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Lit SWORD OF THE JEDI by Christie Golden.

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by ESg, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. DarthKenny Jedi Padawan

    Or maybe Luke and the Jedi beat down Krayt and the One Sith...but afterwards wrongfully assume that that was the last they'd see of them, and basically proceed to put them out of mind and forget about them.
  2. DarthKenny Jedi Padawan

    I don't know if the Jedi were that small in number. Also, I would love to see Dreypa survive LotS Spiral, and become the new Grand Lord. It certainly would give the Jedi a formidable enemy.
  3. beccatoria Jedi Padawan


    This is for real?! I have been away way, way too long. Or perhaps I finally came back at the right time. A real, honest to dog, trilogy for Jaina? Investment in her as a major heroic character? Headlining her own multipart story?

    ...I really need these books not to suck.

    Is there any kind of release date on this yet? 2013 sometime or further ahead?
  4. RC-1991 Jedi Master

    Christie Golden's reputation around here isn't exactly stellar- she's infamous for letting it slip that her first draft is usually the one that goes to press- so be forewarned.
  5. beccatoria Jedi Padawan


  6. LexiLupin Jedi Master

    I think you could use this.
  7. Sith93Apprentice Jedi Master

    Yeah, I agree. I have never really been happy that the Mandos don't get more covereage than they do. I have always wanted to read some good intense, gritty commando-crawling-in-the-mud story about maneuver battles, mercenary betrayal on the field and planetary assaults involving Mandos. I loved travis's depiction of their bording party on the Blood fin. something I have alwas thought was never given Justice was the incredible combat potential of a squad of Mandos that is highly mobile with jetpacks and using linked fire and combined arms to control the battle space both high and low. Despite my love of Jedi and sith I can't think of any one of them that could defeat that unless they had a premonition and just got out the way first...unless they had the ability to teleport like Skywalker and he should be kept an exception, but I gotta hear 'em say "no one could survive that." It would be beautiful if a Jedi said that after observing a sith get mowed down after they betrayed the Mandos.

    I actually really liked Travis's arc about Fett and his granddaughter. One of the musings I have had is what would happen if Vestara Kai bumped into Mirta Gev (did I spell that right?). Now those two have the potential to really start some trouble, but it would have to involve Ben all the way and I wouldn't want them fighting each other but in some weird alliance called Damage, Inc.

    so, A sith, a Mando and a Jedi walk into a cantina...how about that for a character dynamic?
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  8. Team Padme Jedi Knight

    I'd like to see Mirta in this series.
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  9. Sith93Apprentice Jedi Master

    I think you are right on target. I hope it has more to do with the factions and issues Jayna is directly involved in and less of a galaxy wide all consuming catastrophe. Golden is fine. she's a Star Wars newbie but a skilled writer so I want to give her a chance. she has adapted quickly and will probably continue to do so. I almost feel silly but I enjoyed her relationship stories. As long as there isn't too much of that and there is an equal measure of everything else it should be fine. she brings out a critical element in story telling but there will always be cheese with drama.
  10. A Tool Jedi Master

    I'd be cool with that, I want to know how Boba is doin'. :p
  11. Force Smuggler Jedi Grand Master

    I never had a problem myself with the Boba Fett/Mando storyline in LOTF or their inclusion in FOTJ but I wish Mirta had been mentioned or seen in FOTJ. Jaina and Mirta teaming up would be sweet. How old is Mirta anyway?
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  12. Tim Battershell Jedi Padawan

    Wasn't Mirta left paralysed at the end of LOTF? Or am I mis-remembering?
  13. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    She was healed by Caedus, before the damage became permanent. He had intended to withhold treatement unless she told him about Luke being at Nickel One.
  14. manisphere Jedi Master

    Where did she say this? If that's true, that completely explains Ascension.
  15. RC-1991 Jedi Master

    It was one of the Facebook interviews, IIRC. I want to say that she was talking about Omen or whatever Book 5 was, but the statement most likely also applies to Ascension.
  16. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    Quick question... her name is now Jaina Fel (probably will be called "Master Fel" a lot), right?
  17. imiller Jedi Master

    Thought it was "Jaina Solo Fel," meaning "Master Solo Fel." Like Leia Organa Solo, who goes by "Blank Title Organa Solo" a lot. (See also: Mara Jade Skywalker - who did sometimes lose the Jade, but not too often, I think).
  18. LexiLupin Jedi Master

    Actually, I believe the SW Insider story about her and Jag's honeymoon still had her as Jedi Master Jaina Solo... anyone have it to correct or confirm?
  19. imiller Jedi Master

    Oooh, good call, Just checked, and it is indeed Master Solo.

    Which I do expect to be "Solo Fel" or "Fel Solo" sometime in the near future. :)
  20. Todd the Jedi Jedi Grand Master

    Probably not in this trilogy, though, since Golden wrote that short story as well.

    I'm sure her kids will have the Fel name, though.

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