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EUC S.O.S. Save Our Skywalker (Temp Edition)

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by MasterSkywalker86, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Jedi Ben: I'm pretty much distinct from the rest of you on this point, but amping Luke's power level up didn't really do him any favours in character terms. He seems to be used more in a Luke Smash mode due to it and, while Luke's many things, he ain't the Hulk! This singular element has come to eclipse the rest of the character, with the result he's less interesting and so a prime candidate in people's perception to be axed.

    See, I totally disagree, JB. I don't think we get to see very much of "Luke unleashed". I don't think we get to see Luke powerful enough most of the time. Except for Luke sticking Jacen in his chair and manipulating Jacen's visions in LotF, I don't think we got to many examples of what MS likes to call "Luke feats". I don't think we got any really amazing Luke scenes in FotJ. He certainly wasn't able to truly defeat Abeloth, and we saw one Sith pretty much duel Luke to a tie. Luke also had trouble with one rancor, but a few Sith were able to defeat 2 dozen nightsisters and 2 dozen rancors in just a very short time. So, no, I don't think that the problem is that Luke has been portrayed as too powerful.

    I think one of the reasons that a lot of people have become bored with Luke is that we DON'T see him using amazing and creative Force skills all that often. I've noticed that when we do get some "flashy", powerful Luke scenes like the one with Luke schooling Jacen, that Luke's name seems to be mentioned in a much more positive way than when he doesn't do much of anything. (As has been the case through much of LotF and FotJ.) People may say that they're tired of powerful Luke "saving the day", so to speak, but Luke doesn't get to "save the day" all that much either. In LotF, it was Jaina who finally took out Jacen. In FotJ, it was a combined effort by Luke, Krayt, Saba, Tahiri, Ben, and Vestara that ended the story. I can't even say that was a "victory" though, as Abeloth didn't die.

    I *do* think that this "too powerful Luke" complaint is based on fiction. Go through the Bantam books and all of the Del Rey books and list Luke's "powerful feats", and I think you'll be surprised by how short the list is. In the NJO, I can only think of several powerful Luke scenes: when he saved Jacen with the two lightsaber; when he moved the black hole (and he passed out after this); and when he defeated all of those slayers and Shimmra in Shimrra's palace. That's really about it for NINETEEN books!!!!!

    Then there's the moral purity angle that comes up, I'm half convinced if ROTJ was done now Luke would be crucified for coming up with a plan to infiltrate Jabba's palace that used guile and deceit.

    I've actually heard people say that Luke was acting rather darkish because of the way he behaved in Jabba's palace and on Jabba's Sailboat already. So, yes, I agree.

    There does seem to be this expectation that Luke must be able to come up with a morally perfect plan to resolve situations like Jacen or Abeloth or whoever. While there's a desire for more wars, there seems far greater restriction placed on the heroes' ability to fight them. The result seems to be either a paralysed Luke or one active but deemed too aggressive and so 'dark'.

    Exactly! I completely agree, JB!

    And now, in SW, if you're a force-user, it seems just having a bad day and getting really hacked off is enough to send you to the dark side!

    With Luke this certainly seems to be true, unfortunately. He can't seem to have a bad day or get a little annoyed with someone without being called darkish. That's what happened when those Sith got themselves killed being stupid and reckless rushing into the maw.
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