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Oceania Oceania/Australasia/Down Under

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Rebel_Knight, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Corellian Outrider Outrider of the 'Corellian Order' and Art Curator

    Four separate parks? That's just.... intense. There's me thinking that it was just the one park in Orlando and that there is Disneyland over in L.A.
  2. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Epcot and Disney Animal Kingdom.....there are also two Universals, Universal Studios and Univeral Islands of Adventure.
  3. Corellian Outrider Outrider of the 'Corellian Order' and Art Curator

    You need a month or two to go through them all... Why do they build so many? Are they nearby?

    Jurassic Park at Universal Studios is on my list of places to see.
  4. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Universal and Disney are about 40 mins apart, but unless you have a US License and a car....its a freaking nightmare. You stay near one, you travel to the other. Buses are wandering meandering beasts that take you via China to get there. I would advise you stay near Universal for 4 or 5 days, do the two parks and Wet and Wild. Then go closer to Disney and stay there for 7 or 8 days and then squeeze Sea World in while there. Not a cheap or easy thing, but moving is cheaper and less time consuming than the travelling!
  5. Katana Geldar Jedi Master

    I want to go to a Disney park :(

    But I'll settle going to Disneyland. Not for a while though. But my fiance and I have talked about flying to LA, staying there a few days to go to Disneyland and a ball game/hockey game (his choice) and then on to Hawaii so we can cruise home. That's very long term though, as we'd like our own house and various things...
  6. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Cruising in Hawaii was unbelieveable. It was like heaven. I have a friend who went to LA last week for 7 days, she did Disneyland, Universal, Star Walk and all that. She loved it.
  7. Katana Geldar Jedi Master

    This would be Hawaiil, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Samoa and New Zealand then home. A week at sea!
  8. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    At sea!!! Braver than me! I imagine the ocean 'rocking' would be the death of me, it was a little rocky around the islands!
  9. Katana Geldar Jedi Master

    Actually, it's more rocky coming in to Sydney. I get sea sick coming into and out of the heads. Around the islands it's rather calm.

    On a big ship it's rather soothing.
  10. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    I coped around the islands, but the journey between the two big islands had me in bed early that night.....it was good the ship travelled at night, we got to sleep through it if we didnt feel well. I liked that.
  11. Katana Geldar Jedi Master

    Got a new job today, behind the desk at the library of a private college. Bored now and an hour until I close. :(
  12. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    But is a new job! Well done. You need to start creating work!
  13. Katana Geldar Jedi Master

    I was behind a library desk, goes that supposed to happen.
  14. Paul B. Austin Jedi Youngling

    I live in Tasmania but grew up in Melbourne, Victoria. I'm disabled by chronic health problems and have suffered a lot over the years because of them.
    I fell in love with Star Wars through the Empire Strikes Back. I have a visual impairment - blind left eye and some trouble with the right eye - which makes the movie experience different to a lot of peoples'.
  15. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Star Wars fans come in all shapes and sizes Paul! Star Wars is a fantasy that anyone can escape into!! When did you discover SW?
  16. Paul B. Austin Jedi Youngling

    When I was a child in the 1980s. My mother didnt like it as much as I did. we didn't get on when i was a child.

    I actually saw Empire then Jedi then A New Hope. Apart from the Emperor, Jedi didnt impress my childhood self as much as the other two.
  17. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    I loved Jedi! Probably the fact I was a teenage girls and Luke looked damn fine in the black Jedi outfit had NOTHING to do with it ....much! LOL!
  18. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Just letting anyone here who's interested know, I've handed in my resignation from the RSA position, dont know who is replacing me, but have a rough idea and I am sure this person will be great, really great. Had a fun Four Years as RSA, but its time. ;) Will still be around!

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