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SouthWest RMFF Starfest planning Thread

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Obey Wann, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Obey Wann Jedi Padawan

    Starfest is coming up soon. It's probably time to start planning and collecing plans in one spot. So until the new boards are ready, here goes:

    Photo backdrop --Hugh can supply the backdrop, and I can bring the stand. It is 10' wide and 8' tall:


    Per SC:

    I think it would be great to do fundraisers for Little Leah. Cool!

    Other items:

    - Possible party room. Michael (Zerudadel) has posted that he is willing to get a room Thurs-Sat nights. Kim mentioned possible plans to secure a room through Sunday night to allow for folks to store gear Sunday until after everything is pulled down.

    - Possible party themes:
    - Possible fun costume theme? I have heard GI Joe costumes are a possibility.

    And let the discussions begin!!!
  2. darthhair Jedi Padawan

    Awesome Bill, I will get the jabbas palace photo stand from wings a couple of days before Starfest so we have that too. I am in possession of all RMFF bamers and stands as well as the trio bamer. We are going to do the same s last year with the RL and RMFF together?

    Ben do you by chance know where we will be located this year?
  3. Obey Wann Jedi Padawan

    Yes, RL and RMFF will be working together. :cool: Recruiting for both, and having fun. Basically the same as last year, AFAIK.
  4. DieWompRatDie Jedi Master

    Ben, do you want me to help you out with the RMFF table schedule? Do you have last year's document that we can use as a template for this year?
  5. Grimby JC Head Admin & Southwest US RSA

  6. DieWompRatDie Jedi Master

    I added my name to the schedule. I should be able to get there earlier and help out than what I indicated. I probably will be helping out with the R2-KT auction and couldn't help during that time from about 5 to 7 or so.
  7. sithchick Jedi Knight

    Do we know anything about mandatory passes, I know in the past we got more people to help out with the table shifts if they didn't HAVE to buy a pass.

    Can we take money for donations at the table? I remember seeing something abou that, it has been requested that we raise money for baby princess Leah, I don't have any of there donation info, so we will need that too.

    I was thinking it would be super cool to have a laptop at the table and feed the auction so people can see what is going on? What do you think that would require?

    Meeting, are we doing that on Sat. or Sun?

    Calling all G.I Joe costumes, there seems to be a lot of 501st, RL people doing that theme this year (so 2 years ago, we always do things first).
  8. DieWompRatDie Jedi Master

    Here is the web site for baby princess Leah: http://princessleahdiaries.blogspot.com/. There is a place to click and donate on their blog.
    There is also a FB page for her, where you can find many photos that can be printed out and links to press about her story, which would be a good crib sheet for those at the table to tell possible donors: https://www.facebook.com/pages/May-the-Force-be-with-the-Princess-LEAH/166607313399901?sk=info and a good overall summary of her story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/27/princess-baby-leah-sick-i_n_881635.html

    My vote is a meeting on Saturday in the afternoon. Most people will be there that day, I believe.
  9. Obey Wann Jedi Padawan

    From what I have seen, you will probably need passes to sit at the table. Whoever the RMFF point of contact needs to confirm.

    I will have a 3-day pass, but I know that the new policy has been discussed on the RL/501st side of things. I don't want to say more on an open forum.
  10. Grimby JC Head Admin & Southwest US RSA

    This is the official word from Susan about fan tables and passes:

    So that's what I know. We will already be receiving two passes for Friday, as that's the day I'm doing Backstroke of the West. If you guys are still planning to do the parade float panel, let me know ASAP so I can send the application into Susan and confirm that we'll get more passes.
  11. DieWompRatDie Jedi Master

    I think I'll pass on the panel since there didn't seem to be much interest.
  12. Grimby JC Head Admin & Southwest US RSA


    I have confirmed with Susan that our table will definitely be reserved in that same area we've had the last two years. I have also confirmed that we are allowed to do a raffle just like we did last year.
  13. darthhair Jedi Padawan

    A week away! I will make arrangements to bring the photo stand next week.
  14. cyodarun RMFF CR

    Ha. Just found the sticky with my password, I plan to stop by after work on Friday, and return early Sat. a.m.,and be available for whatever is needed through the day, as of right now I do not think I will be available on Sunday.
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  15. DieWompRatDie Jedi Master

    Ditto! I'll be there Friday night to help Grimby with Backstroke of the West and returning Saturday late morning/early afternoon...depending on the parking situation. I'm willing to bet that Sunday will be out for me as I'll be totally burned out.
  16. darthhair Jedi Padawan

    We need to nail down out area. We have the rmff and RL/ make a wish tables. Banners, photo stand and falcon back drop.Is the falcon back drop going to be for people taking pictures? Just want to make sure we arent trying to stuff 10 lbs in a 5 lb bag.

    On another note. I just got a reservation at the Marriott for Saturday and Sunday. If anyone wants to stash your stuff in the hotel instead of your car it'll cost you but will most likely be less of a pain in the ass.
  17. darthhair Jedi Padawan

    So I just found out you can get a half day rate at the hotel so we have half of Sunday.
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  18. darthhair Jedi Padawan

    Anyone know where the rmff fliers are?
  19. cyodarun RMFF CR

    I had that same thought. I have a box of tattoos, I handed off the flyers etc. for Galaxy Fest.....??
  20. QueenHighMistress Jedi Knight

    I took them down, but I did not bring them back. I think Ben was the last to leave, so he might have them. Otherwise Zoo or Kim....

    Do we have enough...stuff...for the table raffle/fundraiser? I have some extra SW crap in a bag somewhere.

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