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EUC ~The EUC Jedi ~ "Always on the MOVE!"

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by CPL_Macja, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    Yes, this is the Temporary home of the Guardians of Light! The Temple of Light is currently undergoing refurbishing, so we will be utilizing this mobile outpost so that the Sith cannot get a lock on us.

    As always there is still the group's Wikia and Offsite for your entertainment. Feel free to discuss the new thread on the new boards, discuss The Shadow War-Times End RP that we currently are dominating, or just about anything Jedi related.

  2. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    About shabla time Spoonbender. The Sith got a head start on you!
  3. Sinrebirth SWC, ToR and EUC Mod-Imperator

  4. Amon_Amarth Jedi Knight

    *returns to the Temple after years of wandering through the galaxy*

    Mmm, fresh boards, fresh Jedi... :p
  5. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    Welcome jetti.

    Don't be alarmed at my armor. Yes I am Mandalorian, but I have been hired to protect this Temple and those that call it home. So it is always good to see a Jedi return home to the nest. After all, you are all worth alot to me. ;)
  6. Amon_Amarth Jedi Knight

    Su cuy! And here I thought you were a Mando Jedi like the name suggests. ;) Well, hopefully there will be no disintegrations... :p
  7. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    Naw... that would have an adverse effect on his bottom line.

    EDIT: Can I expect Knight Amarth to rejoin us in the new Temple and/or the offsite?
  8. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    But of course CPL, wouldn't want to take creds out of my own pocket. ;)

    Amarth, I leave the mando jedi stuff to CPL. Though I did initially choose this name because I liked the idea of a force wielding mando. [face_devil]
  9. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    Just a reminder of what we were discussing pre-move:

    Welcome to the ~~EUC Jedi~~ The Guardians of Light.

    This new temple is for all those dedicated to the discussion of the Light side of the force, the Jedi (Old and New Orders), as well as a partial social club. Though we are Jedi we need not be so serious to where we can’t have fun.

    The Expectations

    Joining the Jedi: Membership, into the Guardians of Light (commonly abbreviated to GoL), is open to any registered member of the Jedi Council forums; provided they are not members of the Dominion of Darkness and they have not been banned from this thread by the forum moderators. There shall be no rule governing a minimum post count established to decide who can and cannot be a member.

    Behavioral Expectations: All members (and invited guests) are expected to remember that this is to have fun. In order for this to be fun, certain guidelines and rules are necessary to keep things running smoothly and working well. All members are expected to stay active and post regularly when online. These posts should be meaningful and contribute to the EUC as a whole. Socializing is acceptable within reason. There should not be pages and pages of only socializing; this can be done in the New Users Social.

    When a member is going to be inactive for a period of time, they should communicate this to either their master, the keeper of the Roster or the Council. Members who go inactive without any notification risk being placed on an inactive list or even removed from the Order if enough time elapses.

    The Levels

    Initiate: No requirements on minimum number of posts. As an Initiate, you must posts consistently for two weeks along with completing the initiation task. This helps us to get to know you and vice verse. It also allows you to decide if the Jedi are right for you. Initiates are expected to post in a respectful manner, and are under the direction of the Initiate Instructor (or Grand Master if none has been appointed).

    Padawans: This rank is given to members of the Order who have completed initiation and have been taken under the wing of a higher ranking member for training. The promotion from Initiate to Padawan can be done only once the initiation tasks have been completed. Padawans are expected to post in a respectful manner and learn from their appointed master, both in the thread, via PMs and in other approved places.

    Knights: This rank is given to members of the Order who have successfully completed training as a Padawan under the tutelage of another higher ranking member. It is given only after recommendation of the Padawan's master, and agreement from the Jedi Council (or Grand Master if no Council has been established). To successfully complete training, a Padawan must satisfactorily complete the seven Knight Tasks that are listed below. Knights are expected to post in a respectful manner, while also welcoming new members and serving as ambassadors to the Order as a whole in the EUC.

    Guardians: Knights preferring to take a physically active stance against the dark side of the Force and all other threats to the Republic were known to pursue the title of Guardian. Brandishing their lightsabers proudly, Guardians focused much of their training on perfecting their sparring and athletic skills, as well as the art of unarmed combat. The Force skills studied by the Guardians were typically those used for quickly disabling an opponent and aiding in agility and stamina.

    Consulars:Focusing not on physical force but on mastery of the Force and the sharpening of mental skills, the Jedi Knights who became Consulars worked closely with the Republic Diplomatic Corps and medical facilities. Consulars worked as healers, prophets, and researchers, wielding a lightsaber only for self defense.

    Sentinels: Knights that sought a balance between the intensive combat training of the Jedi Guardians and the wider philosophical views and teaching responsibilities of the Jedi Consulars. These Jedi ferreted out deceit and injustice, bringing it to light. They were generally employed in scouting missions and were skilled in security, computers, or stealth techniques, and also had diplomatic skills.

    Masters: This rank is given to a member of the Order who the Jedi Council (or Grand Master if no Council has been established) who during his time as a Knight has exemplified what it means to be a Jedi in word and in action. A Knight must be active and visible in the thread, complete the two Master Tasks listed below, and must have successfully trained at least two Padawans to be promoted to the level of Master. Masters are to post in the thread in a respectful manner, while also welcoming new members, helping to instruct and aide all other members, and attempting to find peace where there is conflict in the order and the EUC.

    Council Members: This rank is given to members of the Order who have shown excellent ability as leaders in the thread and are ready to move forward to help lead the trials as a whole. They are chosen by a two-step process: The Jedi Council (or Grand Master, if no Council has been established) will nominate 2-3 members for the position. All members of the trials with a rank of "Knight" or higher will then PM their vote to a member designated by the Grand Master. If a majority (greater than 50%) is reached, that member is the new member of the Council. If there are three candidates and none receives a majority, the two highest vote-getters will have another vote to determine who gets the seat on the Council.

    Being a member of the Council is one of the highest honors in the trials, and will only be given to a small percentage of the members at any time. A Council Member will be automatically demoted if they are inactive in the thread for one month without prior notification. A Council Member can also be removed from position by the Forum Moderators.

    Representative to the Senate: This position will be selected by the Jedi Council, but does not need to be member of the Council. They will be responsible for being the Order’s voice in the Senate. It is expected that they post in the Senate Thread on a regular basis and keep their fellow Jedi aware of the overall happenings of the Community. If the Representative is absent without prior notification for one month they will be automatically replaced.

    Grand Master: This is the highest rank of the Order. There can be no more than two Grand Masters at a time. If a Grand Master steps down, the Council will vote to name one of their members to be a new Grand Master. The Grand Masters will also serve as members of the Jedi Council. The Grand Masters will be responsible for the overall care and growth of the Order, and for communicating any needs, issues, or proposed rule-changes to the forum moderators.

    Relationship with the Dominion of Darkness: Joint membership in both the Guardians of Light and the Dominion of Darkness is strictly forbidden, but a relationship between the two is highly encouraged. This relationship should be respectful, and any rivalries, grudges, etc., should be done in the understanding and confines of role playing.

    The Dominion of Darkness is a group that is also hosted within the Expanded Universe Community. We hold a close relationship with this group and wish to coexist peacefully with one another. As such, there is a policy regarding the Dominion of Darkness. We exist to play a game in which we are rivals yes, but that is in character only, not as a real life experience. You are to follow the following rules:

    1.Do not flame or bait a member of the Dominion of Darkness for any reason what-so-ever. This includes via PM or in one of the other threads.

    2.If a member of the Dominion of Darkness posts in this thread to troll/spam/flame/bait members, DO NOT RESPOND. Simply PM a moderator and the situation will be taken care of.

    3.No member is allowed to create a sock and join the Dominion of Darkness. This is highly forbidden and will be strictly enforced. Mods have been known to do sock checks regularly, and you will be caught.

    4.There is to be no animosity towards a member of the Dominion of Darkness just because he/she is a "Sith". If you have a problem, with a member of the Dominion of Darkness, PM a Master of the Dominion of Darkness or the Guardians of Light, PM a moderator or PM said member and work it out.

    5.While invasions and antagonizing posting in the threads of the opposite faction is not allowed, there is a desire to have a symbiotic relationship between the two threads and to promote a healthy rivalry between them. As such, all other threads within the EUC are considered Neutral Territories and are open to interaction between the factions.

    Relationship with the Star Wars Community, the Acolytes of Darkness and the New Jedi Trials: Joint membership in both Guardians of Light and any Star Wars Community Force group is not forbidden. However, please keep your activities separate in each Community. Should you choose to utilize a “sock” to play in SWC, please clear this with the Leaders and the Mods for each Group and Community. This way there will not be any confusion and you will not risk being inadvertently banned.

    The Trials

    Guidelines: All training can be done either here, via PM, via IM, or other outside sources. There are no set limits on most of the trials. Remember that you are not alone in your tasks/trials. Upon asking, a fellow Jedi will always be there to assist you in case you have trouble with your trials as an Initiate, a Padawan, or as a Knight. We are all here to have fun and share in discussions of the Light(er) side of the Force.

    Initiate Trials: Tell the Council why you want to be a Jedi. Share with us your knowledge of the Jedi Code by explaining what each sentence in the Code means. These tasks can be completed through either casual conversation during your two week evaluation period or as an all encompassing essay. Please do your best to complete this using good grammar, proper spelling, and in your own words. Feel free to give it your own sense of flare with highlights, colors, bolding, and even pictures.

    Padawan Trials: The Jedi Training Program consists of tasks related to the Jedi in various ways, along with lightsaber and force training. These trials will be completed in a variety of formats and throughout the boards as a whole. Those who wish to take place in the training program after the initiation process must wait until a Master is given to you.

    Trial of Skill: (RPG Format) This is the learning of lightsaber combat. This will introduce the Padawan to various lightsaber combat forms.

    Trial of the Force: This will introduce the Padawan to various Neutral and Lightside Force techniques, to have the Padawan determine which Jedi class they will take by choice in the future. This will also help in fleshing out their RPG character more thoroughly.

    Trial of the Flesh: (RPG Format and Discussion) This will determine which lightsaber combat form they will take up permanently. Two forms can be mastered later on in Knighthood and further. But as of now, you must practice on one form. Certain forms however are off limits, such as Form VI: Niman and Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad, which are considered too advanced for Padawans. Ask your Master about which forms are available to Padawans.

    Trial of Courage: (RPG Format) The Padawan will be given a test in the form of a situation; they will be forced to choose between a Light and Dark tactic involving friend or family member. Their Master or the Council will make the scenario for them.

    Trial of Diplomacy: The Padawan has the option of discussing a scenario in which he/she must reach a peaceful solution to a problem. The council and/or their respective Master will create the scenario.

    Trial of Friendship: This trial involves the Padawan visiting various fan club threads in the EUC, as well as other boards if they wish, in order to get to know more people on TheForce.Net. They will then discuss what they like or dislike about each fan club. The EUCSith – the Dominion of Darkness is NOT allowed!!!!

    Trial of Everyday Life: This is the last trial, and the most fun. Write up a small humorous story about your various travels in the galaxy. Unleash the more humorous side of the force and give the council members and other Jedi something to laugh at. Don't hold back!!!!

    This concludes the trials from Padawan to Knighthood. Upon completion, build your Lightsaber. Explain the construction process (how it was made by you) and give the Council a short description of its physical details.

    Knight Trials: While some tasks can be finished much more quickly, others tasks are done and repeated over a period of time. Which means, after the Council has seen that you can perform decently in and out of the thread, then you will be considered in joining the master ranks.

    Know Your Enemy: The Knight will do a study on a Dark sided user of their own choice, answering the following:

    -Reason for their fall:
    -Who defeated him/her:
    -Could they have been redeemed; why or why not?

    Advanced Training: Knights will learn advanced RP techniques; focus should be on using the Force. A lot of the training a Padawan will go through will involve melee fighting (lightsaber combat), as well as an introduction in the way of the Force. Using the Force as a Jedi Knight is very different, and is a much larger focus in a Knight's training. Knights can ask any Master of their choosing to help them with this.

    As a Knight, you will have access to the more advanced techniques of your current lightsaber combat form, as well as other different combat forms you wish to replace your current ones with. The Knight will also demonstrate their mastery over the Force and melee fighting by giving us a medium sized essay each on their chosen lightsaber combat forms, and Force abilities, detailing the strengths of the forms and Force abilities as well as their weaknesses. You will also be required to duel a fellow knight using these techniques you have chosen.

    Leadership & Activity: Leadership can be shown in many ways. Including, but not limited to: helping Padawans other than your own (when you can), assisting your fellow Jedi Knights in their various trials/tasks, speaking up about possible changes in the Order, aiding the EU Senate Representative in their absence, involving yourself in the discussions of other FCs, debates/polls/awards, and discussing any major changes to the EUC that are open for the general public.

    Special Circumstances: A knight considering moving their rank up to Master must have trained at least two Padawans prior to requesting to become one. Certain circumstances will be noted if Padawans go MIA. Keep in contact with Padawans though IM or PM. We know that certain things are out of your control and your Padawans absences are definitely one of them. If all your efforts could not bring your Padawan back then the Council and GM's will make sure to consider a Knight’s efforts when it comes to deciding promotion.

    The Code:
    There is no emotion, there is peace.
    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
    There is no passion, there is serenity.
    There is no death, there is the Force.

    The Jedi:
    Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.
    Jedi are the guardians of civilization, yet do not allow civilization to destroy needlessly.
    Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.
    Jedi must protect the weak and defenseless from evil.
    Jedi respect all life, in any form.
    Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
    Jedi must put the needs of the community above the needs of individuals.
    Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

    The Order:

    Grand Master:
    CPL_Macja: Josch Decinchi – Male Erphae Sentinel Watchman
    BultarSwan: Miria Lahana – Female Firrerreo Consular Seer/Healer

    dewback_rancher: Fey-Li Cytei – Female Kauti Sentinel Investigator

    T-rex-Jedi: Antar “Silence” – Male Corellian Guardian
    The_Zeltron: Gaan Be’orar – Female Mandalorain Guardian
    Mitth_Fisto: Hochner Trevalus – Male Kubaz Guardian
    -Remi-: Michael – Male Human

    Padawan4687: Alisha Tano – Female Togruta
    Gotab: Ian Thrace – Male Corellian
    Mister_Master: Jakran Ulda – Male Kauti
    Risca_Skywalker: Risca Kor’le – Female Mandalorian


    Friends of the Order:
    Sarge221: Alec Vandel – Male New Alderaanian Consular (New Jedi Order)
    Bardan_Jusik: Beskaryc Taab – Male Mandalorian (Bounty Hunter)
    Ryi-Korle-Fett: Ryi Kor’le – Female Mandalorian (Sister of Risca Kor’le)
    Whitelight: Seanna Vel – Female Kiffar (Journeyman Knight)
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  10. BultarSwan Jedi Grand Master

    Hey Amon. ;) Good to see you around. ;)
  11. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    Oya, our roster! [face_party]

    Yes, join us on the offiste Amarth. It is your destiny... :p
  12. Amon_Amarth Jedi Knight

    Will report to the offsite!

    Well, it is pretty nifty. One gets the lightsaber aaand the supercool armour - best of both worlds. ;)
  13. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    Thats just what I thought! This may not be a popular opinion around here , but one of my favorite Star Wars passages (in the novels of course) is the one at the beginning of Karen Traviss' Order 66, written from Bardan's point of view. Especially when I read the line about a force using Mandalorian being on the list of a Jedi's worst nightmares. [face_devil]
  14. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

    Welcome back Knight Amarth!!!!
  15. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    Since the money eyes smilie is gone I will just say ka-ching. :p
  16. BultarSwan Jedi Grand Master

    ha ha ha Bardan *rolls eyes* :p Bardan is a temp addition but he's semi-friendly and DEFINITELY harmless. :p
  17. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    I would say mostly harmless. You never know when I might cause something to burst into flames.
  18. CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master

  19. BultarSwan Jedi Grand Master

    Exactly. *straight face*
  20. Bardan Jusik EUC 1st Mando Chancellor

    Well its true! :cool:

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