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NorthEast The Tidewater Alliance

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Domnuskywalker, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Domnuskywalker Tidewater Alliance Chapter Rep

    Just an update. We are working on finalizing a meeting space. Face book is nice but it is much better to have a free public locaton. We are still going strong we have over 67 members now. I appologize for not posting as much. Im in school now so it is difficult to do. Criminal Justice is alot of paperwork. lol

    A few of us are going to celebration 6, I can't wait. I hope to be finished with my costume builds before then. The count down has begun less than 50 days now. Most of our peeps wanted to go to Dragon con. But that's ok.

    The group did do the opening of the re-release of phantom menis in 3D the two day event was great. We had a great mix of characters. Everyone love Vader lol

    October will start our charity event the Memory walk for Alzhiemers. We are hoping to raise 500.00 minimum. Wish us luck.

    May the force be with us all

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