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SWC Obi-Wan hang out

Discussion in 'The Movies' started by Valairy_Scot, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. ruth baulding Jedi Master

    That's a pity; I think Qui Gon Jinn is a lovely character with huge scope for development and exploration. He's a good Jedi but a bit of a maverick; he studied under Dooku of all people, and he was a student of the Whills... can you ask for anything more? besides Liam Neeson? And I suppose the perrennial (but clearly not universal ;)) appeal of "young" Obi Wan is the chance to explore parallels and divergences bewteen him and Anakin, or the ins and outs of standard Jedi training, in someone raised from birth in the Temple and destined for an interesting life, centered around the fulcrum events in galactic history. Same reason we all love biographies or biographical novels about famous historical figures, maybe.
    On the other hand, I will readily admit that accurate or believable characterization of either or both does seem to be a sticking point in fanfic...
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  2. Valairy_Scot Jedi Grand Master

    Luckily, not for you. Your characterization is dead on perfect.
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  3. obimom Jedi Master

    Amen to that...Dead on, and very enjoyable to read. Even though I do write Qui-Gon a lot, I don't tend to spend a great deal of time with him because I'm a bit intimidated with how to write him the "way he is"...

    And I'm not totally sure if I even have Obi-Wan that right on...Especially with the AU's I write sometimes...but the way Ruth writes both of them...so good and so true to their (canon) characters...no wonder I envy her talent so much of the time.

    And I do really like Liam Neeson, he's a great actor and has a handsomeness that is very appealing, in a more rugged sort of way, whereas Ewan McGregor is just plain adorable..well, .he's kind of growing into an older "very handsome, and still very cute" older man. ;)

    You just don't see totally cute, charming and genuinely nice, humble men like him...not often anyway. He might be one in...?

    Anyway, I've also always loved how Val could get into their heads and reveal what they're thinking. The way she had delved into their characters in the stories she has written has had me so emotional, sometimes even in tears...just wonderful. Yes, Val, don't forget you were the first fan fic author I was blown away by when I first came on to FF. :)

    anyway, going to bed...niters!
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  4. chosen_Oby Jedi Master

    Totally agree, if I could think of something to write I'd certainly base it on those two as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.
  5. FARK2005 Jedi Master

    I agree, which is why I'm completely hooked if an author manages to nail Qui-Gon and young Obi-Wan.
  6. ruth baulding Jedi Master

    I tend to wallow in that era shamelessly... but this point about Rogue PLanet is well taken. I'm resolving to make the next lengthy fic one centering around this time frame - Anakin only a tear or two into apprenticeship. It is a big open field in some ways...
  7. obimom Jedi Master

    Looking forward to what you come up with...it shoudl be good..

    but don't quit on the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan stories...that's some great wallowing..;)
  8. Valairy_Scot Jedi Grand Master

    I'd say Ruth and our long absent P_A are about tied in the writing of Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan greatness.
  9. ruth baulding Jedi Master

    I sort of (there is no sort of) promised that this proposed adventure would also involve Mace Windu. Any brainstorms out there?
  10. Valairy_Scot Jedi Grand Master

    What a wonderful 3-some (and eventually more Piell and Obi-Van?)! You've got to have Qui and Mace at odds with Obi in the middle, impressing both (or aggravating both).
  11. obimom Jedi Master



    Should I start Lineage IV tonight? or not. Getting pretty tired...don't know how awake I'll be for it.

  12. earlybird Jedi Master

    I would love that story. Piell is nice too.

    And I am working on mine with Siri, Obi-Wan, Adi and Qui-Gon meeting some interesting beings.

    This is a 'tease' appearing in Spider Moments and will be published as soon as the boards are there

    Doran was walking along the beach to the harbour where – this time – his dry wetsuit was in one of the lockers of the Kiran city rescue squad. He had a big smile on his face. ‘Didier is so transparent and so unlike the four Jedi knights I have met when I was fifteen. My parents gave them and their charge shelter. I was there helping those Jedi and their charge back to the beach when the transport arrived. Those padawans were showing pure love when they could be alone for a while near the waterfall.
  13. Valairy_Scot Jedi Grand Master

    What 'til you're awake and read all 18 chapters at once!

    Yeah, Obi-Van. Ruth writes a mean Piell & Obi-Van. If I had to choose between Obi-Wan with Piell, or with Qui-Gon and Mace, I'd abstain.

    No shorts to post on the temp boards, Earlybird?
  14. obimom Jedi Master

    So that was on purpose? I thought it was a typo! :p

    Ok, I guess it's an inside joke then...funny...
  15. earlybird Jedi Master

    It is a part of Spider moments
  16. obimom Jedi Master

    Re: Obi-Van: So that was on purpose? I thought it was a typo!

    Sorry, Earlybird, you story sounds really interesting. Can't wait to read it when you finally post it.

    Better get to bed before I get myself into trouble...:p
  17. earlybird Jedi Master

    A new chapter of Spider moments is here
  18. Valairy_Scot Jedi Grand Master

    Piell pronounces "w" as "v" - that's the joke. His TCW accent is Russian. A "Bauldingite" frequently uses it to honor the master of Obi-Wan stories.
  19. earlybird Jedi Master

    Just finished reading Lineage IV and loved it. Thanks Ruth
  20. FARK2005 Jedi Master

    Sweet! I love it when you have Mace in your stories.

    "Fool me you do not, Mace Windu. A tarbu-crab you are. All hard outside, all soft inside." - What's not to like? :D

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