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MOD Lit + EUC Merger Poll

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Rogue_Follower, Apr 20, 2012.


Should Lit and EUC be merged into one forum?

Merge 48 vote(s) 40.0%
Don't merge 72 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    Maybe we need a poll on how people do or don't know how to filter? I didn't know about it before reading this and the other thread!
  2. kataja Jedi Master

    I didn't know about the filter either.

    And I'm with Barriss' - if you have an old computer or a bad net connection, one click can make a big difference. Mine is working now, but only ½ year ago things took time...
  3. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    Simple solution: Get a better net connection or computer! :)

    More seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Remember My Settings function on the new boards, if there is a merge. So, you don't have to re-filter every time. The problem this raises though is that it enables users to continue a silo effect where they may end up missing threads of interest because those threads are deemed to not be Lit / EUC so don't show up on the chosen option.
  4. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    My avatar says it all :p
  5. TheRedBlade Jedi Master

    In general, I'm in favor of a merger, but I do notice that, as we get some new people wandering into these temp boards, there is a bit of a blurring between what comes in as a Lit thread and what comes in as EUC. How is this decided? Are the criteria for which tag should be applied posted anywhere? Will mods switch tags if/as necessary?
  6. Jaden Jedi Knight

    Good point. What is so difficult about making them two forums? They seem really different to me. It just does not make sense to me to put these two together. I think that merging some boards might be a good idea, but not these two. JMHO as always. Take it or leave it. ;)
  7. Rew Jedi Master

    Well, they're both Expanded Universe, so that's similarity enough right there.

    And again, if you want to keep them separate, even if they're merged, then there's the filter system. Hopefully on the new boards, the mods would find a way to integrate that into the settings (so you wouldn't have to click a tab every time).
  8. DarkEagle Jedi Master

    As someone who lurks on both forums, my vote is merge. The main reason I'd say so is to encourage cross-posting between people who were previously only involved in Lit or EUC, particularly on subjects that apply to both categories. For example, there currently is a thread "Pronounciations..." which is marked "Lit" which, imo, seems like a topic relevant to both EUC and Lit (and there will probably be an EUC-tagged version at somepoint). It makes sense that merging would encourage users (from both Lit and EUC) that are interested in pronounciation all come to the same thread and foster better discussion. Merging might also add some new Lit-blood to the Starfighter Draft ;)
  9. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    I think the SFD is actually Lit heavy at this point. For the last couple of drafts we've recruited from there to fill the spots. :p
  10. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

    That's right, but we were able to recruit those people because we personally knew them. If Lit people were aware the SFD existed, they might be interested in it. It's the EUC's most successful game.

    If a thread could plausibly belong to either Lit or EUC, I don't think anybody will be too bothered as to which it goes to. There doesn't need to be a complicated set of rules, just a general sort of guideline. Mods will switch tags as necessary though.
  11. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    Jello - I've posted about the SFD in the Social thread before too.
  12. ChildofWinds Jedi Master

    • Grand Admiral Jello : If a thread could plausibly belong to either Lit or EUC, I don't think anybody will be too bothered as to which it goes to. There doesn't need to be a complicated set of rules, just a general sort of guideline.
    I certainly wish that were true for the SOS thread. As you know, we really feel that we should have a LIT tag and we really want to have the LIT tag to keep the thread focused and as a real discussion thread. We have appealed to the Mods in this thread, in the SOS thread, and through personal message. We were told to explain why we feel we should have a LIT tag and we have done that, but we still haven't had our tag changed, nor have we even heard from the LIT mods about our request. :(
  13. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    If there's threads that cross both existing tags yet do not really fit either then why not make an EU one if the existing categories and their identities matter so much?
  14. Ulicus Jedi Grand Master

    You don't say.

    Anyway, I voted against the merger initially... but I really don't care anymore. I think the boards work fine like this.
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  15. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    I'm still not convinced of the need to cling so strongly to the old identities, but since others clearly are, hence the suggestion I threw in above.

    To me, if it's just a Q of you want to see those threads you're interested in only then there's the Watch Thread facility
  16. Jaden Jedi Knight

    Rew, you have a point about the tags, but what I am saying about the differences is that the EUC is more chat about the characters and Lit is more serious talk about the books themselves. They are different atmospheres and different people frequent them from what I have read here. Like I said, I agree with filters for other areas and that sounds great if they can find away to use a system that will remember our filter settings. I do not disagree with the merge idea, I just disagree with the merge of these two threads. That's all. :)
  17. Sith Star Slayer LACWAC Mod of Peace, Justice & War

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  18. Todd the Jedi Jedi Grand Master

    Number of votes = percentages. [face_hypnotized]
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  19. Ulicus Jedi Grand Master

    Needs one more. :p
  20. Sith Star Slayer LACWAC Mod of Peace, Justice & War

    Low turnout at the polls, aye?

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