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Discussion in 'Fan Activities' started by SilSolo, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. jcgoble3 Jedi Master

    Every word of this post is highly accurate for me as well. Except for "old classmates that I haven't seen in thirteen years". For me, it's only been seven years. :p
  2. Dana Jedi Master

    LOL. Yeah.

    I'm so tired of arguing with this Dooku/Galadriel 'shipper [DWH EDIT: and we're done here! Please refrain from flaming, thanks.]
  3. Iverna Jedi Master

    Well, you could just ignore him. It's not like you have to read any of it. :p That's the good thing about free will!
  4. Book-Geek Jedi Master

    I feel tempted to go over and see what you're talking about, Dana... But I have a feeling I will regret it so I will stay put.
  5. AG88 Jedi Knight

    You can get disability for that? Where do I sign up? I have PMDD, PTSD, OCD and panic attacks. I got lots and lots of meds. I was just hoping it would get me out of jury duty. But yes, those panic attacks suck. To me it is like I am in a horror movie. I have a horrible feeling of dread. I am jumpy and there is a tightness in my chest and it feels like I am having trouble breathing. This has been going on for 6 years. Before that I was calm. I was shot at while in the Army and was calm. Now, I'm having problems. The meds help and I started painting again. That helped.

    Phone calls always upset me. I have to write a speech out so I don't get tongue tied. I am okay answering the phone, but I hate cold calling people. And I am in a job where your success depends on that ability. So I am not so successful. Luckily I am semi-retired and don't depend on my paycheck.
  6. Commander DWH Shiny Fanfic and Costuming & Props Manager

    This is good advice, Dana, and you should know better than to trash-talk fellow forum members in another thread. Whatever your opinions are on his shipping preferences, please keep your remarks civil, both in that thread and in this one.
  7. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

    Let's see... what are my shipping preferences...

    Well, I prefer standard shipping, as they tend to be cheapest. I don't mind waiting about four days for my package. Now, if next day shipping is offered at an affordable price, I would gladly opt for that. What's a few dollars more to have the package be shipped by air? For the most part, though, standard works for me.

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  8. Ramza FanAct Manager; Probably Going to Destroy Us All

    I'm big on Amazon Prime. I pay a flat rate, get expedited shipping for a year, and hey, streaming video on top of all that! Plus since I'm a university student, I pay half the normal price.
  9. mavjade Fan Activites/Fanfic Moddess

    Amazon Prime rocks! I was very hesitant for a long time but I got the trial when I was ordering several large things and then I decided I couldn't live without it! :p.
    It more than pays for itself in the free book to borrow for my Kindle each month.
  10. jcgoble3 Jedi Master

    I used to have an Amazon Prime subscription for the free two-day shipping, but I canceled it last fall because I wasn't using it due to my penny-pinching for my extended vacation this year. I thought that once I stopped penny-pinching this fall, I'd re-subscribe to Prime, but I ordered a backpack last month and took their free super saver shipping that was supposed to take five to nine business days. Surprise: it arrived in just two days. I also noticed with Prime that when selecting two-day shipping, often the package would be shipped UPS Ground and arrive in just one day. That's mainly because Amazon has two warehouses within a two- to three-hour drive of my house.

    So is Prime really worth it? I never used the streaming video, and I can borrow 10 books at a time on my Kindle through my local library. So the only benefit I would use Prime for is the free two-day shipping, and if packages are going to arrive in two days on free super saver shipping, it might be a waste of money.
  11. Iverna Jedi Master

    I always use standard shipping. It's cheap. And also I live in Ireland so I don't really have a choice unless I want to pay a fortune. And next-day shipping is non-existent anyway. :p

    I like free shipping best. Ever since I discovered the Book Depository I've been in book-buying heaven. :D

    I also like ships. Ferries are the best. We used to travel by ferry all the time and sometimes I still do, just for the nostalgia.
  12. Luna_Nightshade Fanfic Manager

    As I have a general distaste for Walmart, I really love Amazon Prime for that shipping. If I can wait to get it for 2 days, I will buy it from Amazon instead. Leave Walmart for things like emergency laundry soap or whatever.
  13. Commander DWH Shiny Fanfic and Costuming & Props Manager

    I love Amazon Prime, but the trick to it is that I have to have it sent to work, since I live in a gated apartment complex and am never home during delivery times. So our mailroom guy knows me on sight now, and knows I get some weird things in the mail. I think the one that takes the cake is my roommate's giant box of fabric from India, sent in a box that was sewn up in coarse fabric, sealed shut with wax, and looked like an elephant sat on it. :p
  14. JainaSoloYJK Jedi Master

    *looks at fanart relating to laundry* :eek: [face_laugh] OMG...having...trouble...breathing....[face_rofl] That is the FUNNIEST fanart ever!!!!
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  15. JainaSoloYJK Jedi Master

    *note to self: read the most recent page before posting a reply* :oops:
  16. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

    Well, laundry soap was mentioned on this page, so your post is still pertinent. :p
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  17. LazyK Jedi Master

    With Amazon Japan, I get free shipping if my total order exceeds 1,500 yen (about 20 dollars, I think). Since I don't really care when I get the stuff as long as it actually arrives, I've never felt the need for Amazon Prime.
  18. Keagle Jedi Knight

    :eek: OMG!! Your my emotional twin!

    I've been dealing with severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, and all sorts of things since my first high school year in 06. High school was horrible, and I transferred several times before finally finding the right fit. People who don't suffer from it usually don't understand why it's so troubling for someone to, say, pick up a phone (a ringing phone is my nemesis, thank god for caller id). These days, however, I'm wondering if I might be suffering the long-term side-effects of a concussion I got the summer before high school hell all started. You see, I played soccer, got knocked, and "toughed it out" and kept playing. Big mistake. Headaches all summer long. I have trouble recalling things, motivational issues, insomnia, migraines that, if really bad, can blur my vision, and ADD and such.

    Thank you for sharing... it's I nice feeling knowing your not alone [face_relieved]:)
  19. Dana Jedi Master

    Seriously, you need to get that looked at! See a neurologist if you can. Sounds like you might have some damage from the concussion.
  20. jcgoble3 Jedi Master

    Yes, definitely get that looked at. That is potentially a serious issue.

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