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Lit Vergere: Jedi, Sith, or something else? (Poll included)

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe' started by Ghost, Mar 25, 2012.


What was Vergere?

JEDI (she's just an Old Republic Jedi, under the influence of the Yuuzhan Vong for too long) 11 vote(s) 21.2%
SITH (she was a secret apprentice under Sidious, and guided Jacen Solo to the dark side) 4 vote(s) 7.7%
OTHER (Vergere was beyond the Jedi and the Sith by the time she returns to the GFFA) 37 vote(s) 71.2%
  1. Ghost Jedi Grand Master

    But Vergere rejected the "ends justify the means" philosophy.

    She didn't try to remake Jacen in her image. She tried to help Jacen connect with his true self, by discovering what that was and unleashing it.
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  2. RC-1991 Jedi Master

    If anyone here is familiar with the concept of the Uncarved Block within Daoism, then what Ghost just said about Vergere unleashing Jacen's true self should make plenty of sense. And I would also like to echo @GoodValors in seeing Vergere as a bit of a throwback to the Je'daii.
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  3. beccatoria Jedi Padawan

    I voted Jedi mainly because, while I think "other" could apply, it's more that she was a Jedi who questioned Jedi doctrine and developed her own views. The "other" option here seems more like a hybrid of Jedi and Sith which feels...wrong to me.

    I'm glad that there are ways to read the text that don't preclude her misleading Krayt, that don't confirm she absolutely did study extensively under Palpatine, but I do think that LFL probably intended for her to be a Sith and that's...such a shame. It's such a reductive, limiting reading of the possibilities of her narrative. It feels like a kneejerk reaction to fear or having so much that's not easily definable in the toybox. Quick, let's give it a label, let's pack it back up, let's make it safe and identifiable and wrong for having made us uncomfortable. Meh.

    I completely agree that Vergere wanted Jacen to become who he was, not something in her own image. I don't see how her arc in Traitor and Destiny's Way can be read any other way. She dies saving him because he made a choice she disagreed with and her death was the only way she could see to continue allowing Jacen Solo to exist in the universe. If she wanted to create someone who would make the same choices as her, that's a fairly dramatic failure, and a high price to pay to save someone you've apparently failed to mold in the way you intended.

    Also, I clearly need to catch up on the Dawn of the Jedi stuff. I have all the comics, but sort of forgot to keep reading them after the first one...

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