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Lit So, whatever happened to the Confederation?

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Ghost, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    Alright! I was just wondering since you were the one that posted it and if you wanted 1st crack at it.
  2. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    I haven't read MERCY KILL, but is there any hint of what happened to the Confederation and its leaders in there?
  3. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    Nope. Sorry. I wish they would come out with an anthology book of tales of the unseen characters in Invincible so we can get more information about the Confederation
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  4. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    The ultimate fate of the Confederation, some of the Slave Revolts, the Lost Tribe, Haydnat Treen, Lecersen, and Daala definitelly all need to be wrapped up (am I missing anything?).

    Maybe Daala, Lecersen, and Treen take over what's left of the Confederation (which I think included parts of Hutt Space and the Corporate Sector) with the help of a new alliance with the Sith on Kesh...but then Jaina Solo leads the Jedi to military victory against Kesh and the Confederation, while Ben Skywalker helps more slave revolts against Hutt Space and Corporate Sector to drastically weaken the Confederation, Ship is revealed to have finally been destroyed before Vestara reaches the One Sith (yet she survives), and the One Sith also work to secretly undermine the Lost Tribe of the Sith on Kesh!

    There! :D I'll post this in the new boards too.

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