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Lit SWORD OF THE JEDI by Christie Golden.

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by ESg, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Jeff_Ferguson Jedi Master

    I originally thought that Mercy Kill would cover that when it was teased that it would deal with a dangling plot thread from FOTJ. Now it's likely that it will suffer the same fate as the Confederation.
  2. LexiLupin Jedi Master

    Maybe they'll save that for when the humiliated but vengeance-minded Daala comes back. To manically attempt to seize control of the galaxy. Again.
  3. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    Daala will attempt it I'm sure but the authors better not let her be successful.
  4. Lord Grey One Jedi Knight

    Well, seeing this announcement, I feel an old familiar spark of interest. And it says "too late".
  5. Heat Jedi Knight

    I think they'll try to set up the Jedi Queen story with this like Jaina training Allana. Maybe Allana will get her own book cover in this trilogy.

    Has Jag ever been on a front book cover?
  6. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    More likely on a Japanese cover than an American one
  7. Team Padme Jedi Knight

    Was it said if this happens before or after Crucible?
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  8. DarthKenny Jedi Padawan

    I don't think the Jedi should find Kesh this soon.
  9. DarthZeal Jedi Master

    Same as DarthKenny, we need a permanent evil force in the EU. I don't like characters and organizations introduced in one arc and destroyed at the end of it. I like when they last! And in that case, they can do it for the next twenty, forty years (in the EU timeline of course).

    As I said before, we need every clan (Republic, Jedi, Lost Tribe, Abeloth, Imperial...) to regain strenght (which means no galactic scale battle). We can have skirmishes between them but not more. We can have other threats such as the Black Sun or the Hutts maybe?

    We need to see in the coming novels an evolution in Jaina's behavior and belief. As Jagged's wife, she will one day or another integrate the Empire (and become the first Empress and found the Imperial Knights but that's only speculation) and we need to see her taking her distances with the Jedi Order and make her way in the galaxy.

    As for Allana, that is not her time to shine. I can't see her doing anything special and becoming a Queen before at least 15/20 years (60/70 ABY).
  10. JediMatteus Jedi Master

    i just hope they don't ruin Allana. They are good at destroying promising young characters. almost happned to Ben in LOTF. anyway i ish they would have written Allana more realistically in FOTJ. She should not be gunning down people and doing the impossible at her age. At leats Leia was 16 before she could pull of the impossible.
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  11. LexiLupin Jedi Master

    Don't they seem to be setting the One Sith up for that though? Parts of the Lost Tribe might become integrated into it (though that seems unlikely... they pretty much claimed Vestara as the worthy one, and how many of the others would get beyond that even if they were offered the chance?) but the Lost Tribe hardly seems capable of much lasting evil at this point. They've proven pretty... inept.
  12. DarthZeal Jedi Master

    Yes the One Sith is a permanent evil force but there is a problem : they are to remain hidden until 127 ABY. Maybe there will be an exception and they will reveal themselves much earlier but it is unlikely. The Republic, the Jedi, the Imperial musn't be aware of their existence. Big Fail with Krayt's appearance in Apocalypse.... but at least Luke only knows that there is one more Sith faction somewhere in the galaxy.[/quote]
  13. LexiLupin Jedi Master

    Yeah, I have a hard time seeing the secrecy lasting, even if that's how it is shown in Legacy (which I haven't read, so I don't really know). Between Krayt and Luke's odd encounter in Apocalypse and Vestara joining them... I mean, do we really think Ben and Vestara will never cross paths again? Maybe the full extent of the One Sith won't be realized, but I would expect at least some further conflict in at least Ben's lifetime.
  14. Iron_Lord Jedi Grand Master

    Exactly what convinced the Fel Empire to ally with the One Sith in the first place?

    You'd think after the Sith's track record the rest of the galaxy would have caught on by now.

    So- would cutting back on the Sith secrecy thing- maybe having them spend the next few decades actually building up a reputation as reliable allies- make Legacy more plausible?
  15. LarryG Jedi Knight

    It was the Moffs who conspired with the One Sith to maneuver Emperor Fel into a reluctant alliance. It was the One Sith that secretly started a Vong Plauge, as a result, the Empire(Moffs) clamored for war against the Alliance that had been trying to rehabilitate the Vong with Jedi help. The war was not going well for the Empire because the alliance had the Jedi help and Emperor Fel had held back the Imperial Knights. The Moffs introduced the Sith as allies that would turn the tide. Emperor Fel did not trust the Sith, and his suspicion was validated when his double was slain and Darth Krayt claimed the throne.
  16. LarryG Jedi Knight

    I hope Vestara does not make it to the One Sith to begin with. To hell with what Ship wants.

    As for the Lost Tribe being inept, they did secretly take over the Galactic Senate. So if Lost Tribe is inept, what does that say about the GA govt (not to mention Jacen taking over by single-handedly rewriting laws with the help of a droid)?
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  17. manisphere Jedi Master

    It goes without saying that the GA Gov't is inept.

    The problem with the Lost Tribe is that because there are just so many of them and so few Jedi, they're portrayed as inept to shrink their numbers. Force wise, they appear to be totally inferior to Luke's Jedi. JJM does an artful job building their world so they can be interesting. It's the ratio to Jedi that automatically relegates a huge number of them to inept and lame. Which is too bad. If The Tribe were smaller we might have something. Course that place is taken by The One Sith.
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  18. LexiLupin Jedi Master

    GA government.
    Natasi Daala.
    Enough said.
  19. GoodValors Jedi Master

    Yeah, they fall foul of the Inverse Ninja Rule.
  20. Tim Battershell Jedi Padawan

    What Ship told Vestara about 'other Sith' is ambiguous - he/it certainly did not seem to think too much of them in Omen and apparently either never told Abeloth about them or else gave them such a negative report that Abeloth wasn't interested in an 'alliance' with (or absorbtion of) a group that had knowledge and experience of modern space travel. Could Ship have done more research (as he/it did to locate the Lost Tribe) and found yet another group? Other than her knowledge of the Skywalkers in particular (and the modern Jedi in general), what could Vestara bring to the One Sith on the basis that "they have need of you"?

    The Lost Tribe's (and possibly Ship's) unfamiliarity with modern technology may possibly be the key to Kesh being located. What's the betting that Ship used a minimum-time course to do the first interceptions - the ones to gather the parts and materials to repair the Omen?

    Don't forget that the GA was put together in something of a hurry - it was the sucessor to The New Repubic, but didn't directly (AFAICR) import its Constitution. Not too surprising, then, that there was at least one serious loophole left to be exploited.

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