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MidWest Louisville Galactic Alliance standing by

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by jedimika, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. evil jammies Jedi Master

    It is the book club read for October :)
  2. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Hello Orlando! What's with all this rain? This is supposed to the the "Sunshine State". Let's have some!
  3. Relin Jedi Knight

    Everyone have fun down there and take plenty of pictures.
  4. bulbousfreak Jedi Knight

  5. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    Very cool pics! I now have to find a new shirt...."That is why you EPIC FAIL"!!!! So awesome!!!
  6. mindtwister_138 Jedi Knight

    I hope everyone had fun a C6 and then had some extra fun for our missing members here.....especially me :)

    I also hope everyone made it back ok or makes it back ok if you are still in Florida.
  7. voxdeamonicus Jedi Padawan

  8. bulbousfreak Jedi Knight

    Cool pics Vox! You got some of costumers and displays that I really enjoyed but never got around to snapping. Especially like the one with you guys and the blurry sabers.

    Mindtwister: I agree, hilarious shirt, though I didn't buy it (I was tempted).
  9. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Very cool pics! We just made it back this afternoon so I haven't had a chance to download photos yet. We left a day early (Mon AM instead of Tues AM) becaue of the weather but we still stopped in Marietta GA as planed to visit some friends and stay overnight.
  10. voxdeamonicus Jedi Padawan

    anyone see a pic they like, feel free to copy it.
  11. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Feel free to copy it? lol!! I always feel free... The Force Has Set Me Free! LOL!!! Oh what an incredible time! It's day two of being home and I'm only now getting things squared away. I'm in the same boat with Mika... I haven't gotten my photos squared away yet. And I think I could use some more sleep but that will come in time. I always have blues after Celebration, it appears that it will come with the package. .. sigh... well, time to start planning for C-7. >;~)
  12. bulbousfreak Jedi Knight

    This was the first big convention we've been to and, needless to say, it was an incredible experience. We definitely learned some things that will help us maximize our time a little better at the next one.

    Also, having finally made it to Celebration, it's tough to imagine ever passing up the opportunity again unless circumstances render it 100% impossible. The whole atmosphere of the event is addictive.
  13. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Brother, you ain't just whistling Dixie... addictive is the perfect word.

    For a Star Wars fan, it is the ultimate experience to attend this. [face_party]

    I will say this much... for those Star Wars fans who have never gone, and you think you have known the love of this thing we do, you are only 50% on the mark. After attending this convention, and experiencing the energy of having literally ... MULTIPLES OF THOUSANDS .... of people around you who are ... JUST LIKE YOU .... you begin to realize what the words "Community and Like minded" truly mean. Especially .. Community. [:D]

    You walk by people and they all recognize you and you them. No one is a stranger, there is no having to guess if that person can understand you and I mean... it's simply over whelming. [face_dancing]

    Ah.... the price we pay for attending such awesomeness is the blues which follow after you must come back to the grind. The thing I begin doing and even as we are packing and loading back up, is to start planning for the next Celebration. And believe me we are doing just that. We are figuring out how much money we need to save each month for 24 months... because paying for the tickets, the room, eating well, and the travel down and back, plus a little spending cash, "The spending cash will be important over eating" LOL!! You are looking at a bare minimum of at least a couple of thousand. Yes I know, I know... We reacted the same way. A two thousand dollar trip? [face_hypnotized] .. Well, you "can" go down for less, maybe around half that, however you'll want to spend some money while your there. Trust me on that one.

    Appo and I reacted sorely to the cost of the trip the first time we realized how expensive it would be, so I know some of you too are also cringing and thinking, "That is money more well spent". :eek: And are hesitant to go. But.... Let me assure you my Star Wars friends, that there is no price you can place on this kind of joyful experience. For fans of the Wars, this is life essence that once experienced, you will never forget. .. sigh. =D=

    I'll need a fix of my dear friends before long. I hope it isn't too long before we can all get together. I have never been addicted to anything in my life, but I can truly say that I am officially a Star Wars Celebration addict. And what a way to go! Yea.. I completely "get" it. [face_batting]

    The Force Be With All Of You...... Always!
  14. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    A freind sent me this link to a clip of the 501st Bash at Celebration. Its only a minute and a half long but will give you a taste of what it's like... and remember, this is not just "any" party, but a party of nothing but Star Wars fans!!! Watch for the Slave Leia to dance by! ... Look around at the walls, you'll realize that you find yourself in Jabbas Palace!! ... Enjoy!

  15. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Spike Star Wars weekend to help us ease into the "real world" again?
  16. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

  17. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    I have to say the 501st Bash was pretty incredible. They basically created a Star Wars themed night club in the hotel Ballroom for one night. You had a puppet Jabba, dancers, C-3PO, Bib Fortuna, Gamorrean Guards, Han in Carbonite, rancor head on the wall. I can't believe so many people volunteered their time to create this. I can't believe so many people like the dancers were willing to get in costume and forgo their fun to put on a show for the rest of us. Very selfless.





  18. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

  19. jedimika CR Louisville Galactic Alliance

    Very nice!
    (except the Dewback's name is "Dewey" not Dolly :))
  20. Lord_Zannah Jedi Master

    Oops!! I'll get that fixed! I also forgot to mention that Dewey was the Costume Winner at Celebration. She belongs to Dan of our very own Mid-South Garrison. And Appo and I helped in her construction. WOOT!! :oops:

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