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Lit So, whatever happened to the Confederation?

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Ghost, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    They were formed during LOTF... they were mentioned once or twice in its conclusion, in an off-hand kind of way about how they participated in the Battles of Roche.

    We assumed they were totally defeated, and re-absorbed back into the Galactic Alliance.

    Then in FOTJ, we learn that the Confederation is still around, negotiating to rejoin the Galactic Alliance at the Unification Summit. We know that Tenel Ka and the Hapans were also invited but refused to participate, and that Jag Fel and the Imperials were participating but withdrew from negotiations.

    To my knowledge, the Confederation isn't mentioned again in FOTJ. And it isn't explained why they were trying to rejoin the GA, especially since (I guess) they were successful in winning their independence at the end of LOTF.

    So, what happened to them?


    Confederation members:

    * Corellia (Centerpoint was destroyed)
    * Commenor (intentionally hit by asteroid)
    * Bothan space
    * Corporate Sector
    * some Hutt clans
    * Eriadu
    * Fondor (but only for a short time, later joined Niathal and the Alliance-in-Exile after Caedus bombared them after surrendering)
    * a few other scattered worlds
  2. Jeff_Ferguson Jedi Master

    The Unification Summit was a fantastic plot point. ... For the first few chapters of the first book. Then it turned out to be nothing more than a Macguffin used to keep Jag and Lecersen on Coruscant for the first seven and a half books. Even though Jag did absolutely nothing for the first seven and a half books.

    The Confederation still exists, but I have strong doubts that the author of the next series will remember that.
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  3. MercenaryAce Jedi Master

    Since it wasn't a blatant copy of something from the OT, it was unfortunately sucked into a plot hole.
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  4. Nobody Jedi Master

    In theory they still exist... or rather, none of the novels bothered to mention what happened to them. But then the novels often don't bother with details like that. At the end of LotF, during one of the craziest moments in Star Wars EU history, when Daala was revealed as the next Chief of State, assuming I'm remembering board speculation correctly, it was thought that the Confederation had been absorbed back into the GA which is why a "neutral" figure like Daala had been chosen rather than just another GA politician (but Bwua'tu had apparently been an acceptable choice too but he had turned the position down).

    The Unification summit plot seemed like it might be interesting... but then after Outcast, it basically came down to the GA and Jagged Fel representing the Empire and that was it. So it was mainly an excuse for the Imperial characters Jag and Lecerson to spend more time on Coruscant than in actual Imperial space. It seemed more like they lived on Coruscant rather than Bastion, but then in FotJ it often seemed like Coruscant was the only planet that mattered in the galaxy (that and the horrible non-progressing plotlines).

    There's also the minor detail that Jaina was guarding a Bothan Senator in Outcast... but he was a GA Senator, whereas last we heard Bothawui had been part of the Confederation. Of course the simple answer is that he was a Senator from another different planet/sector (I don't think it was said he was from Bothawui, but don't remember precisely) and just happened to be of the Bothan species, but... not like the novels have been all that logical or simple much lately. In FotJ, representing the GA, Confederation and Imperial Empire/Remnant was basically Daala ([face_sick]), Phennir and Jag and that was it. Most of whom were former unrepentant Imperials (as in they had never defected to the Rebellion or showed signs that they could, as Phennir was more interested in trying the warlord thing than Soontir Fel had been), and sadly enough, the nicest of the bunch, Jag, was the actual current Imperial head of state. What a sad state the galaxy is in in the post-NJO novels.

    The origin of the Confederation is somewhat messy too- originally it was a conflict centered around overbearing GA and the limits it placed on member systems. I think in theory secession was possible, but in Corellia's case, they had an ancient artifact that could blow up stars in their system, and they were reactivating it, so just letting Corellia do whatever it wants (including secession and possibly as far as invading other systems and setting up its own little empire) would be dangerous. The other systems were tricked into joining Corellia after Lumiya fed them fake invasion plans making them think the GA was going to invade and occupy them, so they attacked the GA at Corellia first... and things spun out of control from there.

    The whole question of how much power the GA and its member worlds should have is valid, but LotF didn't bother to try answering it by the end, focusing on the twin duel, and FotJ was too busy retconning parts of LotF's plot (the whole Jacen/Caedus thing) to bother tying up that loose end too.

    I really wouldn't mind seeing the Confederation again, with how often the GA has fallen apart, it might be nice to see an alternative, especially one that could help the good guys (mainly the Jedi), even though Rodan from... Commenor I think was really anti-Jedi, but its not like Commenor is the only member of the Confederation. If they had simply pretended the Confederation had rejoined the GA off-screen in Invincible (a lot of stuff happened elsewhere in Invincible), at least then we wouldn't have to wonder about what a supposed galactic power like the Confederation is doing post-LotF, but then Outcast had to mention the Confederation a few times... and that was it. Maybe Backlash mentioned it again, maybe not, but almost definitely even Conviction, the final Allston book, didn't bother with the Confederation anymore (and Allston had been the only author to try developing the Confederation as a rival power, whereas by Invincible, the Confederation seemed like mostly an afterthrough as most of Invincible focused on the GA and Imperial Remnant and bugs and Hapes and killing Jacen and really strange moments.
  5. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    FOTJ should not have been 9 books. 5 or 6 at most. I expected the Unification Summit and Luke and Ben's journey to be the main plot points of the series. Though to be fair how would the Unification Summit last all 9 books? Maybe have diplomats, jedi and Han and Leia going back and forth to different planets to patch things up. Daala and the Jedi can have tensions as well. Change Tahiri's sham of a trial. The Lost Tribe of the Sith should have been canned as well except maybe Vestara. Abeloth could still be a threat but only a minor one. Only Luke and Ben should deal with her. Also Abeloth can't take over the GA. Luke and Ben learn a new force power at each planet.
  6. Jeff_Ferguson Jedi Master

    QFT. Story threads that were by all means necessary to wrap up were just glazed over or otherwise ignored in Invincible. Allston's novels were the only ones where you felt like the Confederation even existed. I often wish he had written all of LOTF.
  7. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    No complaints from me about Allston writing all of LOTF. That would have been so much better than what we got.
  8. AdmiralNick22 Jedi Grand Master

    The Confederation is probably one of the most single interesting things from the post-NJO. Alas, it was quickly put ont he back burner, ignored, and then completely forgotten. I fully expect that the majority of the worlds rejoined the Galactic Alliance, but I sincerely wish that they showed this process and explained how the galaxy knit itself back together.

    Of the "Big Three" Confederation members, we know that Fondor and Bothawui have rejoined the Galactic Alliance. Fondor rejoined in Revelation, while we know per Outcast that Bothawui is once again represented in the Galactic Alliance Senate. This one is the most interesting to me, as you see how quickly the Bothans reintegrate themselves into the government and are quick to take on positions of power again. Corellia is the big unknown. Per Millenium Falcon, Corellia recieved reparations from the GA, so relations seem to have at least softened a bit. Other than that, it is hard to know whether Corellia is still fully independent, a full member of the GA, or some sort of quasi-allied status.

    Commenor's status is also unknown. Just because Turr Phennir is the Confederation representative at the Unification Summit, I am not sure that we can equate that to mean that Commenor itself is defacto captial of the Confederation. However, of all the major worlds that were left in the Confederation, Commenor fits best as being a potential holdout member that didn't rejoin the GA. The remaining members are essentially inconsequential. Bespin, Adumar, Bimmisaari, and Chasin don't account for much. Not that I will forget about Eriadu. I cannot recall if Eriadu being a Confederation member was part of LOTF or first revealed in the Essential Atlas, but given it's history of chafing under Core rule and it's desire to be a regional powerhouse, I can see it remaining independent as well.

    Now, while LOTF and FOTJ essentially dropped the ball on the Confederation and it's eventual status, we do have some subtle hints about how the Galactic Alliance was able to put the galaxy back together under one government. As first shown in the Legacy Era Campaign Guide and later elaborated on in the Essential Guide to Warfare, the Galactic Alliance post-SGCW changed it's defense policy, which ended up being a popular move among it's members. Essentially, they established the following:
    1. Shift to heavy reliance on federal Navy, owned and operated by the GA government.
    2. This Navy was funded by taxes from member worlds.
    3. Member worlds were content to pay taxes, so long as their private naval forces were not controlled directly by Coruscant.
    4. Member navies were still part of the sector level defense & patrol of GA space, but they were rarely called to duty outside their home sectors.
    So, at least we have an idea on how the Galactic Alliance was able to both meet it's duties for defense AND keep more independent members content by allowing then to have private navies. It is worth noting that this system served the GA well until it's defeat in the Sith-Imperial War.

    --Adm. Nick
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  9. Sable_Hart Jedi Master

    Whatever the case, we need to see more of Turr Phennir. There hasn't been such a charismatic, menacing, unique villain in the post-ROTJ EU since Thrawn.
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  10. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    Agreed. Only Nom Anor comes close to Thrawn imo. We need some new interesting villains
  11. Sable_Hart Jedi Master

    I can't believe I forgot about Nom Anor. :eek:
    Him too. Thrawn, Phennir, and Anor make up the post-ROTJ unholy trinity as far as I'm concerned. Pellaeon was an adversary and a great one, but never a baddie IMHO.
    The biggest of LOTF's many mistakes was sidelining Phennir.
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  12. ceiranharmony Jedi Master

    Confederation, what Confederation?

    I mean, since it is vague and mostly unknown, we tend to belief it is great, it must be because they challenged the Galactic Alliance. Really?

    I prefer that maximalist dream here too of a mighty Confederacy that sooner or later ceases to exist somehow yet untold. But that is not what we have, not yet except they make it so.

    We have single worlds, not always their entire sectors rebelling. We have SOME hutt clans, not all Hutt space joining the revolt. All in all, troublespots across the galaxy, not a big connected Confederacy space of separatism. Minimalists could argue for just a few rebelling worlds that have to rejoin the GA and their respective sectors. And that would not need much of book coverage even but guidebook mentions only. Still I want that story told, but we should not assume it is maximalist dream come true if we do not know if it is!

    Few important worlds can still pack a punch and the quick resolution to the conflict proofs that this was less of a big area fight but rather a small dotted conflict. Most worlds, as during earliest Clone Wars were neutral even, or even if outspoken one way or another not seceding, not even participating but waiting for who might get the upper hand before deciding who to support. All this uneasyness about who is loyal or not, who to trust as in early Clone Wars times lead to militaries being disrupted and hardly able to trust their own sector forces and comrades in arms.

    so, I pose the question... maximalist or minimalist Confederacy?
  13. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    Post-ROTJ unholy trinity ha ha lol. That is an awesome name for them. Should Vergere get a honorary mention? What about Tsavong Lah? Or Viqi Shesh? Pellaeon was never the true main bad guy ever. In the Thrawn Trilogy Thrawn was, in Darksaber Daala was, in Hand of Thrawn Dorja, the Fake Thrawn, the clone were the bad guys. Pellaeon was the 2nd in command for the first two times and the one that ended the third threat. Phennir would have made a far better villain than Jacen ever could.
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  14. Zeta1127 Jedi Grand Master

    I never would have thought Jacen Solo was going to fall to the dark side after the NJO, not the way they seem to have forced things as I understand it.
  15. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    I knew Jacen was toeing the line in DNT but I didn't think he would be stupid enough to buy Lumiya's arguments in LOTF. I'm glad he changed from the beginning of the NJO though. I hated his whole hermit act. At the end of TUF I figured he would be like Vergere or Qui-Gon Jinn.
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  16. Zeta1127 Jedi Grand Master

    Yeah, definitely not a cheap knockoff of his grandfather during the Clone Wars, and I haven't even read anything after TUF, and I am not sure I want to, definitely not LotF and FotJ.
  17. Mechalich Jedi Master

    The failure to properly define the Confederation, or show any Confederation characters directly (Phennir gives one speach via holo in LotF, he has no lines at all in FotJ) is one of the biggest failures of the the two big series. The Confederation is obviously intended to represent the latest incarnation of simmering Rim resentment at central control, even though it begins, oddly enough, as an internal squabble in the Core.

    Technically, it should be noted that the Confederation could potentially have joined the GFFA at the end of LotF and yet still exist as its own government in FotJ since the GFFA is supposed to be a federated association of alliances and not a central power in the way the New Republic was, at least in theory. It's possible that Phennir's presence at the unification summit was meant to convince holdout worlds that still claimed the Confederation name to drop it in favor of becoming standard member worlds - a trade and economics distinction rather than a military one.

    Regardless the fact that no one bothers to even mention Phennir and the Confederation, as he's presumably still on Coruscant for most of FotJ is downright criminal. A 'hey, we haven't always gotten along but you might want to put out word about this massive Sith incursion' ought to have been forthcoming from someone.
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  18. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    Some of the books post TUF are pretty good imo but yeah Jacen being his Grandfather reincarnated is stupid. They had so much potential for Jacen and they wasted it. It was almost as criminal as when they killed Anakin Solo off.
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  19. Zeta1127 Jedi Grand Master

    I have the distinct impression that Del Rey, and perhaps LL, didn't like the blurred lines between the light side and the dark side pioneered by Traitor, and proceeded to crush the idea as soon as possible, without really showing the flaws in the philosophy, by making Vergere and Jacen Solo into Sith. I accepted the death of Anakin Solo when I first read Star by Star, but Jacen Solo's train wreck of a fall made George Lucas' decision to have Anakin Solo killed a moot point. So much wasted potential, from the Solo boys to providing insight into the relationship between Corellia and its colonies through the Confederation, that it's deeply saddening that this road was taken.
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  20. Jeff_Ferguson Jedi Master

    All of the Phennir love in this thread is amazing. He did have a minor role in Fury, including some good interactions with Teppler, but yeah, a criminally small role overall. He was introduced at the end of Exile as the new leader of the now-challenging-the-GA-in-open-war Confederation... then promptly ignored in the next two books. Sacrifice, Inferno, Revelation, and Invincible presented the Confederation as a faceless entity, while Allston showed us some of the people who kept it rolling and wrote them as morally grey. The GA bombs Kashyyyk, and who's there to put out the fires? The Confeds, baby.

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