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EUC S.O.S. Save Our Skywalker (Temp Edition)

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by MasterSkywalker86, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    The original SOS thread was started a long time ago, some 20,000 posts and 5 years ago by Skydancer, her aim was quite simple, see here:


    Then 3 years later, we had to restart it, because 10,000 posts is a hefty amount of data and we weren't inclined to simply stop talking!


    And now here we are again, a 3rd incarnation and why? Because we're not done!

    In the time the thread has been going the Lit forum has undergone many changes and the thread has evolved in response to them, now there needs to be a new structure:

    For now I'll start the process, this thread covers:

    Luke Skywalker, his past, present and future
    Development of the galaxy he exists within, past, present and future
    Predecessors and ancestors.

    Predecessors? You've doubtless worked out that ancestors refers to Cade Skywalker, but predecessors? Well, there is a KOTOR serial running, which links to the Vector event and who knows how that may link to the future eras that impact Luke? I've no idea, but, if in doubt, hedge the bets.

    In any case, I think there's enough here to keep us going.

    If you're new to the thread, feel welcome - although do conduct yourself in such a way as you'd like to be reciprocated, ie. be polite.

    The discussions can get quite impassioned but it's never a brawl - if you do want that, go somewhere else, please. (If you ignore the polite request, the next response involves blasters.)
  2. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    I think the links are dead due to the move, but all things consider I like the new format. Beat ya JediBen ;)
  3. instantdeath Jedi Grand Master

    I claim this thread.
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  4. FireJade Jedi Knight

    I am unmotivated to post when everything will disappear in a matter of weeks. I like the ranks, though.
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  5. ChildofWinds Jedi Master

    Well, I found my way here! I'll catch up with the posts that I didn't respond to on the regular boards tomorrow, as I've saved those posts.

    You finally did it, MS! You finally started an SOS thread! How does that feel?

    I sort of wish we could reboot Luke's story back to VotF as easily as we sort of rebooted this thread.
  6. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    I feel pretty good. :) although I'm hoping at the real thread they retain all my posts. I didn't earned 4 stars for nothing
  7. True_Zandalorian Jedi Grand Master

    My god, it's so.... empty.
  8. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    yup kinda slow due to the temporary move and also I hear there might be a 24hr delay for some people
  9. DARTH MU Jedi Padawan

    I don't think the new user registration is working yet. Everything done manually by the helpful mods.
  10. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    I gotta say though the new format is a sight for sore eyes
  11. FireJade Jedi Knight

    I got the confirmation email after registering, and was able to log in immediately after that. Could be that a mod just happened to be checking at the time, though.
  12. Skaddix Jedi Knight

    So Luke lets Darth Krayt go on to slaughter a good deal of his order about a century later. Gee, think Luke could have gone to search then again just seeing how pathetic his order was with him gone I guess you cannot fault the guy too much for staying put at the Temple. If he spent his time searching, Krayt would never had had to do any work because those idiots would have gotten themselves killed either by doing it to each other or the government doing it.
  13. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    I dunno the rules about the temp forum but black out any spoilers about Apocalsype.
  14. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    where is everybody ?
  15. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    OK, I've finally got in - now I'm back to finish watching an ep of Inspector Montalbano!
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  16. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    bout time....tsk tsk
  17. RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Master

    One of my favorite Luke scenes is from the YJK, where he examines Lowbacca's T-16 and reminisces about Beggar's Canyon. I hate to say it, but I think some people forget that about him.
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  18. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    I don't recognize you without your Tenel Ka avatar. :p but you're right despite all his power he was a farmboy all about flying.
  19. Jedi Ben Jedi Grand Master

    Only took 4 hours and 3 resend requests to get the confirmation email to activate the new account!
  20. MasterSkywalker86 Jedi Master

    for some reason they didn't like my password so I had to redo it twice

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