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Lit TCW Continuity Cabaret: Now Showing Season 5! (spoilers)

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Barriss_Coffee, May 30, 2012.

  1. Barriss_Coffee Retired Sith Lord

    What, you guys don't have a temp-TCW thread yet? Well this will not do!

    Allow me to introduce: SEASON 5


    Onderon! Black Sun! R2 on a rampage!

    What more can you ask?

    ...Oh, I know!

    XIZOR CLONES @ 2:07!!!

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  2. ceiranharmony Jedi Master

    they must have read our R2 topic :p looks like he is out for more massmurdering war action

    btw, great topic title! ;)
  3. GrandAdmiral Paxis Jedi Master

    Well this might explain why Lux and Mina Bonteri's homeworld is listed as Onderon. [face_thinking]

    And certain characters meeting their demise? Onderon seems like a fitting place for Pre Vizsla's end ;)
  4. Lugija Jedi Master

    Wonder if they'll tie Ziro into the Black Sun in the show? He was a Vigo according to the visual guide, but I can see them not mentioning it in the show with him being already dead.

    Onderon sounds great, as long as there's not any quick lines like "Onderon in the Outer Rim" or "Shame this world doesn't have any moons". But good to get a proper view of the beasts, the drawing style of TotJ didn't do them much justice.
  5. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

    Well, if they say 'Onderon in the Rim' we can survive, but Outer Rim - no.
  6. The2ndQuest Lit Mod With a Mouth

    So we'll have to Retcon Xizor being in charge of Black Sun prior to Coruscant Nights? Sigh, that series just doesn't get any breaks, does it?

    On the other hand, I'm amused that Maul seems to be taking down Black Sun Vigos yet again- so it looks like CN isn't the only one not getting any breaks ;).
  7. CooperTFN Jedi Grand Master

    Xizor? Nah. Knowing TCW, it'll just turn out that all of Black Sun looks exactly like him. Y'know, like all the Mandalorians look like Jango.
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  8. Gorefiend Jedi Grand Master

    As long as Hondo gets his own Episodeā€¦. :p
  9. Cronal Jedi Master

    Woo! Onderon! Nice to see that explored a bit though I suspect we are going to start shaking our heads at how it might not match the EU as we know it. But alas...
  10. TheRedBlade Jedi Master

    Beast riders! Hooray!

    This looks cool enough that I MIGHT be able to make myself endure Maul. Those space battles made me happy.
  11. ceiranharmony Jedi Master

    read the interview with filoni... once more explaining how EU and Movieverse are different frome each other, "EU is just a well of ideas"... "authors like it when their stuff is adapted even out of context or not as originally intended" etc.

    hello? reality to Mr. Filoni... *goes crying*

    PS: and George reads comics, nearly all of them, definitely those around Movie Era and wants to adapt some like they did with Slaves of the Republic. brace for impact... ouch.
  12. ceiranharmony Jedi Master

    essentially... overall continuity between all canon levels is a myth as per Filoni and according to him George Lucas. well..not news to me, but still a cold shiver down my spine...
  13. DarkEagle Jedi Master

    First appearance of HMPs?
  14. mistrx Jedi Master

    At least they're keeping the walled city surrounded by jungle alive with Onderon. Perhaps it won't suffer Ryloth's fate.
  15. Sannom Jedi Master

    Well, to be fair to TCW, the only UE we have for Onderon is about four millenia in the past, and it was implied in KOTOR 2 that if Talia was the one ending up in charge of the planet, Onderon would slowly lose most of its specific culture (beast masters among them), diluted in the huge mass of the Republic.
  16. Malachi Jedi Master

    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to see HMPs too! Regarding Filoni's comment... can't say I was pleased by it, but on the other hand he does seem to make pretty good work making TCW and the rest of EU blend together. As long as it's not Even Piell-class catastrophe, I am willing to back up whatever he has in sleeve for us.
  17. Zeta1127 Jedi Grand Master

    Good work making TCW and the rest of the EU blend together? You must be joking, you call retcon upon retcon upon retcon and a completely new Clone Wars timeline a good job of making them blend together?
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  18. Cronal Jedi Master

    Well, there is a significant amount of time since KotOR unless TOR adds it in but otherwise it remains untouched until Dark Empire really. But meant more visually or even dialogue wise like saying "there are no Beast Riders" or "Onderon has no moon" thus eliminating Dxun. Hopefully, I am wrong but there have been the case of Ryloth namely not being tidal locked.

    Those are the only things I am worried about though I am liking the Onderonian look and the exploration of it in the Clone Wars era namely through the Bonteri's. I mean, has all of Onderon embraced Separatism or just some? Remember they had that civil war on Onderon in KotOR II so its quite concievable of Onderon embracing separating from the Republic. And it would be a nice nod to continuity if they had the Death Watch operating from Dxun in some capacity...
  19. Arawn Fenn Force Ghost

    Let's not forget that Onderon and Dxun appeared in Rule of Two.
  20. ESg Jedi Grand Master

    I wanted to punch through a wall when I read that, ugh this just proves to me they don't give a crap about continuity. Or the fact that a lot of EU stuff is of superior quality to a wide margin of the stuff going on in TCW...
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