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Discussion in 'Fan Activities' started by SilSolo, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. darksideyesplease Jedi Knight

    It was a stop sign he ran, on a country road, at the intersection of 1100 and 300 near a tiny town of Orestes. She was on her way to work. Stop signs run North and South on 300 but at that intersection, 1100W and E has no stop sign. She was going probably 45 as that is the posted speed limit. She had no reason to stop or slow down. It was 100% this guys fault. She was hit on the driver side and died from internal injuries and head trauma.

    Love you, Racheal. My wife for life!
  2. Skiara Sports loving Mod dressed in yellow/green

    When I read about it, I was just shocked and had tears in my eyes. She was such a great person! It's simply not fair that she had to leave us this early. :(

    My deepest condolences to her husband, her family and her friends!!

    In my thoughts, I will be there on Monday! @};-
  3. Luna_Nightshade Fanfic Manager

    Terrible. Just terrible.
  4. NYCitygurl SFFBC, C&G, NSWFF and Icons Manager

    This is so absolutely horrible. My thoughts go out to her family.
  5. Jedi_lover88 Jedi Master

    This is so sad. What a horrible tragedy. My deepest condolences to her family.
  6. Sara Kenobi Jedi Knight

    I will miss her. Such a terrible loss. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
  7. YodaKenobi Jedi Master

    Very sad. She was a big part of the boards for a long time and a very bright presence. And far too young to be gone. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband and family.
  8. oldjedinurse Jedi Youngling

    I am terribly saddened by the death of our friend. The memorial service was held today so my thoughts have been with her, her husband, and family, but a great many friends are also feeling her loss. She was a strong voice in our community and many others; a creative, insightful, and prolific writer; a supportive friend; a terrific person gone far too soon. Fels, you had so much more to give, yet still you left us with wonderful words and ideas gathered up in your unique, emotional style. You remain in the hearts of those who knew you, and the minds you influenced with your writing. Thank you for being one of my first TFN friends. Missing you. ~ oldj
  9. mavjade Fan Activites/Fanfic Moddess

    I've been away for a few days and just read the news. :(
    My heart is breaking for her family and friends. I did not know her very well, but she was always very active here in fanfic, always willing to help out in any way needed. Always very kind and sweet and a terrific writer. She will be missed very much, but her writing will live on here on the boards for all to read and enjoy.
  10. Commander DWH Shiny Fanfic and Costuming & Props Manager

    I just read the news as well. :(

    It's so sad to know that she won't be part of our community anymore. My deepest condolences go out to her friends and family. Car accidents are always so difficult to deal with; they're just so senseless. She was always so helpful and friendly, and her presence here will be missed.
  11. JainaSoloYJK Jedi Master

    How sad! :( Condolences to her family. Her writing was amazing and spoke of a vibrant life. She'll defintiely be missed. @};-
  12. darthishtar Jedi Knight

    My deepest condolences to you. I echo everything that has been said here because I'm still struggling for words. I will say that I always looked forward to seeing her take on life and imagination.
  13. Takianna Jedi Knight

    This made me very sad to read. Although I was not friendly with her, I was familiar with her work and she was a fellow Hoosier. Condolences to her family and close friends.
  14. RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Master

    Just found out about this. :( my deepest condolences to her family and friends. Such a senseless waste.
  15. anakinfansince1983 Shelf of Shame "Winner"

    I just saw this on TF.N's Facebook page. I didn't know her very well as we didn't write the same era (I always write Saga and rarely venture into Beyond) but we exchanged comments on each other's stories during a few of the challenges; she was a very nice person and brilliant writer.

    My heart goes out to her friends and family. :(
  16. Rew Jedi Master

    I never knew FelsGoddess, but her name did look a bit familiar. Now I wish I had known her.

    Just a terrible, senseless tragedy and waste. Unbelievable, really. This is a great loss. I just took a look at her blog earlier tonight and skimmed some of the entries. Racheal really was a woman of conviction. She'll be missed.
  17. Jedi Trace SouthEast RSA

    I am so, VERY sorry. My deepest condolences to you and your family. @};-
  18. darksideyesplease Jedi Knight

    She liked Jag and Jaina stuff and Han and Leia. I'm sure she wouldn't mind a couple of vignette's dedicated to her.
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  19. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

    Yes. Dedicating vignettes and such to her is a far more proper tribute than plotting vengeance. May the other driver rot in prison and be consumed by guilt for the rest of his miserable existence, but we should remember the happier times. Make it a celebration of a life lived. Of fics written. Of friends made, thoughts shared, and memories had. Even though there are a number of us who didn't know her well (myself included), we should consider partaking in a celebration of Racheal's life and remember her fondly.

    I know that if I were to be snatched away by another's careless mistake, I would rather people celebrate the life I had lived and remember me with happy thoughts, rather than stew and plot revenge against the other party. As Carrie Fisher had said, resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. That statement can be applied to this situation as well.
  20. JediMara77 Jedi Master

    We featured several of her fics on the most recent episode of Tosche Station Radio. It's not much, but I do hope our listeners will go and read Rachael's stories in remembrance. She has a FFN profile, for those of you who aren't aware and feel like reading. "The Women" is my favorite.
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