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NorthEast The North Ridge-Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by 72Princess, May 14, 2012.

  1. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    I have decided I have had it with paint fumes.

    Basement ceiling done, basement walls, done.. all that is left is the trim...

    must..... keep..... painting...... <gasp>[face_sick]
  2. JediProf Jedi Padawan

    Happy Birthday Karen! Happy Anniversary Victor!
  3. JediProf Jedi Padawan

    Don't seem to remember that rebel base... Looks like a lot of fun.
  4. JediXXL Jedi Master

    I like it here...
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  5. JediXXL Jedi Master

    Happy belated birthday Karen! [face_party]
  6. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master

    I am officially jealous of the Don.
  7. JediXXL Jedi Master

    I guess they're filming Iron Man 3 down the road in Wilmington this week...
  8. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Was wondering if any of you guys had a full-sized mannequin. I'd need to borrow it to use puff pain on a spidey suit. Odd request, I know, but if anyone can help out, that'd be great
  9. Sinistra Jedi Padawan

    There are about 20 songs in my head. Just in my head, plus the lyrics are written down. A bit annoying I cannot write notes on sheet, neither play on any instrument. Shame I can't accomplish them.
  10. JediXXL Jedi Master

    Putting clients first by putting employees first, immediately after prioritizing fiscal responsibility and leveraging profitability toward exceeding by empowering our employees to put clients (and themselves) first, in a diverse and respectful environment of only those that come first, first.
  11. JediXXL Jedi Master

  12. JediXXL Jedi Master

  13. JediHeadBanger97 Jedi Knight

    Saw the trailer for this, it looks kinda funny but it's not like the robot chickens. It seems more kid-friendly
  14. lgtsbr Jedi Knight

    day 2 of NY State Fair in the books, only 8 more to go????? Damn 16 hr days are going to kill me.........
  15. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master

    Keeps you off the streets... ;)
  16. JediXXL Jedi Master

    Marty made it into thge comics...
  17. 72Princess Jedi Knight

    rumor has it the FORUMS will go live this weekend!!!!
  18. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master

    One can only hope... [face_praying]
  19. JediProf Jedi Padawan

    I second that...
  20. Bobachris12 NE USA RSA

    Why not wait another month to make it 6 months overdue?!

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