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Canada Toronto and the GTA

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Grey_Starr, May 6, 2012.

  1. Grey_Starr Jedi Padawan

    Hey hey... who's here?
  2. CrazyMike Manager

    Just little old me....
  3. CrazyMike Manager

  4. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin

    GTA = Grand Theft Auto? :p
  5. CrazyMike Manager

    Lol Greater Toronto Area :)
  6. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin

    OK. I just saw the acronym in passing...
  7. Drewton Force Ghost

  8. CrazyMike Manager

  9. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin

    I heard about the Toronto mall shooting - are all our FanForce folks OK?
  10. CrazyMike Manager

    From what I can tell everyone is fine. I do have a friend who was there 15 minutes after the shooting happened.. There was an arrest made this morning and the shooting was gang related according to news reports....
  11. Mario-Duke Jedi Knight

    I am far outside the GTA, Actually, I am in Windsor.
    But For my first post, I wanted to definitely chime in with Ontarians.
    But I seems I am simply reviving a dead thread that deserves to rest in peace.
  12. Grey_Starr Jedi Padawan

    So, what would we like to do with this... do we spread the word that this will be the new forums? or is there testing to be done yet?
  13. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin

    The move is still on - currently Mike at IGN is sorting out some data issues (missing posts) for us.

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