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RPF Rocketjock Eatery (Temp location for Intervention)

Discussion in 'Fan Activities' started by BravoTemp, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. BravoTemp Jedi Knight


    For all players and staff involved with Intervention, here is our place to continue the game OOG. As stated before, no IC posting until the new forums are up and running.

    This thread is here for...

    1) OOG discussion of Intervention including...

    a) How do we want to approach the "end game" mission and the epilogues...do we want to make the epilogues longer? Do we want to give everyone a post maximum (i.e. 3 posts, etc.)?

    b) What would you (as a player or staff) like to see in our upcoming Intervention: Allegiance game? Examples being game play, storylines, characters, rules, etc, etc. (you get the idea ;))

    c) Other related topics to OOG discussion of Intervention

    2) This is NOT a socializing thread for Intervention. See http://boards.theforce.net/xentemp/...gged-temp-boards-edition.64/page-18#post-6229McFinney's RPF Bar and Grille - Limited Run Foil Cover Polybagged Temp Boards Edition[/url] for socializing.

    3) Same rules of the previous (old boards) Rocketjock Eatery apply here.

    Let the OOG discussion begin! :D
  2. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    So I was going to post for Josch before the MOVE and got tied up doing other things... sorry.

    Based on point #2 I am assuming that you are wanting to move into the mission as soon as the new boards open up, but if we are going into an end game mission it is going to take more then 3 posts per individual to post comprehensive and coherent battle sequences without GodModding.
  3. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

    I should have clarified. The end mission and the epilogues are two different things. The epilogues come after the end mission is over. Does that make sense? Then, the question is, do we give each character (or group of characters as in Spy, Falcon, and Coffee_Ninja) each three posts to complete their epilogues instead of just one massive post per player?
  4. Vehn Jedi Knight

    1)I could probably wrap up Sydney in one or two posts for an epilogue.

    2) As far as what I would like to see in Intervention: Allegiance, access to some of the niftier vehicles out there in the Star Wars universe. A-Wing, T-47, fun stuff like that.

    3) Concerning your question, Bravo, I think it should be three posts per character. Something everyone can read at their leisure and allow authors time to wrap their characters up.
  5. Earwen Lightrider Spokantina CR & Former RSA

    Setting a maximum is probably best. Some players will have more they want/need to cover than others. Letting the long ones be broken into smaller chucks makes for easier reading.
  6. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    I misread your question Bravo.... then yes I agree that limiting it to 2 or 3 posts sounds just right. Personally I am still struggling to with what I am going to include in my epilogue. It really comes down to what happens during the "end game" and where the new "book" picks up. I have discovered the difficulty of playing a character that has a set future to fit this story into.

    Bravo, if you have anything you would like help with on the Wiki during this downtime let me know!
  7. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

    Okay, so is it safe to assume that we want to go ahead with a 3 post limit for the epilogues? It would look like this:

    1) For individual players, a 3 post maximum all posted within that first week of the new boards being active.

    2) For group player epilogues (i.e. Coffee, Falcon, and Spy on Endor), a 3 post maximum PLUS one conclusion post (optional) for individual use; all posted within that first week of the new boards being active

    3) All posts to adhere to Intervention rules, Force Ranking System (to not exceed Padawan level, except for staff-controlled Jedi), Rules of the RPF, TOS (Terms of Service), and Jedi Council Forums' Sexual Harssament policy.

    4) All posts to be posted within the Rocketjock Eatery within first week of new boards being active.

    Questions, comments, concerns, etc?

    CPL, I'll get back to you as soon as I can on the wiki. I'm playing a balancing of homework game with this college class for work. I'm bored out of my mind with it (getting all A's and easy work), but their throwing more and more stuff at us to do (imagine that). Plus, work is being a pain in my rear at the moment...sure helps when your taking a college class for them (work) and then they treat you like dirt. Employers these days. :mad: Whatever happened to honesty in the work place in America?
  8. Falcon CR Test Mod

    I had an epilogue started until my laptop crashed. It's going to have to be rebuilt if to be usable again.

    I accidentally spilled something on it. Problem is it recovered from the spill but it didn't recover from the heat. So the motherboard is done.

    Posting from an older desktop which is handeling everything okay. But not everything was backed up.
  9. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

    Okay Falcon. I know you, Coffee, and Spy are still doing the joint epilogue...correct?

    So, character thought and advise requested on said thought(s). I'm looking at bringing back Jim Palso from my Jedi Outcasts games. There's several ways I can do it (while keeping Jason Lasso around...Coffee advised I keep Lasso around).

    1) Make Palso and Lasso brothers. This is my favorite, however, it would take Palso out of the "Jedi Outcasts" timeline, which is bothering me if I do. The two would be "long-lost brothers" (since they look alike) and reunite. The one advantage I have with this is that Jim Palso is considered a timeless character and can really fit into any timeline. And, considering the timelessness of the character, I might do that. Have the "Palso and Intervention timeline," the Palso and The New Dark Times (second game in series) timeline," and the "Palso and Jedi Outcasts timeline". While this idea could work, I'm still worried about Palso's fanfic (which I want to finish), which is set after the Battle of Endor and foretells his time before the Jedi Outcasts. But, another thought was this...for me, Intervention has become what the Jedi Outcasts were to me: family. So, in a sense, Palso can be timeless.

    2) Keep Palso where he is at currently in the game and introduce the character as such. Palso was the "egotistic smuggler" Taller foreshadowed for the factory station mission. But, to continue with the thought in #1...what if I keep the storylines and timelines the same and Lasso was Palso's father (Jack Palso). The only thing I would have to switch around is "mom's death" (for Palso)...which I can easily do...I HAVE IT! BINGO! :D There would be a few holes in Palso's storyline, which I can fix with the "official" version of Jim Palso's history in the fan fic...which I can do, since Palso's story in the Jedi Outcasts does jump around a lot due to the growth of the character during the 4 year time frame with the Outcasts. Palso, meet your father...Lasso. Maybe. Time travel, it's great!

    3) Kill off Lasso, keep Palso. (Coffee advised against this option since I have put so much into Jason Lasso the last two years).

  10. Falcon CR Test Mod

    Don't kill off Lasso, Fress hasn't had her say to that boy yet.

    There is no way I could kill off a character I put so much work into. Offcharacters fillers okay but the main character no.

    Keep Lasso and make him brothers with Jim.
  11. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    So I guess I am still a little confused about the epilogue (I am an old Mud Puppy after all :p). It is going to be about events after the final mission but before the new game, right?

    Why aren't we all on the Johnny Boy still?

    I apologize if these questions have been answered before, I am not recalling their answers right now.
  12. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

    CPL, the epilogue happens 3 months after the final mission. All players will be on the Johnny Boy at that time. There will be a unspecified event that occurs that will force the Mercs to split up temporarily. At that time, it will be a short time after the Death Star's destruction.

    The epilogue for your character will cover (roughly) a two 1/2 to two 3/4 years time span between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. All Intervention's rules, Force Ranking System (not to exceed Padawan level for Force powers), Jedi Council Forums' Terms of Service, RPF Rules, and Sexual Harassment policy are all applicable to the epilogue posts.

    The second game, Intervention: Allegiance, will happen "several months" before The Empire Strikes Back OR start during The Empire Strikes Back . While I've played around with both ideas, the implications for certain characters in the storyline (NPCs) will be massive depending on where I start the game. Your epilogue is to serve as a bridge for your character, storyline and development wise, between the first Intervention and Intervention: Allegiance.

    What I have been trying to do is use the OT movies as the framework for the games, to provide a timeframe and context. So, as in our first game here, it is based around A New Hope, while the second game will be based around The Empire Strikes Back. Everyone knows the movies (who posts on the Jedi Council Forums in general...we hope), so that gives the players a context and familiar setting to work inside of.

    Now, Intervention has taught me a lot as a Game Master. And, for the next game, I hope to have learned from my mistakes and successes and apply those for the next game for a streamlined and better running game.
  13. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    That clarifies things...

    I am going to assume that if Josch is to get any Force training it will be with Master Zat and Lasso, correct?
  14. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

  15. Falcon CR Test Mod

    Okay now that I understand how this is supposed to play out but one question is on my mind. Does the second game start with Fress and Aurora training with Kasumi or is that between the two years?
  16. Vehn Jedi Knight

    Just for clarification, are we encouraged to work on the epilogue during this down time? When the new boards are up will we automatically jump to the new Intervention or do the final mission and then make the transition? Sorry for being dense about this.
  17. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

    Opps...hit submit button way too soon by accident.
  18. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

    Intervention Stories (a optional writing adventure) takes up the time now; it's basically you writing a short story of your character before Intervention or before the game officially started (as in the cases of Havah Jeth, Winterkill, Lasso). Your epilogue can be started whenever you want to, but you can't post it until the final mission is done and it's been approved by me via private message (PM). So, Vehn, if it would help you to start on it now, by all means please do.

    Now, to a interesting note that Vehn brought up---indirectly---and one that has been said by Coffee_Ninja as well. Do we end Intervention shortly after the new boards come online and forfeit the final mission? Would it be better if I did a post that summed up the remainder of the game, everyone post their epilogues, then we take a break, and then jump into the next game after the break? I would try to keep the Rocketjock open during the break time.

    I, personally, want to finish the game. We're one big mission away from being done. Probably be done by May or June. Thoughts?
  19. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    Now I am lost again.... I thought you said that our epilogues needed to be up with in the first week of the new Boards going online?
  20. BravoTemp Jedi Knight

    Okay, Intervention Stories is a optional writing project outside of In-Character (IC) play of Intervention and is supposed to take up our time while the temp boards are operational. It is designed to be posted within the first week of the new boards being up and is your own short story of your character's history before joining the game. Once again, this is optional.

    The epilogue is designed to be posted after the game has ended and is the In-Character (IC) short story of your character between the end of Intervention and the start of Intervention:Allegiance.

    Does that make sense?

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