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NorthEast The North Ridge-Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by 72Princess, May 14, 2012.

  1. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    Second try... 8-}

    A thread for whatever is on your mind at the time....
  2. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    Note to self: never use a white fabric shower curtain for little boys during baseball season... [face_idea]
  3. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master

    Wondering how long we'll be waiting for our 'old' boards to come back.
  4. Wild Sidewalker Jedi Knight

    That the word "lube" can never come up too often in a conversation.
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  5. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    Considering how long the move to the temp boards was mentioned, I'm not expecting the new permanent boards to happen anytime soon. I'm personally treating these as "the real boards" until any further change happens.
  6. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    what to do... what to do...
  7. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    hahaha!! I saw that in the other thread NICE!!!
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  8. Wild Sidewalker Jedi Knight

    The time until June 9 is flying!
  9. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    yes it is!!!
  10. 72Princess Jedi Knight

  11. Wild Sidewalker Jedi Knight

  12. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    Me: James, do you have to slide into EVERY base? :confused:

    James: Yes. :D

    Me: Well... okay then.... I was just checking. o_O

    James: -smiles - :D
  13. Bobachris12 NE USA RSA

  14. BPStoyle Jedi Master

    June 10th starts my sabbatical from lightsabers for at least a week. :p
  15. JDuffPhoto Jedi Knight

  16. JediXXL Jedi Master

    I need a nap... I-)
  17. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    I just had an incredibly amazing day!!
  18. JediXXL Jedi Master

    With Phineas and Ferb?

    ...Hey, where's Perry?
  19. JediHeadBanger97 Jedi Knight

    Just broke ANOTHER pair of drumsticks today.[face_devil]
  20. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    Anyone watching the Green Lantern Animated series on Cartoon Network?

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