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NorthEast Star Wars Night - June 9

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Bobachris12, May 18, 2012.

  1. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    Ultimately someone dressed up is someone dressed up. The majority of the crowd isn't going to care if a cool costume is "with the group" or not, and will want a picture with Darth Vader or a Tusken or the Jawas regardless of if they're a North Ridge member. If this was in fact just the Bisons staff mistaking the Rubies Vader guy for Chris, the Bisons staff just needs to get better at crowd control. It could be as simple as stating "if you're attending the game and dressing in a costume you need to enter from Gate X" which is not the main gate. That might help limit the crowding in the main area, which has been the major concern.

    During the birthday party yesterday Janice had also mentioned the idea of possibly bringing back the lanyards that the group used to have (admittedly back then they were for when we were out of costume) for events such as this. Personally I'm not a fan of adding something like that to the costumes if we can help it. 1) It takes away from the "stepped off the screen" look many of the costuming groups are going for (I don't even like having to wear convention badges or wrist tapes with my costumes at cons), and 2) as stated above, most folks in the crowd aren't going to care who is "with the group" or not, they're just going to go "COOL COSTUME OMG PHOTO NOW"
  2. Wild Sidewalker Jedi Knight

    I don't like the idea of discouraging fans from showing their love for Star Wars in costume; after all, that's exactly what we do. I'd prefer the performers have a distinguishing symbol, the North Ridge sigil, rendered as a pin or patch.

    I am not of the dark -- simply deeper in the shadows.
  3. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    I actually do have a button maker that makes 1 inch buttons.
  4. JediXXL Jedi Master

    Another option is to mark the real costumers with a patch, tag or a pin so there is no confusion by the staff.
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  5. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    Keep in mind some costumes (especially armor) don't lend themselves to patches or pins. Plus I'm not keen on having any kind of group mandate of needing to wear such an item at an event (I flat out refuse to add any non-costume-specific patches to my costumes, for one).

    And let's be honest, the Bisons staff member botched that more than anyone, putting the guy in the photo area. The Vader didn't presume to be a North Ridge member. I think the best solution is just having the Bisons staff be a little more aware of who's "officially sanctioned part of the entertainment for the evening" and who isn't. This Rubies Vader is really the only "offender" and since he's been a repeat customer, we (and the Bisons staff) should just be prepared for him and know how to deal with him. Getting any more "us vs. them" with fans who dress up in costume is just going to alienate the fun from the event for many.
  6. JediXXL Jedi Master

    [face_idea] Put it to a vote and let the whole group decide...

    That's the wonderful thing about democracy! [face_flag]
  7. MrLevitan Jedi Knight

    As someone who wears armor and has had to wear a lanyard at an event, I wouldn't be opposed to having this be something that is looked into in the future. The event I was at asked that we had the lanyard on us and if asked we had to produce them. It wasn't a hang this thing over your suit and keep it visable at all times thing, they just wanted to see it if asked. An option I had heard many times since the game was that they would have some sort of adult helmet ban or something to that effect. It wouldn't be that bad of an idea as it would only pertain to roughly 2% of the attendees.
  8. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    I'm perfectly fine with a vote, but I'd prefer an informed discussion and having more members speak their opinion before doing so. For all I know even my understanding of the game's events may be a little skewed so it would be nice to get everyone on the same page first.
  9. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    I have an idea! what if... WHAT IF... the helmeted / fully masked fans wear a badge or tag! but i mean it, they could get a free badge/ sticker or something to wear. This way the costumed groups that are there to entertain and are part of the show can go about their day with unscathed costumes and the costumed fans can still enjoy the day just as they want to without being mistaken for another vader and dragged off to stand and feel awkwardly with strangers.

    what do you guys think?
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  10. JediXXL Jedi Master

    I like it. It's another option to think about.

    When it goes to a vote, everyone gets a say, not just the people who registered for this forum... (Which isn't everyone) o_O This is a discussion for the next meeting perhaps.
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  11. quigonschuel Jedi Master

    Agree wholeheartedly.
  12. 72Princess Jedi Knight

  13. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    I have been nudged....

    Now that I am !!!!PART TIME!!! I'm back at the DOJO Sensei!!! I have a BO Staff with NO training but would love a weapon of the more shiny and deadly variety!

    Is it wrong that I am so giddy about weapons training?!?!?! :D
  14. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    Fully agree. Probably have a discussion at the meeting, disperse minutes for those who couldn't make it, then have a vote at the next meeting to give everyone a fair chance to have a say.

    Another option: Since it's really about stopping a bottleneck at the beginning of the night's festivities, an option would be to, instead of banning helmets/masks altogether, simply telling guests not to wear their helmets or masks until after First Pitch. Once the game has stated it's pretty much fair game in the concourse, and most of the guests have arrived by that point.
  15. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    While bottle necking is a large problem and one of the main reasons of this topic we should also take into account the helmeted fans after first pitch as well. We still wouldn't want them mistaken for a performer while the events are taking place. We wouldn't want the bisons staff to grab darth rubie and take him to sing take me out to the ball game. while asking fans the wait to wear their masks till after first pitch is a good idea and i agree it will keep people moving as they enter the stadium to wear fans wont be stopping each other on the way in for pictures and such.

    As I was typing all this I had an idea. For the fans that do come in full costume, we could have ( like i stated before) have them wear a badge or sticker of some sort to make them as a fan and not performer. but further more, as a way to kill some time after the game is over those marked fans can be part of a costume contest. just a thought. may be a little more incentive for people to dress up, maybe have an entry fee of a few bucks to help go towards the charity, and will help lay the ground rules for costumed fans. Just some more rough ideas floating around in the ol noggin. might be another way to get fans more involved in the day but not take away from the nights show. what do you guys think?
  16. Wild Sidewalker Jedi Knight

    I think this is turning into a very interesting discussion; I like the costume contest idea as potentially another post-game/pre-show activity. This stuff should definitely be on the agenda for our next meeting... which is when?

    I am not of the dark -- simply deeper in the shadows.
  17. Wild Sidewalker Jedi Knight

    LOL! I'm often giddy about all martial arts training. So if that's wrong, I don't want to be right!

    As to sword, we will start with the less shiny bokken to start; maybe Thursday open as part of your training time?

    I am not of the dark -- simply deeper in the shadows.
  18. quigonschuel Jedi Master

    Come on man, that was gonna be MY question... :p
  19. Darth erebus Jedi Master

    another thought, the costume contest could easily turn into a means of recruitment :p
  20. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master


    I wonder how many seats the Bisons sold for tonight's game? I'd love it if we were #1 in sales... [face_praying]

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