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MOD Lit + EUC Merger Poll

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Rogue_Follower, Apr 20, 2012.


Should Lit and EUC be merged into one forum?

Merge 48 vote(s) 40.0%
Don't merge 72 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. Coric Force Ghost

    Pull a LACWAC and get yourselves separated. :p
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  2. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    Too much effort and drama to go ahead and do that. :p

    In seriousness, even though I have argued against any merger, I would hope everyone would abide the Mod Squad's decision whatever it turns out to be. We have been given a chance that not alot of other forums would give their posters, to let our own feelings be heard on the way things are run. We should all be appreciative of that and respect their decision.
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  3. Rogue_Follower Lit Moderator

    We will announce our decision shortly. A press conference has been scheduled at 11:00 PM Eastern time.
  4. Kais Jai Sheelal Jedi Grand Master

    We shall alert the media :p
  5. Rogue_Follower Lit Moderator

    Oh yeah, this thing. Um...

    There will be no merger.

    It's clear from this thread that most users are not in favor of such a significant change. Some of us mods still feel that merging would bring additional vitality to Lit and EUC, but we also feel the userbase needs to be on board. That's not the case, so Lit and EUC will stay separate.
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  6. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

    That said, we will be merging our Lit mods. There will now only be two Lit mods, named Rogue Hydronium and The2ndHavac.
  7. s65horsey Jedi Grand Master

    I'd like to say that I intend to do better at recruiting people for cross forum posting. Perhaps if we do better at that concept first maybe this won't be such a community shock if this ever comes up again.
  8. Todd the Jedi Jedi Grand Master

    Since we've been at the temp boards, my cross-board posting has actually increased tenfold. So while some of the merged stuff is helpful, it's IMO not necessary to fully appreciate the boards. I forget when I voted, but I think my stance has changed from merge to don't merge.
  9. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    So long as the EUC doesn't follow suit. I don't know if we could handle a Grand Admiral Sinre! Or would it be Jellorebirth? :p
  10. Rew Jedi Master

    Well, I still disagree with this pretty strongly, but since by this point I'm pretty much the only one who feels this way, and I've argued for it way more than I should've, I'm just going to shut up now and go with the flow.
  11. PointGiven Jedi Grand Master

    Super Kyle!
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  12. FiveThreeOhNine Jedi Grand Master

    Unfortunate, I really enjoyed the time Lit and EUC spent together. I hope both stay in touch, but I have a feeling they won't.

    See ya when I see ya, EUC. At some point, I'll be walking down the Expanded Universe aisle of the Jedi Council grocery store, looking for some frozen Literature, and maybe I'll see you. At the very least I'll make eye contact and smile, the rest is up to you.
  13. KissMeImARebel Jedi Master

    I don't like change. Don't merge.

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