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NorthEast North Ridge - Buffalo Comiccon - October 7

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by BPStoyle, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    As Leia (ANH) or perhaps Ewok Village Leia....
  2. Rogue1138 Jedi Knight

    Too early for me to tell.
  3. JDuffPhoto Jedi Knight

    Dave, is that fiberglass?????? Holy Smokes that looks amazing!!!
  4. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    yes it is and thank you :)

    here is an updated picture. the main helmet piece is pretty much done just needs a few touch ups and the real visor, plastic canvas in there is my template.

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  5. JediKnightLisa Jedi Padawan

    We 3 should be available. :)
    I can help at the table possibly and to announce the duels, if needed. I cannot duel yet myself. Those interested in dueling, please email me so we can get this aspect going! We will have a nice sized roped off area where we can do saber and 3 person duels, if wanted.
  6. Bobachris12 NE USA RSA

    I'm in a day. Will being Vader and Crewman. May want to work the table if I can get a chance.
  7. Darth Jelley Jedi Knight

    Thanks JDuff :D Erebus...holy crap that looks sweet!
  8. Darth Jelley Jedi Knight

    Ok I am interested and looks like I can borrow a saber....I wouldn't mind meeting up with an experienced duelist to try and 'instruct' me a bit more. I would like to get more comfortable with the moves and such. Dancing (which is really what dueling is) is not my strong suit LOL
  9. TK-9510 Jedi Master

    Me and Peter ought to be good for this.
  10. HipsterJedi34 Jedi Knight

    Double whammy: Buffalo Bills game is away (plus one), and it's at 4:25 (plus two). Unless something comes up I can get a Jedi revamped by then
  11. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    people still watch the bills!? :p
  12. MrLevitan Jedi Knight

    I put in to be home that weekend so hopefully I can update that I am in.

    If I can make it I will do one of the 7 costumes I have. Or I may have the newest addition to my roster by then..........
  13. HipsterJedi34 Jedi Knight

    yep. they're on the television and everything. i have season tickets which is why the crisis was averted
  14. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Petah Pahkah for this one folks. It is comic con after all.
  15. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    Ooohhh a new costume! Is it the one I think it is!?
  16. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    Yeah I thought about doing a quick noir spider man for comic con as well. Still up in the air and also pending thrift store finds..
  17. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    No Spidey-suit though, just his street clothes, his camera, OsCorp name and photo badge, backpack, and skateboard.
  18. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    ah ok i gotchya. still a neat idea. i dont think many people think to cosplay spiderman not as spiderman :p
  19. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Its my face claim haha
  20. WookieeJedi Jedi Knight

    Hmmmmm that makes me thinking of bringing a non star wars costume to change into for lil bit

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