. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    No just need it for my RPG group ;) and for the life of me can’t find mention of how much they are meant to be worth.
  4. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

  5. AdmiralWesJanson Jedi Master

    If you shop around you can get bundle packs with more stuff. :D

    Nerf as a foodstuff is probably like beef. Some is really cheap, ground nerf or basic nerf strips. But others are choice cut nerf steaks in stasis, as we see in the beginning of Rebel Dawn with Han flying a load of them to Bespin.
  6. Barriss_Coffee Retired Sith Lord

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  7. RC-1991 Jedi Master

    Hey now, I need a fallback career if my plan to become a history professor doesn't pan out.
  8. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

    Also, thanks to GBG, I have learned that although it is pleasant to send utility droids to murder nerfs and harvest their carcasses, one may derive more food from animal nurseries.
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  9. Zeta1127 Jedi Grand Master

    That's one thing I always wished AoE would have picked up.
  10. Arawn Fenn Force Ghost

    You shouldn't eat nerf.

    It's not good for you.
  11. Barriss_Coffee Retired Sith Lord

  12. AdmiralWesJanson Jedi Master

    True, probably from the nerf milk and eggs. You can also send utility droids to shoot mynocks to harvest for food, even though they are silicon based life. And considered tourist food by bothans.
  13. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

  14. GoodValors Jedi Master

    Those... oh my... haha.

    I've see some weird Star Wars esoterica in the past, but those take the, er, biscuit. :p
  15. cthugha-temp Jedi Master

    Yay! Bungo n Rusti! Memories of my youth! [face_alien]
    I still remember inserting random Bungo n Rusti quotes into my English tests when I was 16 or something, mostly just to confuse my English teacher... back when the Adventure Journal was the most exciting Star Wars thing I could get my hands on...

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