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Pacific SDFF - The Invisibles Game (All welcome!)

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Miana Kenobi, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

    So San Diego FanForce plays a fun game called Invisibles. Essentially there's 8 screencaps from movies with the people removed and you have to guess what the movie is.

    There's a new game every week, but we don't post the answer until halfway through (usually on Wednesday or Thursday), and even then we hide the answers to make sure people who want to guess still do.

    Since we don't have the color highlights, we'll use the new Spoiler tags, which are simple:

    Replace {spoiler} with [ and ], and voila.

    So for example, {spoiler}Snape kills Dumbledore{/spoiler} would be:

    Snape kills Dumbledore

    Make sense?

    Now on to the game!


    I've got 1, 3, 4, & 7.
  2. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

  3. Lordban Jedi Knight

    Thread invasion (the risks of a common board :D )
    Just popping by to say "thank you" for the links. My movie culture nears zero, but at least this thread was a chance to see some impressive edits :)
  4. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

    That's why the thread title says "All Welcome!" ;)

    Mostly because most of my fanforce was too lazy to register on the temp board. :p
  5. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

  6. JainaSoloYJK Jedi Master

    I am SO bad at this game...embarrassing to an amateur filmmaker! Then again, I'm pretty picky on which movies I watch...
  7. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    I got 3 and 5.... Fun game!!!

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