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MOD Lit + EUC Merger Poll

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Rogue_Follower, Apr 20, 2012.


Should Lit and EUC be merged into one forum?

Merge 48 vote(s) 40.0%
Don't merge 72 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    Oh get a room you two! :)

    More seriously, that is kind of cool - my wife just resorts to identity theft! :)
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  2. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    that's adorable, I need to find a wife....a Mara Jade of my own to post on these boards. :p

    Back to topic, if the merge were to happen how exactly would that work out ?
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  3. Jaden Jedi Knight

    I am his Mara and he is my Luke. But I am the farm girl (or small town girl) and he is the city boy. :)

    Back to your question and to the topic, MasterSkywalker ;) .... This board is just temporary. When the new boards come back, we should be able to log on with our old accounts that we used prior to the move, if you kept your email address up-to-date. If you do not have an account, you can create one. But it will be new accounts, not this account here. Am I correct or are you guys going to reset our passwords and sent them to our email addresses?
    I hope I got that right. That is my understanding. And gosh, I am sure this is not on topic either.
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  4. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    congrats. :) it's like you two share traits from both Luke and Mara. ;)

    Thanks for the infomation but actually I got that part about the old accounts coming back to the move. What I'm curious about is how a merge would affect Lit and EUC if it were to happen.
  5. Jaden Jedi Knight

    D'oh! I am a Jedi Knight now, I should have gotten that.
    Our marriage is like this...he acts like Mara sometimes and sometimes I am Luke. But most of the time you are spot on.
  6. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    no worries there. I figure we'll get our answer about the merge from someone who knows soon.

    anywho I figure that about you two from what you mention, it's rare that one person can personify an entire character. I suppose that's why I put master up in my screenname :D ......or to build up my fragile ego :p one or the other.
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  7. Jaden Jedi Knight

    Thanks you are too kind, but I TOTALLY misread your question. Welcome to my world. But I am curious about that as well. I voted against the merge, but now read that things have been explained, I am not sure. (Should have some of the posts before I voted!) Can I change my vote? LOL... J/K. :cool:

    Edit: grammar error.
  8. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    no worries we all been there, I have yet to meet the perfect poster :p but I'm curious if the merge means that both EUC and Lit becomes one entity, then how does that work ? Or am I just misreading the statement.
  9. Rogue_Follower Lit Moderator

    It works like the Expanded Universe forum here on the temp boards. Lit threads and EUC threads are posted to the same forum, with the only difference being the tag.
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  10. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    thank you for the info.
  11. Yodaminch Jedi Master

    This post sums up my feelings. Yes, I realize that I only have to click one button. But it's the annoyance of always having to click one button that annoys me. If there is a user setting to keep it so all I see is Lit and not EUC, then I'm fine with a merge.
  12. Rew Jedi Master

    The advantages of having the two together outweigh the slight inconvenience of clicking one button. Heck, when you're on the main forum page, instead of clicking on "Expanded Universe," just click on the Lit tab instead, and you're good to go. Meanwhile, the rest of us who want both in one place are free to do so, while you and others can keep them separate still with minimal effort.

    I still don't understand the opposition to the merge, people.
  13. Barriss_Coffee Retired Sith Lord

    Ok, time to take off the gloves then. Frankly I don't care what the EUC folks are chatting about in their threads, and I'm mildly miffed about having to either wade through their yellow tabs on the first page or go the extra step to filter them out.

    This is nothing personal against anyone particular in the EUC. I just don't want to deal with your threads clogging up my board.

    That's my own take on the matter, and I completely agree with anyone who thinks I'm being selfish, antisocial, or lazy. Because I'm totally being all three. Especially the latter. The internet's generally made to be efficient, and IMO the merge is doing the exact opposite.
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  14. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    Um............. you do realize that the EUC, as a forum, has nothing to do with this merger idea. Neither does Lit for that matter. In fact those who are most against the merge do seem to be a lot of us who frequent the EUC. Your feigned rage is displaced Barriss :p
  15. Rew Jedi Master

    You know how you can click on "Expanded Universe" from the main forum page here? Instead of doing that, just click on the Lit tab that appears right next to it, and boom--you're right at the Lit page, no extra clicking, and you don't have to deal with any of that EUC stuff you find so detestable.

    The whole point of the tag system is to ELIMINATE the clogging up of the boards.

    If, in fact, you oppose the merge because you can't be bothered to click on a single tab and are willing to take this feature away from those of us who have come to like having both together--even though you're perfectly capable of keeping them separate even with the merger--then yes, I daresay you are being lazy and selfish. And thus, your opinion should not prevail here.

    (I'd also like to hear @s65horsey 's thoughts on this since she "liked" Barris's post.)
  16. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    My thoughts have already been posted in multiple places. There is no need to constantly post one's thoughts. Say you piece and get over it.

    I liked Coffee's post because it was hilariously blunt.

    Also if people are going to filter then that defeats the whole point of merging. Just saying.
  17. Rew Jedi Master

    In my defense, I didn't know you had. I can't be expected to remember every single post in a thread.

    But looking back, you and I may not disagree on this as much as you may think.

    Yeah, at my expense.

    No, you misunderstand. The tags are there if you want to filter. For those who don't, they won't use the filter and thus have the ability to see all threads from both at the same time. You even have the option of going back and forth depending on mood.

    And if you're the type never to want to see them together, that's what the tag is there for still.

    I just like the merger idea because it gives people choices--and I feel like those opposed to the merger are taking those choices away just because they can't be bothered to use the tags.
  18. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    It helps to read the posts in the thread you're posting in before you call someone out.

    I don't think her post was directed at you. It was posted in response to you saying you didn't get the opposition. She answered it. It wasn't meant to be at your expense. If anything she dissed the EUC in her post.

    I'm misunderstanding nothing. What I'm doing is reading the responses in this thread and what I see is the majority of users say they're just going to filter which defeats the purpose of the merge causing more cross posting between the forums. Perhaps a merge is not the best way to get cross posting. Perhaps there is another option that the mods should look into.
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  19. Barriss_Coffee Retired Sith Lord

    Marv-- I mean, Rew: Just so we're all on the same page, I had posted a few times earlier in this thread spouting the same Jedi rhetoric everyone else was about all those selfless reasons we shouldn't merge the boards (poor noobs would get lost, Hav is constantly the one attaching prefixes to everyone's posts, Lit/EUC is getting drowned out, etc etc). But I got bored and felt someone had to give the Sith spiel. But I wasn't trying to have a laugh at your expense (even if I do read all your posts in the voice of Alan Rickman). And while I admit I see merits to combining the forums, I still don't like how I have to go the extra step to filter everything every time I want to enter Lit because one of my computers is an ancient machine that has issues with all these new-fangled popups like the one used to filter between Lit and EU on the main forum page. Honestly it's no big deal or anything, but it's just one more reason I'm not a fan of the merge.
  20. Rew Jedi Master

    But I had through the entire thread, at least a while ago. Like I said, I can't remember every person's contributions.

    I wasn't calling you out, though--I just wanted to hear your side of things as well. I wanted your feedback on the case that I'd presented (which even if I had remembered your exact posts from earlier in this thread, I still would've wanted to know your response to my side of things).

    Lisa, I don't really understand the hostility I'm sensing from you here. Even though it's been a while since we've interacted, you've always been friendly toward me up until this. Were you offended that I brought you into the conversation? It's only because I value your input--not because I was picking a fight with you. I take responsibility for the misunderstanding; I didn't convey it well.

    Fair enough.

    I think that I've been explaining myself very poorly so far. Let me try it this way:

    Let's say there are three groups of people who frequent the EU section of the boards. Group A is only interested in Lit, talking about the latest books/comics, that sort of thing. They don't care about EUC. Group B is only interested in EUC and in their long-established fan clubs. They don't care about Lit. Group C is comprised of those who like both, or at least gravitate back and forth between the two sub-boards and for whom it's most convenient to have them both together in one place.

    If the merge doesn't happen, then only Groups A and B benefit, and Group C will have to swing back and forth like on the old boards. But if the merge goes through, then all three groups benefit because A and B can simply use the filter to make sure they only view their desired sub-board while those in Group C can view everything at once.

    Honestly, I probably sound more gung-ho about this than I really am. Since we've come to the temp boards I have come to like how the EU section is laid out, filters and all. Sometimes I keep just Lit up. Oftentimes I keep them both up. What I like most about it is the freedom to have it either which way. Going back to how it was on the old board removes that freedom, and that kind of bugs for me some reason.

    But then again, maybe I'm the only one in Group C, and I just need to buck up and get over it. :p (Well, me and according to the poll 34 others. ;))

    Yeah, I see your point, Barris, and I hope I didn't come across too strong earlier. I wonder, though--if there could be a way to go into your settings so that a filter is permanently in place (or at least until you set it back), removing the need for that superfluous click--would that be enough to convince opponents to combine the two boards? That's probably a question for the mods.

    And ha!--I sometimes forget I have this avatar (or "Marvatar" as some have called it). It's just been a staple of my online persona for years now, at multiple forums. Alas, I'm afraid neither my voice nor my accent sound at all like Alan Rickman (to my very great regret, of course). But sometimes I am prone to mopiness like Marvin is. :p

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