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MidWest Louisville Galactic Alliance standing by

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by jedimika, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Any LGA members make the leap to try out the temp boards? Report in :)
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  2. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    I Made it in. Woohoooo! I was not going to originally register for the temp boards, but then I saw you did, so I figured why not.

    I haven't forgotten about sending you my info for TOR. I will get it to you in a PM if I can find the option...lol.
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  3. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Welcome! I'm still figuring things out as well :) Looks like you can post things on my profile but for more private things click my name and try "start a conversation". I've also just tried starting one with you.
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  4. Relin Jedi Knight

    Relin reporting for duty!
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  5. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Hold steady and prepare for attack run
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  6. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    I'm not sure who else is here yet, with the exception of 11-11. I saw her name but I don't think she has posted yet, or found her way here yet. I'm gonna send her a PM to point her in this direction....lol.
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  7. evil jammies Jedi Master

    Mwaaa haaa haaaw
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  8. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    Ok, so now as you can see, we have jammies evil cousin or something (nerfherder!). We also have 11-11, and Zannah, who I have sent messages to in order to help them find their way. I have checked the members list and that is all I could find for now. I'm sure more will come later.

    I wonder, how long do you think we will be using these temp boards?
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  9. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Lord Zannah, reporting to issue commands. [face_tee_hee] .. i love this little e-mo con. I think I've found a new favorite.

    And... Evil Jammies?? I love it!! How are you feeling now? Ready to rumble yet? [face_party]
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  10. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Lord Zannah reporting to execute commands. [face_tee_hee] .. and this little emo-con is now my fav.

    Evil Jammies???? Oh I love the new name choice! :mad:

    I have a question already about the site operations. How do you delete a message so the alert exclamation disappears. I don't want to shut my alerts off, just remove the messages when they come in. I looked but couldn't find a delete button anywhere. [face_thinking]

    And love the Avatar Mika... nice! :cool:
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  11. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    I think clicking on leave conversation will do what you are asking. It should be the same as deleting the message. If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll play around with it some more :)
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  12. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Someone sent me a Noob award. !!! Can you just imagine! [face_nail_biting]:eek:[face_laugh] Thanks bro, I'll try that and see what happens.

    And hey there my Jammies, you ready to rumble yet? [face_party]How are you feeling now?
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  13. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Oh good grief! I made a post a while ago, my first one... it didnt' show up so I thought I hadn't hit the send button, so I made another one. Now they are all up. Well, I'm off to a bang up start.

    Zannah has entered the building. 8-}
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  14. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Testing if I can add a photo because I do it so often....

    That looks pretty good.

    I don't see where to make a poll though, we'll have to figure that out.

    And welcome Zannah! Spread the word.
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  15. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    The move was supposed to take 2-3 weeks. Then we'll all have to submit our info again.The new boards will initially look like this and get customized over time which is why it's a good idea to test their limits now.

    Zannah, the noob award goes to everyone. There's a trophy system...

    I also got the "One Of The Jedi
    Welcome aboard, Jedi_Something!" since my user name is jedimika. I'll like your post and maybe you'll get a trophy for that. Let us know if it works.
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  16. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    Wow, I forgot about that picture. The look on Jammies face is priceless...like a crazy man determined not to let the fish win...not this time!
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  17. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    LOL!! Mika, you earned me the "Pssssst, somebody likes you" award!

    That's too funny! I'm a Jedi Youngling on my Avatar!

    And that has got to be one of my fav photos of my Jammies! =D= I can't wait to see him eating like that again.
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  18. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    I wish there was a like like on the Jammies pic....lol!
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  19. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Thanks for the "likes" back :)

    Someone is on the ball. I'm no longer a "jedi youngling", now I'm the Chapter Rep again and I have the authoritative blue script. Looks like they're learning as they go too.

    I'm liking all the communication options. I like that several people can have a private conversation and I like you can subscribe to a thread and get an email alert when someone responds.

    I kinda liked being called a "Youngling" just for a little bit.
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  20. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Okay that's weird. I saw something to the side of my post that said "options" and when I hovered over it, it said "Throw a dice". So I tried it and what you see above is what I got. Anybody know the point to that? Is it a game to see who can roll the highest in a thread? maybe a decision making process when we can't decide where to eat so everyone throw a die and highest wins? Maybe it's a Role Playing thing?
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