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My Celebration VI Thoughts

Discussion in 'Celebration VI' started by Obi-Al Kenobi, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Obi-Al Kenobi Jedi Knight

    Well, I had a great time. I live here in Orlando so I was very happy when I heard it would be here (I missed last year). Some of my thoughts....

    1. Mark Hamill was a blast. Yeah, pretty expensive for a signature but a very nice guy and did the Joker voice a few times when my daughter mentioned she was a big fan of his Joker.

    2. Carrie Fisher, while nice, seemed stoned. Either that or she was sick or tired. She was late to the convention and seemed really out of it and wearing sunglasses. Sad.

    3. I got their signatures on a great poster print litho by Steven Anderson. I also got the exclusive Jerry Vanderstelt print (love his work).

    4. Great seeing all the fans and cosplayers. And kids of all ages enjoying the con.

    5. The only things that were bad: The lines were really long. Especially with the VIP people grabbing the exclusives. Oh well. And just over merchandising I guess. I was really overwhelmed with the amount of toy dealers there. It would have been nicer to have LESS toys and merchandising and more exhibits and artists. Yeah, art is merchandise to a point but I like it much better. More artists would have been great too. Lucas is very strict on only Lucas licensed artists there. Too bad. More of a variety would have been nice.

    Overall, I had a fun time. I hope there is a Celebration VII here next year.
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  2. PreludeRM CR Calgary FanForce

    Carrie fisher is always like that. I've seen her the last 3 celebrations and always out of it. But thats what make it fun, you never know what is going to come out of her mouth.
    Lines were more organized than CV. Flowed way better I thought. VIP pay to get into the hall first for the exclusives. It's the exhibitors that are already in the hall that line up before they let the rest of the people in that get the exclusives. Also VIP had a shopping nite on the wednesday night where they could buy all the exclusives from the store at that time. So they didn't have to line up for maquettes and other store exclusives. The Toy dealers are what pay the bills on the floor. The panel rooms and displays don't pay to set up. It's the dealers that pay to be there.
    CVII is rumored to be in 2 years, Next year is Celebration Europe II in Germany.
  3. dp4m Jedi Grand Master

    Just a note, but Exhibitors can't get early sales until Sunday (e.g. line up before 10 am). Only Media, All-Access, Staff and VIPs and then regular passes after 10. I know this because I had an Exhibitor badge.
  4. Bobatron Jedi Knight

    I'm kind of surprised she still puts up with this stuff, at least as often as she does. For a while, in the '90s anyway, it seemed like she was trying to distance herself from it.
  5. Dingo Not a manager

    Having seen her in late 2010 I think why she has embraced things more is that she has come to better terms with the Hollywood aspects of her life that she rebelled against as a kid during her father's later and waning years and eventual death.
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  6. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

    Long lines is something you deal with at every convention. The only nice way I can sum that up is "you deal with it."
  7. Bobatron Jedi Knight

    How many autograph guests were behind black curtains this time?

    And tens of thousands of them. That was the kind of thing, along with sitting in the packed theater on opening nights, that made me wonder why every single idiot I encounter in my daily life at home treats even slight STAR WARS fandom like some kind of strange oddity or strictly childish interest. It didn't use to be this way.
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  8. PreludeRM CR Calgary FanForce

    I had a buddy with an Exhibitor badge and he walked right in before the show opened and got in line before they let people in. They my not be able to line up early but they can stand beside the booth they want to get the exclusive from and right at 10am or when the VIP's line up and buy what they want as the regular people are still filling their way down the hall. You may have been told you can't get early sales but there are ways around everything. There are some exhibitors that of course won't play by the rules such as you self and will try to get what they want.
  9. Dingo Not a manager

    Might want to try rewording that so it doesn't sound like you are accusing dp4m of circumventing/breaking the rules.
  10. echo-3 Manager

    I had a time of my life. Cant wait till CVII
  11. PreludeRM CR Calgary FanForce

    Sorry. That's what I meant. Dp4m is one of those people who play by the rules, where other do not.
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