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MidWest Louisville Galactic Alliance standing by

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by jedimika, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. voxdeamonicus Jedi Padawan

  2. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    I'll be premiering her on Friday of the Con... and keep your fingers crossed... my photos have made into the hands of the Legion along with my application. I've been informed by an unknown source that there is a very good chance of an approval before Celebration. WOOT! Here is a link to the submission photos. I hope it works. >;~)

    http://s614.photobucket.com/albums/tt223/Darth_Zannah/DARTH TRAYA WIP/TRAYA SUBMISSION PHOTOS/
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  3. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Vox-thanks for the reminder. Not sure I can make it out. If I don't I'll at least make a donation to the pot to make up for my lack of support.

    Zannah- Those are great pics! It really turned out well. Make sure to get some good shots at CVI as well for your future 501st trading card!
  4. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Thanks Mika... wow, I feel like I'm going for a tetnis shot! [face_worried] I sure hope she passes! Ya never know about the Legion judges. A hair might be amiss and they'll fail me. :oops:
  5. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    I"m approved, I'm approved! I'm an Official Imperial!!

    501st Legion Member Details:

    Costumes SL - Darth Traya
    Name: Cathy L Richter (Zannah)
    Member ID: SL 9379
    Member Since: August 2012
    E-mail: Classified information (private)
    Address: Classified information (private)
    City, State Zip
    Country: Brooks Kentucky 40109
    Phone: Classified information (private)
    URL : no personal website listed
    Garrison (rank): Midsouth Garrison ( )
    Profile updated:
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  6. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Whoo hoo! Congratulations! First round's on me!
  7. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    LOL!! Thanks Mika! >;~)
  8. voxdeamonicus Jedi Padawan

    !!!WOOT!!! That's my big sister!!!! =D= =D= =D= =D= =D= =D= =D= =D= =D= =D= =D=
  9. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    I just realized I haven't heard anything about a Hoth Ice Bar at CVI. I hope they have some place in the Convention Center to have an over priced adult beverage.
  10. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Oh most definitely Mika!! And it "has" to be over priced or it just won't feel right. :p
  11. evil jammies Jedi Master

    C3 had the "cantina bar." My vote is the bar at the Rosen. (Untill Quinlen Voss shows up to set you on fire)
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  12. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Well my oh so evil Jammies, he'd best be using pure grain and punch for the ignition fuel. [face_devil]
  13. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Oh! You mean the 501st Bar?

    I was wanting something actually in the Convention center. C4 had one too (but it was for Fan Club Members only-which I was).
  14. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    "Mercy Kill" is soooo good. Anyone else read it yet?
  15. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    LOL!! .. No, I haven't had the time to... running my shebs off getting ready to. ... Celebrate, Celebrate, dance to the music! [face_party][face_party]
  16. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    Congrats on Darth Traya! You'll always be Zannah to me though :)

    Mika, do you need to have read ALL of the other X-Wing series books in order to read this one? I know most of them were in multiple story arcs, and there were a couple of stand alone ones afterwards, and I just don't want to read this one and not get the reference...lol.

    So, C6 is almost here! You guys have fun and then have some more for me! Also, please take lots of pictures too...lol!
  17. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Thanks for the congrats and the Celebration wishes Twisty Guy! [:D]
  18. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    You deserve it! The costume looks great!
  19. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Thanks for the good wishes Mindtwister. On the road now. Stopped in Marietta Ga to visit some friends who live in Atlanta. Plan to drive in the rest of the way tomorrow.

    You don't have to have read the other Wraith Squadron books. Just kinda know what they're about. There's a new team. Piggy is our point of view character and he bridges the series for the readers.
  20. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    I loved him in the Wraith Squadron! Now I GOTS to read it.

    I hope you all have a safe trip down and back. I'll be holding things down here....lol.

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