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FanFic The Lounge (fanfic social thread is back)

Discussion in 'Fan Activities' started by SilSolo, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. SilSolo Jedi Padawan

    hi guys. I guess the old thread's gone. Time to make another social thread for the fanficcers. So, how's it going?

  2. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

    Tis nearing 3 am here, my muse has flown the coop, but I did manage to write a few diary entries and the Move Challenge fic. In the meantime, I'm just dealing with Darth Real Life. Still need to get more furniture, which was curtailed by my mom suddenly deciding that she's gonna move to Florida and drive the whole way there and not have the foresight to purchase a cheap Tracfone so that we could keep in contact with her, despite both my brother, his wife, and I telling her to do so. Several times.
  3. Draconarius Jedi Grand Master

    SIL! [:D] Where have you been hiding?

    I'm trying to decide how best to spend my four day weekend (gotta love public holidays). So many possibilities, so little funds. :( I'll have plenty of time to write, at least.
  4. Ceillean Jedi Master

    No work for a week. :D Thanks to the holidays and a few days of vacation, which I intend to spend reading all the books I bought over the course of several months. They're piled in my office just waiting for me to grab them.
    And then I plan to write. It's kind of annoying because my muse is really chatty but I doubt it's a good idea to post anything on the temp boards.
  5. Book-Geek Jedi Master

    Hah. Vacation. I would love to know what that word means.

    Fortunately, my work load should be lightened next week because it's spring break for my BFF and we're going to get to spend some time together, 'cause we haven't in forever. I just have to write an essay and read Pride and Prejudice again.
  6. anakinfansince1983 Shelf of Shame "Winner"

    Hi all. No work this week for me either. Hoping to get some more writing done; I'm liking the daily challenges that mav has posted.

    It's going to get crazy for a few weeks when I get back to work with testing and end-of-the-school-year wrap up; I'm waiting to see if my muse sleeps through all that or gives me insomnia.
  7. LexiLupin Jedi Master

    I am... getting ready to move next week. On the bright side, this means getting out of the desert. On the down side, this will involve lots of time in a car with yowling cats (and with @DarthPalpitation ;)).

    BUT, in the whole process, we get to see my brother-in-law (Eric), whose wife just had a baby (Eric) 2 1/2 weeks ago; and we'll get to see my brother (Erich- noticing a trend?) who just got engaged today. [face_party]

    Yes, there are too many Eric(h)s in my life.
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  8. DarthPalpitation Jedi Padawan

    I am very excited for my move with @LexiLupin !!! Get to see the family and see where the military takes me.
  9. It_is_me_ardavenport Jedi Master

    I think the old social thread will reappear, once the move is complete to the new boards. I think that all of these threads will go away though when the move is complete.

    I have a new living room -- got rid of 25+year old chairs and some shelves, stand, lamps, etc, got a new bed, now the footon(sp?) is the 'couch'. It looks soooooo much better now. But all that moving and vacuuming takes a lot of time away from writing.

  10. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

    Your font.

    It's big.

    Granted, it is easier for those of us with failing eyesight to read, but... why? o_O
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  11. darthishtar Jedi Knight

    Well, I'm here to be the usual scourge of the social thread. I'm still trying to sleep off my jetlag from my 8 days in Ireland. I keep going to bed later and later, but wake up at 5 a.m. every day.
  12. Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Knight

    Uuugh... slept it past noon today. I hate it when I do that; feels like I'm wasting a huge part of my day and now I have no energy to anything... *sigh*

    How is everyone?
  13. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

    Well, Easter Sunday was lackluster. I'm not a church-goer, and thus the religious aspect of the holiday means nothing to me. I'm in it for the chocolate. :p

    I have plenty of chocolate, and I hung out with my brother, who stayed overnight while his wife stayed with her family. No Easter Dinner, unless you want to count a chicken patty sandwich. We played Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge, which was fun. I missed doing that. If I felt like it, I could write some weird fanfic about it. Certainly plenty of story material, though it would end up being a comedic romp about six bounty hunters who, at the behest of a power-hungry Jabba, are thrown into a situation that is profoundly out of their areas of expertise.
  14. LazyK Jedi Master




    EDIT: Sorry about the Japanese.
  15. Merlyn Jedi Knight

    cold wintery Easter here... so am eating chips, drinking tea and writing. Yay for 4 day weekends in Germany.
  16. darthishtar Jedi Knight

    It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. After making ham, sunshine carrots, blanched almonds and green beans plus my roommate making mashed potatoes and rolls, we opened the doors on the porch and balcony so the apartment could cool off and kept them that way through all of dinner with our friends. Church had good services, but the day before, our soloist/divachoirdirectorwhodoesn'tletanyoneexcepthimselfdothingsforholidays came down with bronchitis. And, he mentioned, he'd never gotten around to rehearsing the choir while I was out of town. So, it was up to myself and the other ward organist to find someone to sing his solo and then pick music for the choir, teach it to them in one rehearsal and perform it 2 hours later. It turned out well, but I'm thinking of smacking the diva upside his abnormally small head next time I see him.
  17. earlybird Jedi Master

    Rainy Easter and perfect for making art and writing some
  18. daenabenjen42 Jedi Master

    Went to BableFish to translate the Japanese characters... Lazy, was that poetry? It translated as this...

    Thine is a who?
    Thy want is a who?

    Thine is who you want to be?
    --Ask us, we.

    Without answers still, we.
    During the stray by example. And answer is within yourself the Shingon or...?
  19. jcgoble3 Jedi Master

    Google Translate came up with this:

    Do thou, who is what?
    Thou art what person wants to be a what?
    Thou art what do you want to be an?

    - Ask us, to us.
    We, still not got an answer.

    Of the vagus by case.
    And in the answer for yourself the mantra or · · ·?
  20. Valiowk Jedi Master

    The strangest thing is, I got pretty much the same information out of reading the kanji (I know Chinese but not Japanese) and guessing from the context as reading the BabelFish and Google Translate translations... o_O :p

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